• Here We Go Again: Every Year At 9/11 Time, TV Overdoes It
    The annual tributes to 9/11 just might be my least favorite group of TV shows all year. Taking them all in is a sad, maudlin experience. It's as if the TV powers that be feel we'll forget about 9/11 unless they hector us about it.
  • Postmortem On Odd Non-Debate On NBC: So Who Won?
    The event was titled the "Commander-In-Chief Forum." You might say the not-quite-accurate title underscored this event's position as not-quite-a-debate.
  • In Fall Season's Weirdest Show, Animated Warrior Takes Up Residence In California
    Maybe the key to selling a TV show is to make sure network executives are drunk. How else to explain the process behind approving the concept for "Son of Zorn," in which a cartoon warrior named Zorn tries to adapt to life among real people in southern California?
  • So-Called 'Comedies' On FX Contain No Laughs Of Any Kind
    The FX anti-comedies strike again. I waited for a laugh while watching the premiere episodes of two FX comedies premiering this week. When they ended, I was still waiting.
  • Hey, Ladies, What Do You Think Of This 'Bull' Billboard?
    CBS has adopted a sexual double entendre as the tagline in posters and billboards for one of its new fall shows in an apparent effort to interest women in the show's lead character. So I feel obligated to ask women: Does this kind of approach to promoting a TV show really work?
  • CNBC Documentary Might Be The Best 9/11 Show This Year
    Next week will bring the annual mother lode of 9/11 commemorative TV shows, even more this year than last because of this year's anniversary -- the 15th.
  • Twenty Years After Her Murder, TV Is Still Exploiting JonBenet
    Rest in peace? Not when you're a famous murder victim, and the crime remains unsolved after 20 years. That's a recipe for TV exploitation.
  • Discovery Miniseries Tells Swashbuckling Story Of Harley-Davidson
    Fortunately for the person or persons who composed the title of this Discovery miniseries, there was just one Harley and at least two Davidsons involved in the creation of this iconic American company.
  • Seven Simple Rules For Writing TV Reviews
    For those who desire to be TV critics, I offer these helpful tips -- the basis for a full-fledged guidebook in the formative stages that I like to call "How I Write TV Reviews (and You Can Too!)".
  • All Trump, All The Time: Watching TV With Hillary Clinton
    How does Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton escape from the daily grind of campaigning? By watching TV, of course -- although the campaign is never far from her thoughts ...
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