Wednesday, October 15, 2014
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monopolyDavid&Goliath partnered with Scientific Games to create a national lottery campaign to launch the Monopoly Millionaires' Club Game. This is the first time  all lottery jurisdictions chose to run one national campaign rather than local marketing efforts for a specific game. The campaign will run in 23 states in 2014 and increase to 32 states by 2015. A 60-second spot, "Hot Air Balloon," is set to the Jimmy Durante tune "Make Someone Happy." What sets this game apart from other lottery games is that after the initial jackpot is won, multiple millionaire winners are awarded per drawing, hence the tagline: "Making More and More Millionaires." "Hot Air Balloon" begins with a group of people wearing a top hat, similar to the recognizable Monopoly hat. A fisherman, farmer, and couple on the beach all sport the iconic hat. In the city, a majority of subway riders also rock the look. When a hatless woman leaves her office, she finds a top hat on the ground, picks it up and wears it proudly. The hats are distributed by people in a hot air balloon -- and if you have one, you are a millionaire. If only making it rich was that easy. Watch it here.

southwestIf only every flight was this much fun. The New York-New York Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas teamed up with Southwest Airlines to give passengers a flight to remember. Here's the skinny. The Wright Amendment, a federal law governing traffic at Dallas Love Field airport, expired this week, which now allows Southwest Airlines to offer direct flight segments from Dallas to Vegas, Orlando, and other cities where they couldn't before. "Spread The Luck" took place during Southwest's first non-stop flight from Dallas Love Field to Las Vegas. On October 13, passengers hit the jackpot by merely arriving at their assigned seats for each passenger received a gift bundle from New York-New York Hotel & Casino that contained T-shirts and comps to restaurants and shops on property. Every gift they received came in pairs, so each passenger could share their luck with someone else. Pay it forward. It gets better mid-flight, when an emcee emerges with a prize wheel, pulling seat numbers at random, giving passengers the chance to win additional prizes, like discounts at the hotel spa or free rides on the roller coaster, a must-do! When the passenger won a prize, they could either keep it, or spin again for a chance to win something for everyone else in his or her row. Another nice aspect of paying it forward. At the end of the flight, passenger on was given an envelope containing a letter good for a free weekend at New York-New York, two tickets to the hotel's Cirque show, "Zumanity" and a $100 food & beverage credit to use during their stay in Vegas. Watch the fun here, created by David&Goliath.

lasvegasHow do you stop water cooler gossip before it starts? This is the challenge facing one man in an ad for visiting Las Vegas. Can't he go away for an epic weekend without being hounded by his co-workers first thing Monday morning? The latest "What happens here, stays here" spot shows a man standing at the water cooler, dreading the group gossip session that's about to take place. So he tips the cooler over and jumps on it -- and when confronted by three thirsty colleagues/potential busybodies, he feigns ignorance about the busted water cooler, simply adding "It looks like we're out of water." Very subtle. Users can tweet using the hashtag #StopWaterCoolerTalk to take this party online. See the ad here, created by R&R Partners.

arcoARCO gas has launched a trio of TV ads encouraging drivers to treat their cars well by selecting a top-tier gas for cheap. In "Treat," a woman decides to clean her car from top to bottom after she filled up with ARCO. She scrubs the car inside and out, and finds some suspect items, like old milk and a French fry. Viewers then realize that she's only imagining cleaning her car, and in reality decided to put it off, afraid of what she might find. See it here. One man treats his truck to ARCO gas because the truck has seen him at his lowest points: moments of bad singing, bad driving and pining for a lost love. Hush premium gas? Watch it here. The final ad shows a SUV owner sorry for the ordeals he's put his car through: everything from countless soda spills and chopping cart dings to dog drool. So ARCO it is. See it here. "Your car puts up with a lot. Help protect it from harmful engine deposits. ARCO has quality Top Tier gas for less," closes each ad. RPA created the campaign.

dietcokeIf you are not a fan of Taylor Swift or adorable kittens, do not watch this ad for Diet Coke. There is so much sweetness in "Kittens" with Swift -- including her new feline, Olivia Benson (named for Mariska Hargitay's character on "Law and Order: SVU"), more kittens and whatever is used to sweeten Diet Coke -- that it might be overwhelming for some. But not me. "Kittens" opens with Swift sipping a Diet Coke and playing with the adorable Olivia. Each time Swift takes a swig of Diet Coke, though, more kittens appear. By the time Swift reaches the bottom of her Diet Coke bottle, her house is full of kittens. The ad debuts on TV Friday and gives fan a sneak peek at one of Swift's yet-to-be-released songs from new album "1989." "What if life tasted as good as Diet Coke?" closes the ad, along with a reminder that the album drops on Oct. 27. Watch it here, created by Droga5 New York.

