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MTV Networks Research Reveals Romance Challenges
A quick glance at new MTV Networks research might lead one to conclude that millennials struggling to find love might just settle for their smartphones as soul mates. Connecting the dots, however, these affaires de coeur would seem to be more likely for men (insert commentary, humor here).» 0 Comments
NBC's Brian Williams Succeeds Playing it Straight and For Laughs
How can you not like Brian Williams? If he were ever single again, what a catch he appears to be. He's handsome, apparently trustworthy, self-effacing and funny. Yes, the anchor of NBC "Nightly News" has a sense of humor that occasionally bubbles up, coming after the rundown of solemn subjects when lighter fare begins.» 0 Comments
Video Providers Look to Combine and Conquer
Maybe Jason Malamud has been watching the NBA playoffs. Commenting Wednesday about the genesis of the friends-here, foes-there program that has Verizon working with competitors on ad sales, he turned to a roundball metaphor. "This was not a layup by any stretch," Malamud, who oversees sales for Verizon FiOS, said. He was referring to getting management approval to band together with the likes of Comcast, Cox and Time Warner Cable -- and now DirecTV.» 0 Comments
Cable Upfront Should be Strong, But For Some More Than Others
Analysts are projecting a stellar cable upfront, with one suggesting parity with the Big Four networks for the first time. But, which cable networks are best-positioned in the jostling for a share of the would-be $9.2 billion in commitments coming over the next two months?» 0 Comments Undergoes Blackout During High Traffic Time
It could have been a frantic couple of hours for Disney engineers early Sunday morning as the company's sprawling portfolio of Web sites went offline - costing it ad impressions and perhaps impacting other revenues. The sites knocked off included those linked with some of the top TV brands: and» 0 Comments
ESPN Deserves Credit For Showing Some Humility
Even as it's constantly accused of acting with a certain hubris by over-hyping events it covers, ESPN continues to show a remarkable degree of humility. It's not above conceding its mistakes or oversights and moving quickly to rectify issues or alter policies.» 0 Comments
NBC Should Encourage Trump to Seek White House
NBC executives looking to turn a Donald Trump race for the White House into a boost for "The Apprentice" should encourage him to run. But, simply ask him to delay entering the campaign until another season of the series can be quickly filmed. The episodes would then be ready to launch early next year right after Trump gets crushed in the Iowa and New Hampshire primaries, providing great publicity and ratings help.» 0 Comments
New Marketing Option Can Combine iTV and Mobile
Large advertisers remain thirsty for ways to capitalize on both the promise of interactive TV and mobile platforms. An opportunity to combine the two might make for an enticing mix. Pepsi thinks so.» 0 Comments
NHL Should Have Brought ESPN Into the Rink
From an NHL player's standpoint, the most encouraging news from a new deal to keep their league on NBC and Versus is the Versus brand will soon be gone. The network will be re-flagged this summer with the better-known NBC moniker in the name. Otherwise, they have to be questioning the NHL's decision not to find a way to place some games on ESPN.» 0 Comments
Cable Networks Continue Growth Path
It continues to be an auspicious time in the cable network business -- with the ad market alone. There are always those reliable affiliate fees. Plus, opportunities for "found money" with TV Everywhere and rights for iPad carriage.» 0 Comments
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