More Voice Control For TV? Tell Marketers To Go Away -- If You Dare
Voice-controlled devices seem like a good idea when you need to concentrate on other things -- like driving a car. But how much talking do you need to do with your TV?» 0 Comments
Recording 12 Shows At Once? Forget About Sleep, Catch Up On TV
Verizon FiOS can now fill all your TV desires -- and then some: Its set-top-box DVR can now record 12 shows at the same time. I don't think I even LIKE 12 shows.» 0 Comments
Two Seconds Of Traditional TV Commercial Time: What's The Value Of That?
With respect to the new two-second viewability rule for online video, I have already seen many traditional two-second TV commercials. That's about the time it takes me to realize I need to start some serious commercial-skipping.» 5 Comments
'Dead' Shines, But How Much Does One Highly Rated Show Now Matter To A Network?
In the most recent week, 10 broadcast network shows -- and one cable show -- pulled in 10 million or more viewers. The one cable show, the season four finale of AMC's "Walking Dead," pulled in 15.7 million viewers -- good for second place overall. Bigger news is that "Dead" pulled in a big 10.2 million 18-49 viewers -- still a key viewing group for which advertisers will pay premium pricing.» 1 Comments
Two TV Dishes On My Roof?
DirecTV and Dish Network are trying again -- to merge. This time it might work. In 2002, the two large satellite TV programming companies attempted a merger, but the FCC and the Justice Department's antitrust division put the kibosh on it. The then-still-growing satellite TV business -- a big competitor to the likes of cable TV operators -- poised a monopolistic threat. But today? Not so much.» 0 Comments
Bigger Upfront For Digital Video Ad Dollars? Not Really -- And It Won't Come Cheap
Digital and online platforms won't be eroding much traditional broadcast and cable upfront dollars -- not unless marketers like to spend more money per thousand viewers. This is the time of year TV advertisers may be looking for alternatives to the high-priced CPMs of network and cable television. But that doesn't come with general online video -- even so-called premium online video. Generally, it'll cost marketers more to access those platforms for premium TV programs -- higher CPMs on average -- at least versus cable.» 0 Comments
More Original Broadcast Programs Coming In Summer -- Advertisers Onboard?
Too much of a good thing? Or just TV shelf space for the future? NBC says it will launch six new original scripted series this summer, its largest number of off-season shows ever.» 0 Comments
That Video Of Someone Gnawing On A Steak? Good TV In Some Parts Of The World
In South Korea, the best noise on TV and video screens these days is one of slurping, chewing, and gnashing. Growing audiences there are riveted with people eating. Let me be specific: This is about the sometimes-messy job of eating on TV -- not cooking, not restaurant remodeling, not business entrepreneurship of the culinary.» 0 Comments
Social Media: Just A PART Of TV Program Marketing
Social media and TV are good, but on-air promos are three times better -- especially for getting people to watch new shows. A new Council on Research Excellence study, from the Keller Fay Group and fielded by Nielsen Life360, makes that point. It also seems that social media, as many have said, isn't spread equally among a broad range of demographics.» 0 Comments
Lessons Of Broadband Net Neutrality For TV Content Owners
In a groundbreaking pact, Netflix agreed to pay a separate fee for a more direct broadband connection to Comcast. The deal came about because Netflix customers were getting lots of buffering messages and other interruptions in their video content.» 1 Comments
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