skullcandyLife is filled with challenges big and small, like finding the perfect headphones that stay put, even when you sweat. I'm still on this journey, but after watching a TV spot for Skullcandy's line of sport headphones, I might give them a try. The ad follows a day in the life of Kyrie Irving, point guard for the Cleveland Cavaliers, as he trains for the upcoming season. There's more to basketball than practicing on the court. Irving trains hard off the court, doing push-ups, kettle bell swings and TRX. He chooses pain and discipline because hard work gets you off the bench and into the game. Throughout Irving's rough training regimen, his headphones remain in place. "Without the push, you don't get to play," closes the ad, seen here and created by Gifted Youth and Therapy Studios.

dosequisDos Equis' Most Interesting Man always has smart advice to offer, even when it comes to Halloween. In a 15-second spot, he gives his opinion of masquerade parties: "Sometimes it's best to be yourself. This is not one of those times." See it here. In keeping with the Halloween theme, Dos Equis is giving six fans over 21 the chance to win an all-expense-paid trip for two to New Orleans to meet The Most Interesting Man and party with Q-Tip on November 22. Fans can enter the contest by posting Masquerade and Halloween photos to Instagram using the hashtag #XXMasquerade or uploading them to Another way to enter is to purchase Dos Equis and text/email a photo of the receipt to Every photo posted, uploaded or texted/emailed becomes another chance to win.

finnfriendsRandom iPad App of the week: Just in time for Halloween, Pepperidge Farms' Goldfish characters have a mystery to solve with "The Case of the Mystifying Mummy." This is the third interactive storybook in the series, and is available for free in the App Store. Parents and kids can read the story, play games and search for clues along with Finn and the mystery squad (Brooke, Gilbert and Xtreme). Geometry Global created the app. Download it here.

havenniceguyHAVEN, a nonprofit organization that helps victims of domestic violence and sexual assault in Oakland County, Mich., launched a disturbing PSA featuring a man who isn't as nice as he looks. In "Mr. Nice Guy," a man speaks directly at the camera, to his future victim. He begins talking about how nice he'll be at the beginning, until he's ticked off and smacks his victim hard, bragging that he'll do it again. The PSA goes into worse detail as the man threatens to push his victim down a flight of stairs and harm her children, and then tries to convince her that it's all her fault. "Live Without Fear" closes the ad, alongside HAVEN's logo and website. Watch it here, created by Lowe Campbell Ewald and directed by Angus Wall.

gatoradeGatorade created a love letter to Landon Donovan, who is retiring at the end of this year's MLS season. In "LegenD," every soccer player, regardless of his ability, becomes Landon Donovan. Each player mimics part of Donovan's penalty game ritual, from bending down by the ball and staring at the goal post to making the sign of the cross. Once the practice is complete, it's time to score a goal... hopefully. Donovan scores, as do his fans. "Inspired by a legend," closes the ad, seen here and created by TBWA\Chiat\Day LA. The spot ran Sunday night during Donovan's final match -- USA vs. Ecuador -- on ESPN.

strongbowBudweiser ads have majestic Clydesdales, while a campaign for Strongbow Hard Apple Cider has a slow-motion horse named Brian. "Cider at Its Bestest" debuted Oct. 1 and it's certainly the quirkiest ad for hard cider that I've seen. Created by Droga5, the 60-second spot marks the brand's launch in the U.S. "Slow Motion Horse" features a couple walking barefoot on the beach, close to sunset. The couple is relaxed, carefree and enjoying a glass of Strongbow over ice. The night is memorable for another reason: Brian, the slow-motion horse. When Brian is in the frame, the ad's music is loud and crisp. When his slow horse's behind leaves the frame, the music stops and the ad goes silent. Once Brian moseys back in, the music begins again. Watch it here.

dodgeDodge pays homage to its company founders John and Horace Dodge with a fictional tale and a sneak peak at the 2015 Dodge Challenger. The brothers founded the company more than 100 years ago, and their spirit is kept alive in "Ballroom." The ad shows the brothers partying hard with their closest hundreds of friends. The duo worked hard and played hard, as evident from the celebration, albeit fictional, portrayed in the ad. As the brothers leave their party, their cars await them; alongside the original Dodge cars is the 2015 Challenger. The passion lives on. "Ballroom" debuted over the weekend during college and professional football games. See it here, created by Wieden+Kennedy Portland.

hpThis is the kind of kid you want on your side if something goes awry. When Kevin's pet iguana Ralph goes missing, he doesn't just tack up a handful of fliers in his neighborhood, he uses every HP product he can get his hands on to bring his beloved iguana home. First, he starts with a 20-second video, where he holds up a flier of Ralph and asks viewers to use the hashtag #FindRalph if they see or find him. We see the lengths Kevin goes to in finding Ralph in "Lost Iguana." Not only does he make color copies of fliers, he uploads a video online, creates a color poster that's twice his size and enlists his neighborhood friends to place posters on any vacant storefront or telephone pole. Later that night, things get digital when Kevin powers digital billboards and a blimp with Ralph's adorable picture. The next morning, Ralph is returned. See it here. The social search continues at where users can check a map to see clues where Ralph has been. Twitter users can follow HP to guess his location and enter to win HP products. 180LA created the campaign.