• Best Way To Enjoy Olympics Is Watch Them In Your Own Way
    Superhumans and their exploits were on view Tuesday night on NBC, and it made for magical, mind-boggling TV. I'm talking, of course, about the U.S. women gymnasts and the men's swimmers, led by Michael Phelps.
  • TV Columnist's Desperate Plea: Will Somebody Please Explain 'Star Trek's' Popularity?
    I never got it when it started, I never got it throughout the 1980s, I never got it when they made the spinoff shows, and I don't get it now. Will somebody please tell me: What exactly is the appeal of "Star Trek"?
  • HBO 'Hitchcock/Truffaut' Documentary Needs More Of Them, Less Of Others
    The title of the HBO documentary "Hitchcock/Truffaut" implies a film version of the famous book of the same name first published in 1966 from the interviews Francois Truffaut conducted with Alfred Hitchcock in 1962.
  • The Greatest Donald Trump Story Ever Told
    For me, one Donald Trump story looms largest, even more than his campaign to rule America -- one that played out over many months involving Bill Maher, an orangutan and Trump's lawyers, a group of people who have probably never known a dull moment since the day they accepted Trump's first check as a retainer.
  • After Ailes, The Show Goes On At Fox News Channel
    Fox News Channel is a well-oiled machine. And its popularity is not likely to wane just because Roger Ailes has left the building
  • On TLC, A Kiss Is Still A Kiss, As Summertime Goes By
    Compared to "Dating Naked" on VH1, "Love At First Kiss" is a chaste concept. A single man meets a single woman and the two commence kissing. They part company and then, facing a camera, they each assess the kiss.
  • Rubbernecking At A Trainwreck: The Donald Brags About His Ratings
    Donald Trump is bragging about a ratings "victory" over Hillary Clinton for all the wrong reasons. Since the ratings came out for Clinton's acceptance speech, Trump has been ballyhooing the ratings for his acceptance speech a week earlier.
  • Stephen Colbert In Search Of Self
    A bunch of Viacom lawyers won't let Stephen Colbert just be himself. But what is the self? And how can it be defined? That is the question.
  • Thrilla In Phila., Day 4: The Coronation Of Hillary
    This week at the four-day Democratic Convention, which wrapped up Thursday night with Hillary's coronation, Trump was accused of many things -- some deservedly, some not.
  • Thrilla In Phila., Day 3: Dems Put The Party In 'Political Party'
    The Democrats are putting on a better TV show than the gloomy Republicans did. Night 3 of the Democratic Convention and Audacity of Hope Fest was a case in point.
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