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Network TV Execs Laughing Out of Context
TV programming executives can't laugh and have a good time anymore because they can't -- or aren't allowed to -- create any good comedies.» 0 Comments
This Network Sports Trend Isn't Very 'Kool'
With so many references to "drinking the Kool-Aid" in modern culture, you would think at least some TV networks should be airing a few more Kool-Aid commercials» 0 Comments
MPA To Spend $40M on Print, TV Left in Cold
TV is the enemy, and magazine publishers reasoned they need a $40 million marketing campaign to attack their main rival head on.» 0 Comments
Loose Quip, Synchs Lips
Ashlee Simpson's lip-synching fiasco on "Saturday Night Live" should be viewed as an opportunity to offer the TV public safe and effective singing, acting, and discussion - with no side effects.» 0 Comments
Showtime May Need More Puff for ''Huff''
All TV series need plenty of marketing huff and puff before blowing any big ratings down.» 0 Comments
Baseball Boosts Fox Ratings, But No Primetime Runners Batted In
Big baseball ratings for Fox should mean only one thing -- home runs for its new shows set to debut in November.» 0 Comments
There She Goes... ABC Dumps Miss America, Will Anyone Miss Her?
Special TV awards and sports programs are getting less special. The question is how special are they for advertisers?» 0 Comments
In A Flip-Flop, Sinclair Sinks Partisan Swift Boat Docu-Nam-er, Floats Campaign News 'Special'
Hey Sinclair Broadcast Group! What took you so long? Could it be that your financials were about to get kicked in its commercials?» 0 Comments
Partisan Pay-Per-View, Wrestling Match to Follow
Politics on television isn't a pretty picture these days -- on either side of the camera.» 0 Comments
Desperate Housewives, Dispirited Marketers
Can advertisers be so desperately ignorant as to not know what a show entitled "Desperate Housewives" is all about?» 0 Comments
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