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Consumers Complain More About Digital Ad Content, But What About Clutter?
Complaining about TV commercials is a longtime consumer pastime. Now consumers have another whipping post when it comes to ad messaging: the Internet.» 1 Comments
How Many TV/Video Companies Are Needed Right Now?
One size still doesn't fit all in television. Here's another opinion from our friends overseas. A U.K. study says so-called "over-the-top" TV services - Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, Google, XboxLive andApple, for example - are, for the moment, complementary to established TV/video services coming from cable, satellite or telcos.» 4 Comments
Napster Moment For Dish's AutoHop?
Technology changes everything, but not exactly in the ways we expect. This happens more so with consumer entertainment technology. Dish Network's commercial-skipping AutoHop feature may be in this category.» 1 Comments
TV Everywhere: Almost Everywhere, But Not Yet For Consumers
TV Everywhere has many TV networks and content providers euphoric about new business growth. But how does this translate to consumers? No one has figured out how to market this to consumers industrywide, on a broad scale.» 1 Comments
Converting TV's High Body Count To Real Life: Funeral Plans!
In TV, the phrase "You are dead to me!" has real meaning. But few are willing to plan for that eventuality in real life.» 1 Comments
Big Sports TV Still Commands Attention-Whatever The Cost
NBC says it will lose money on the London Olympics, according to Gary Zenkel, president of NBC Olympics and EVP for NBC Sports Group. This will be the second Olympics in a row where it has seeped red ink.» 0 Comments
Digital Video Dollars Get Big Talk This Upfront, But Action Is Lacking
Another upfront means yet another chance to bring digital video into the conversation as an important mover and shifter. Good news: Everybody is talking. Bad news: Everybody is just talking.» 0 Comments
Prediction For 2012-2013: A Different Network Winner
Who will win the next TV season? How about a major change? CBS will take the 18-49 crown, according to Brad Adgate, senior VP and corporate research director for Horizon Media. Adgate says that 19 returning shows and the Super Bowl should finally put the network over the hump.» 0 Comments
Hate Nielsen Ratings? Make Your Own -- Or Perhaps Your Own Branded TV Sets
You need the right sales strategy. But if that doesn't work, why not change the game -- and the rules. So here's a recent headline: "Tired of Low Ratings, CW Is Developing Its Own Measurement System." Quite understandable. But every network is tired of something. We can imagine all networks are "tired of low ratings."» 1 Comments
Stealing The Stage, Dish Hops Into Upfront Discussions
Dish's Network's attempt to allow consumers to "Autohop" through commercials in the blink of an eye may seem ground-breaking to some. In fact, it's just a hand grenade into what NBC Universal chief Ted Harbert calls a threat on our "eco-system."» 0 Comments
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