• Exciting Super Bowl Game, Less-Than-Stellar TV Ratings
    The New England Patriots came back from the biggest point deficits in history. The team's quarterback earned another MVP trophy from record-passing results. The Super Bowl had its first ever overtime game. And it didn't result in a record number of TV viewers.
  • Amazon Prime Video Doubles TV Viewers, Short On Specifics
    Amazon Prime Video has earned big awards for "Transparent" and "Mozart in the Jungle." One analyst estimates Amazon has spent $250 million on original TV programming in 2016.
  • Presidential Brand Awareness: How Well Does He Know TV Ratings?
    Donald Trump has a fixation on overall media brand awareness and is ridiculously sensitive about competition. So it shouldn't come as a surprise that during the Natinal Prayer Breakfast, he made a dig at Arnold Schwarzenegger who now hosts "Celebrity Apprentice."
  • Facebook Makes Big TV Move
    Facebook is making a specific more TV-video play: A TV-like digital set-top box app on new over-the-top services like Apple TV. Since June, there has been an average of more than 1 billion video views on Facebook each day.
  • PBS' 'Nova' Uses Kickstarter For New Show
    The "Nova" campaign, called "Join Nova: Make Science For All," is seeking at least $1 million -- and perhaps up to $2.25 million -- for the special, hosted by David Pogue, a PBS host and veteran science reporter.
  • 'Shut Up' Media: Business Is Growing, News Organizations Are Hiring
    The media is doing more journalistic work. In addition, news organizations are making money and, in keeping with a Trump Administration goal -- creating jobs for people in the U.S.
  • CBS' Star Power: Linear TV Promotions Push Premium Digital Content
    CBS is looking at a new marketing design, bridging traditional linear TV show marketing and a digital media platform -- this for its upcoming "The Good Fight" to air on CBS All Access.
  • NBA Team Logos Gain Views, But Engagement?
    Watching the NBA next season, you'll need to get a little closer to your TV screen if you want to get the full impact of viewing players garments from Boston Celtics, Sacramento Kings and the Philadelphia 76ers.
  • Mixed Results For 4Q TV Station Ad Revs
    Even despite the somewhat lower-than-expected political advertising revenues, some TV station groups are cheering the windfall that 2016 bought. But are "core" TV advertisers -- those consistent year in and year out buyers of TV ad inventory -- getting the shaft around these periods?
  • High Prices Mean Fewer Unscripted TV Shows On Cable Networks
    In recent years, it has been original programming of all kinds that is key to cable network growth -- from advertiser revenues, as well as higher carriage fees from traditional pay TV providers.
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