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Eisner's TV Show: Not About Ratings, And Not A Wonderful World
Who knew former media executive gods were immune from traditional TV success yardsticks? Michael Eisner's hosted TV show on CNBC apparently can play by its own rules.» 0 Comments
The FCC Watches Indecency--But Not The Watch
The Federal Communications Commission may find it easy to pick out lesbians--but apparently not the big hand and the little hand in Terre Haute.» 0 Comments
TV Preemptions: What You Can't See, Won't Hurt You
TV preemptions--who needs them? You do.» 0 Comments
TV Shows Are Salami For Ever-changing Sandwich
In yet another variation of the on-demand world, Time Warner Cable is working on a monthly subscription, on-demand channel that would allow viewers instant reruns of popular shows on CBS, NBC, ABC, and Fox. The channel would be called Hits.» 0 Comments
TV Programming Executives Who Just Say No
Keep these two words in mind, honorable TV media buying executives, the next time the upfront rolls around: Schmuck insurance.» 0 Comments
WB Won't Wage FCC Content Fight
TV pressure groups aren't good at math. Exponentially there's increasing video content--racy, daring and otherwise--on a wide variety of entertainment venues. This occurs while the groups fight a theoretically flawed and narrowly targeted battle against broadcast networks over content.» 0 Comments
Breaking News: Marketers Don't Like TV's Upfront
Brace yourself for some shocking TV advertising news coming out of the ANA Television Forum yesterday. "Marketers Are Unhappy With The Upfront," blared a headline from Gee, I could swear I've heard this news before. Like last year, for instance.» 0 Comments
VNU Offers New Research To Beat High Cost Of Movie Media
How can you beat the high cost of movie advertising on TV? Supposedly, start up another pricey research tool for movie marketers.» 0 Comments
The New Best-Selling TV Demographic: 18 to 81
Time to call an audible at the line of scrimmage for CBS, CNN and those networks skewing to a cufflinks and cologne generation--your older demographics may still prove valuable.» 0 Comments
Dick Wolf Can Solve Crimes--And Count Advertising And License Fee Dollars
Dick Wolf knows his TV math--and his advertising. From the perspective of a major TV producer, with his "Law & Order" series, Wolf's ad history and financial skills make sense in the new world of all the on-demand programming.» 0 Comments
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