• Sexual Harassment Fueled The Top Stories In TV In 2016
    Sexual harassment and sexist conversations were the fuel that powered some of the biggest stories in tv his year. The three names that were linked the closest to these issues were Roger Ailes, Donald Trump and Billy Bush. And we all know how all of that turned out.
  • Comedy Or Tragedy? Whichever You Choose, Trump Was Year's Top TV Star
    If the ongoing presidential campaign was this year's dominant TV show -- which it was -- then the year's top TV star was Donald Trump.
  • 'American Masters: Eero Saarinen': TV Doesn't Get Any Better Than This
    In the illuminating "American Masters" documentary subtitled "The Architect Who Saw the Future," Eric Saarinen takes us on a tour of his father's best-known buildings -- all of them, basically.
  • TV Grinches Steal Christmas Eve With Ultimate Fighting, Murder
    'Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house, not a creature was stirring" ... except for two hours of murder on CBS and Ultimate Fighting on Fox!
  • Slavery Dramas Top List Of Best Shows Of 2016
    Two of the very best shows of 2016 were dramatizations of slavery: History Channel's remake of "Roots" and WGN America's "Underground."
  • I'll Drink To That: The Worst TV Shows Of 2016
    The other day, I combed through the year's reviews and made lists of positive and negative reviews. Lo and behold, the list of pans was approximately four times longer than the picks. I hardly know where to begin.
  • Tony Bennett Turned 90 Last August, But NBC Throws Him A Party Now
    This week's two-hour prime-time salute to Tony Bennett commemorates the singer's 90th birthday. That milestone came and went last summer, however, on August 3.
  • Brave 'Jeopardy' Champion Knew She Was Dying
    A "Jeopardy" contestant's death before she got a chance to see herself on the quiz show is making for a very unusual viewing experience.
  • Bang, Zoom! Let's Send 'Honeymooners' Reboot Plan To The Moon
    I'm not a believer in sacred cows but will make an exception for "The Honeymooners" after the news that CBS has ordered a script for a new version of this show.
  • Dear Publicists, Your Profession Is In Crisis
    If "Communications" (with a capital "C") is supposed to be a profession, then it's amateur hour in some sectors of the publicity business.
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