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What TV Shows Can Learn From Indie Movies
Some niche, independent movies will never be mass hits; the same can be said for some TV shows. Should producers and networks for non-mass-level shows act like those involved with indie films?» 2 Comments
Driven To Distraction -- In Cars And In Front Of The TV
Driven to distraction on the highway? No, I'm not talking about texting while driving, I'm talking about big billboard signage. Yeah, but how to get drivers' attention? The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has started two billboard campaigns that implore drivers not to text. Of course, you could argue that someone will get distracted by looking at those billboards.» 1 Comments
Good News Ratings Aren't Helping NBC's Primetime
V news is good news for NBC. The top-rated "NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams" with 9.1 million average viewers -- is outperforming NBC's primetime lineup average of 7.0 million.» 3 Comments
TV News: The Truth, The Whole Truth, And Semi-Truths
News flash -- in some viewers' minds, Republicans are Occupy Wall Streeters, and the Syrians have toppled their government. Is there a problem here? There are plenty of half-truths, no truths, or confusing truths from cable news networks -- that much is accurate. A better question plaguing media industry experts: "Is this an escalating or declining trend?"» 0 Comments
If Steve Jobs Ran A TV Network...
Steve Jobs seemed to know what consumers wanted -- even when they themselves didn't know. Is there someone out there who has the same pulse when it comes to TV shows?» 0 Comments
For CBS, It May Be Time To Move Beyond Even 25-54 -- To The Total Picture
CBS says its profitable Friday show "Blue Bloods" has sold advertising deals based not only on 25-54 demographics but, in some cases, on total viewers. Total viewers? I guess that's why they still call it broadcasting -- the ability to reach the most people.» 0 Comments
Left To Its Devices, Sony Wants To Play The Game With Netflix And Amazon
Longtime content entertainment device maker Sony Corp. wants to finally get consumers into a better mindset concerning its digital devices connecting with entertainment content. Sony wants to tie in premium TV content from Netflix or Amazon with the sale of a device, perhaps at a discount.» 0 Comments
A Reality Show This Unpredictable Makes Marketers Happy
This reality show has been going on since May, with 10 episodes done and more to come. Evictions from the house will start next year, perhaps in February. Then again, these show participants might stay. That's what's different with this show. Staying will bring them more money -- kind of like endorsement deals. I'm talking about the Republican presidential debates.» 0 Comments
Does Size Matter? Bigger Screens, Smaller Screens, And Screens In Between
Is there a schism about the size of our entertainment screens? We are not only talking about those large, 6,000-square-foot, colored beams of light attacking public places like New York City's Time Square and Port Authority bus terminal, or the almost 100-yard- long worth of video screens in the Dallas football stadium, but about the littlest screens on our smartphones.» 0 Comments
Should Tweeters Take As Much Time To Get It Right As Other Content Producers?
Ashton Kutcher finally gets it. Writing for public consumption can be tricky. Even one's fans expect a lot. The rub is that writing or producing any content takes research, editing, and, oh yes, the thing this modern society hates most: time. This can run directly against what Twitter touts as its most valuable asset: immediacy and raw opinions.» 0 Comments
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