• Media Inefficiency Is Back -- But From Social Media Friends?
    The world is moving to more personal marketing/targeting from big media marketers. Now we have social media going in somewhat the same direction -- with rising group general texting/tweeting efforts. Is everyone now an opinionated media platform, looking for the broadest audience/friends?
  • Trump Wins On Coverage, Earned Media, But What About Chia Pets?
    Donald Trump's "earned media" assets are well known -- press conferences, interviews, other news appearances. Now the presidential candidates are extending into the plant world.
  • Twitter Wants My Thoughts: How About A Consumer Media Deal?
    Twitter wants consistent users offering insight on stuff that might yield monetization -- like insights on TV shows, cars, communication services and quinoa.
  • Is AT&T Roaming The TV/Digital Landscape?
    Still digesting its big $48.5 billion DirecTV purchase -- which has made it the biggest U.S. pay TV provider -- now the telecommunications giant apparently wants to expand, and buy some big content producers
  • Future TV Show Promotion Value: Disney May Have Formula
    A couple of days ago, Twitter entered the ranks of possible takeover talks from traditional media. Now, Netflix seems to be a possible target, according to reports. Guess what big media really wants?
  • No Entertainment/Licensing Money For NCAA Athletes
    The U.S. Supreme Court has decided determining whether college athletes should be paid for others using their names and images on entertainment properties -- like video games and TV telecasts.
  • Are TVs, DVRs Vulnerable To Hacking?
    As an advertising/media executive you have worries about transparency, bots and various media frauds. There's much more to come -- apparently -- for everyone. Why is there a lack of security in so many devices? Because we like stuff real cheap.
  • TV-Style Programming Still Big For Younger Viewers
    Young people still watch a lot of TV -- but in the opening weeks of the fall season, their prime-time broadcast network TV usage was down. Prime-time 18-34 TV viewers are off around a Nielsen 7% to 10%.
  • NFL Taking Prime-Time Ratings Hit
    Prime-time viewing of NFL games has dropped some in the opening weeks. But TV networks have no worries -- especially considering the overall dearth of other higher-rated live TV programming.
  • Weighing Presidential Issues: A 400-Pound Hacker And A Besmirched Beauty Queen
    New storylines from Monday's Presidential debate are entertaining for some and a major problem for others. For example, Republican candidate Donald Trump didn't necessarily think recent hacks pointed to Russia or China but perhaps someone with a food problem: He said: "It could also be somebody on their bed weighing 400 pounds."We now have one enduring vision of a possible large person lounging with a laptop and ready to do some digital media mayhem. Does this mean hackers don't exercise?
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