Wednesday, March 25, 2015
by Wed, Mar 25, 2015

swordsNo joke, this video is hot. "Fifty Shades of Grey" could have used a steamy sword fight scene like the one found in this video for Wilkinson Sword razors. A couple showcases impressive sword skills as they lunge for one another in a large, empty ballroom. Blood is not lost in this dance; clothing is. The woman strikes first, slashing the man's shirt in half. After that, the woman loses her long skirt and jacket, with the fight continuing up a flight of stairs. When the couple are left in nothing but their underwear, the next accessory to be cut is the man's beard, leaving him with a mustache. The fight ends on the roof, with the woman pushing the man through a skylight. Luckily, he lands on a bed, with the woman joining him -- but she, no doubt, took the stairs. "Free your skin. Foreplay meets Sword play," closes the video, seen here. Watch a making of the video here. The video will run as an online pre-roll on YouTube and Unruly, with the making of video posted on Wilkinson Sword's social media account. Yes, real Wilkinson Swords were used in the making of the video, created by J. Walter Thompson New York.

coxbusinessCox Business launched an amusing TV spot that turns the tables on long waits at the "Doctor's Office." A patient takes advantage of her doctor's free WiFi and works while she waits. When the doctor is ready to see her, she tells the receptionist she'll be in shortly because she's getting a lot of work completed. The spot ends with the doctor asking if his patient is ready and his receptionist replies: "Not yet, but you're next." Watch it here, created by FCB Chicago.

Match your room scent with your mood by visiting Air Wick's Scent Decorator website. Users scroll through a series of photos, ranging from pictures of family and flowers to nature settings and food. Once three pictures are selected, Air Wick determines your mood and lists the ideal Air Wick scents to match said mood. After choosing three pictures, my mood was deemed invigorating. I was shown a scent to invigorate me, along with some home decor tips and DIY projects to make a room look and feel invigorating. There are so many photo options to select, resulting in one of 16 moods. will be updated as new Air Wick products are released and new DIY content is added. Droga5 New York created the site.

benjaminmooreA video for Benjamin Moore takes playing with your food to another level, and those involved were paid to make this fantastic mess. What fun. The 30-second video shows a group of researchers, dressed completely in white, filling oversized squirt guns with colorful foods and crayons. The squirt guns were launched onto a canvas painted with Benjamin Moore paint. The end result resembled a Jackson Pollock painting and to illustrate the paint's durability, a researcher used a squeegee to write "only this can" among the muck. That's some impressive paint. See it here, created by The Martin Agency.

millerliteMiller Lite launched a 60-second brand spot called "Wonderful World" that encourages Miller Lite drinkers to be themselves. Whether you are bowling, celebrating after a baseball game or relaxing on the couch, any time is Miller time, as long as you are being yourself. There's a voiceover that tries to get all poetic and philosophical -- but I zoned out. "As long as you are you, it's Miller time," closes the ad, seen here and created by TBWA\Chiat\Day LA.

expediaExpedia launched an ad campaign encouraging travelers to step out of their comfort zone and travel to a destination they have never been before. Scrap the excuses of not having enough money or not wanting to travel alone, and Expedia will save you 20% off a trip if you book your hotel and flight together. The ad shows a young woman who opted not only to travel alone, but went all the way to Tokyo. Part of the ad was filmed inside Tokyo's famous Robot Restaurant. See it here. A 15-second spot, "Someplace New," notes that 85% of travelers visit a place they have already been. Expedia wants to change that, stat. Watch it here. 180LA created the campaign, directed by Tom Haines and produced by Cap Gun Collective.

canadianfilmfestMy favorite action movie cliche is definitely the group fight scene when the villains fight the hero one at a time rather than all at once. Additional cliches are highlighted in a two-minute cinema ad for the 2015 Canadian Film Fest. The video takes place inside the fictitious "Academy of the Cliche," a school that specializes in teaching actors typical techniques, like a villain's ability to have horrendous aim when shooting at a hero or a couple that splits up when running from a horror movie killer. At the end of the video, viewers are encouraged to "Escape the Cliche" by attending the 2015 Canadian Film Fest, running from March 25 to 28 at Toronto's Royal Theatre. See the video here, created by J. Walter Thompson Canada, produced by OPC, and directed by Jono Hunter.

clientloveYou have to love this Happy 2015 video for Geometry Global Paris. The big bosses interview agency employees about their relationship with clients and the fact that France is renowned for the French kiss. Upper management combines the two, asking employees how they would feel about French-kissing a client. The reactions are hysterical. Some employees are completely down for it, others want to outsource their contribution or give an employee something on paper. Others think the question is a joke and one woman wonders what she would tell her boyfriend about the exercise. My favorite is the guy who asks if he gets a bonus for participating. Check out the tongue-in-cheek video here.

peakperformanceThis campaign gives me more motivation to wake up early and go for a run. Too bad my local beach won't be one of the remote locations with a digital pop-up store. Peak Performance launched a creative campaign revolving around the Magic Hour -- just before sunrise and again before sunset -- targeting cyclists, golfers, ramblers, runners, trekkers and walkers. The virtual pop-up shops will offer Peak’s Spring Summer collection free to anyone who can find them, and the brand is not making it easy. Locations include mountaintops, a golf course and a lighthouse on a small island, and were selected for their beautiful Magic Hour views. The virtual shops use GPS in smartphones to help consumers determine when they are in the right location. Once there, the pop-up shop is unlocked and clothes can be claimed. The claimant receives a voucher to be redeemed at Visitors not at the correct location or outside Magic Hour can only preview the clothes. displays the shop locations, distances, opening hours, a catalog and how many items are left to claim. Perfect Fools Stockholm created the campaign.

Samuel De ChamplainSamuel de Champlain was an important figure in Canadian history. He is considered the first modern cartographer of Canada and an expert mariner who crossed the Atlantic 27 times. Interestingly enough, no one knows what he looked like. A pointy-moustachioed portrait of Champlain is merely an artist's rendering. To promote the release of TFO's "Reve de Champlain," a six-part miniseries about the explorer that celebrates 400 years of a Francophone presence in Ontario, the French-language public broadcaster created "Champlain: Portrait of a Nation," a microsite where Canadians can add their faces to create a composite image of Champlain. The site is available in both English and French and educates viewers about the TV series, based on the book "Le Reve de Champlain" by David Hackett Fischer. At, users can upload their face to Champlain's, making his face change slightly with each new mug. Lowe Roche created the campaign.

gunhistoryStates United to Prevent Gun Violence launched a 3:30 video that shows what happens when a gun store opens in the middle of New York City. Not your typical place to find a gun store -- and hidden cameras captured reactions of first-time gun buyers looking to purchase weapons for protection. The unsuspecting customers are shown different types of handguns and the salesman sounds like he's ready to close a few deals, until he describes the history behind each gun available for purchase. Each gun model was used in a horrific mass shooting, accidental shooting, homicide or suicide. The salesman shows the gun model used in Sandy Hook and a model used when a young child accidentally shot and killed his mother in a Walmart. With a different perspective on buying a gun, potential customers leave empty-handed. Watch it here, created by Grey NY.

I have a hard time understanding perfume ads for adults, but I get the gist of Fetch by Fetch, a poofume for dogs. The black and white ad shows dogs frolicking at the beach, while a breathy voiceover barks off dog mantras like: "Be the dog you really are" and "release your inner bitch." I bet it smells like grass, meat and fire hydrant. Watch the ad here. The poofume is available exclusively at