• Is Trump's Press Secretary A Joke? Late-Night TV Thinks So
    If there are worse p.r. reps out there right now than Sean Spicer, I'd like to hear about them. The publicist for the president and his administration is a tough job, but so is any position at the top of the communications department at a large organization -- from the White House to corporate America.
  • Comedy About Detroit Ad Biz Veers Off Into Unwelcome Territory
    "Detroiters" could have been a great comedy series about the unsung local advertising business, but instead it veers inexplicably into improvised speeches and conversations about penises.
  • On Morning After, Some Super Bowl Commercials Aren't So Memorable
    By the time 2017 is over, Super Bowl 51 could emerge as the year's most exhausting TV show (pending the outcome of the Oscars February 26).
  • Donald Vs. Ah-nold: Trump's Campaign To Make 'The Apprentice' Great Again
    America's Twitterer In Chief took time from his busy schedule alienating close neighbors and stalwart allies to ask the nation to join him in a prayer for higher ratings.
  • If Plausibility Is Not An Issue For You, Then By All Means Enjoy 'Training Day'
    In "Training Day," everything that happens takes on farfetched dimensions -- like looking at oneself in a funhouse mirror.
  • Thanks To PBS Spy Robots, Animals Face New Challenge: Loss Of Privacy
    As if animals don't have enough problems, now we're pranking them. That's one way of looking at this new five-episode "Nature" miniseries.
  • All Trump All The Time Is Making TV Unwatchable
    Only 12 days into his presidency, Donald Trump has made TV unbearable. And on Tuesday night, he means to make it even worse by elbowing his way into prime time to announce his pick for Supreme Court justice.
  • CBS Donut Sitcom Has Holes In It
    Into the donut fray now marches "Superior Donuts," a fictional, neighborhood donut shop on Chicago's north side.
  • Trump Was Airtime Champion On Network News in '16: Study
    Donald Trump's presidential campaign received more than twice the airtime last year on the network evening newscasts compared to Hillary Clinton's campaign, according to a newly released study.
  • A Feminist Icon? To Millions Of Us, She Was Just Our Mary
    In the wake of Mary Tyler Moore's death, much has been said about her position in feminist history -- but not enough about the talent that made her one of the most luminous female stars ever to appear on television.
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