• Was This 'X-Files' Reunion Necessary? The Answer Is: No, It Wasn't
    The problem with TV reunions and sequels is that they often come across as halfhearted. A prime example is "The X-Files," returning Jan. 24 after a nearly 14-year absence.
  • 'Baskets' On FX: The Clown Comedy That Forgot To Be Funny
    If TV comedies have evolved to the point where they are to contain no actual comedy at all, then "Baskets" on FX represents the pinnacle of contemporary comedy achievement.
  • Rediscovering Conan O'Brien, The Last Real Late-Night Host
    Conan O'Brien once upon a time was late-night's brash newcomer, but today has emerged as the time period's elder statesman. He is well worth rediscovering.
  • In New Show, Trainers Gain Weight Just To Feel Empathy For Obese Clients
    Another day, another reality-show gimmick. "Fit to Fat to Fit" posits that professional trainers would be better practitioners of their professions if they learned how it feels to be obese.
  • Syndicator-Station Relationship No Longer Center Stage At NATPE Show
    The ever-changing world of TV programming -- much of which is no longer on TV or referred to as "programming" -- will take center stage this week with that yearly rite of winter, the NATPE show, which once upon a time was all about local TV stations and the national syndicators that sold shows to them.
  • Opening Scene Throws Wet Blanket On Showtime's 'Billions'
    I was turned off from the get-go by the opening image in Showtime's 'Billions' of actor Paul Giamatti seen from above lying on the floor on his back trussed up with rope and gagged at at the mouth.
  • USA Network's 'Colony' Asks: What If America Was Living Under A Dictatorship?
    USA Network's new series "Colony" paints a dark picture of life in these United States under some sort of military dictatorship.
  • Obama Gave A Good Speech, But State Of The Union Was Dull TV
    Like him or not, the man gives a good speech. President Obama's last State of the Union speech sounded well-written, and he delivered it in the usual confident way he has with a speech.
  • 'Second Chance'? Not A Chance
    "Ridiculous" is the word that comes to mind when watching "Second Chance," a new Fox drama premiering Wednesday night in which a dead man is brought back to life.
  • Yahoo's Broken Promises: Shows Announced Last Spring Never Happened
    Doesn't the ad industry ever get weary of the BS they hear at the Upfronts and NewFronts? It's true that most of the TV networks and Web sites make their announcements of new shows with all good intentions -- even Yahoo.
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