• Angry Housewife In Toilet Town: Behold Fall's Worst New Show
    A new ABC sitcom premiering Tuesday starts out appropriately for a show that should be flushed down the nearest toilet. You will learn more than you'll ever need to know about the bathroom habits of members of the fictional Connecticut family featured in this show titled "American Housewife."
  • TV Shares Blame For This Entire Disgusting Spectacle
    You might say this new phase in this coarse presidential campaign was brought to you by NBC. It began Friday with the report of the interview outtake from 2005 in which Billy Bush and Donald Trump had a lewd conversation while ogling an actress on the set of "Days of Our Lives."
  • Like Mount Everest, A TV Columnist Covers Politics Because It's There
    I'd like to talk about the confluence of politics and TV, and why a TV columnist occasionally chooses to position himself at the center of that intersection, despite the threat of oncoming traffic.
  • Nothing Funny About New HBO Comedy Called 'Divorce'
    Today's comedies such as this new "Divorce" seem purposely designed as anti-comedies. This show's subject is no laughing matter, and to give this show some credit, it treats the topic of divorce seriously.
  • VP Debate Postmortem: Unflappable Pence Won Against Smug Kaine
    Who won the vice presidential debate? The answer depends on the criteria you apply. I happen to think Mike Pence won, based on the way he came across on TV compared to his opponent, Democrat Tim Kaine.
  • VP Debate Preview: Quadrennial Battle Of The Sideshow Bobs
    The one night when each running mate stands in for his presidential counterpart as their party's standard bearer gives these Sideshow Bobs an opportunity to seize the spotlight before they semi-disappear into the relative background of the presidential campaigns.
  • On NBC's 'Timeless,' Time Traveled Is Time Wasted
    In this new drama, premiering Monday, a rogue terrorist dreams up a unique strategy for destroying the U.S. -- stealing a top-secret time machine, and then traveling into the past to prevent or otherwise alter historical events -- thereby changing what happens afterward.
  • Secretary Clinton Sees Herself In 'Madam Secretary'
    I guess we all know what Hillary Clinton will be doing Sunday night -- watching the season premiere of "Madam Secretary." She claims she's a huge fan of the CBS series about a female secretary of state.
  • 'Westworld' Boldly Goes Where Man And Movies Have Gone Before
    An ugly premise begets an equally unattractive TV show. While watching the first two episodes of "Westworld," in advance of its premiere this weekend, the word "valueless" occurred to me over and over again.
  • CBS, NBC Dueling Victory Declarations Sow Confusion
    Two networks are claiming victory in Week One of the new fall season. This is confusing to a TV columnist, if not to others. They can't both be right, can they?
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