Wednesday, July 16, 2014
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montanabbqHow can anyone, except vegetarians, refuse meat as a currency? Montana's Cookhouse & Bar brought its best of BBQ sampler to various businesses in Toronto and offered the sampler, consisting of BBQ ribs, sausages, chicken, brisket, and shrimp, as currency for various services and items. You might be surprised at how much the actor, and only person really paid for his services, was able to attain with meat. Even the production crew and advertising agency,One Twenty Three West, agreed to take part of their payment in BBQ. This must be good BBQ. Over two days of bartering, the spokesman, or should I say smokesman, received a psychic reading, an MMA lesson, a manicure, a yoga lesson, men’s skin care products, new shoes, a haircut, a bouquet of flowers, an area rug, a massage and a real tattoo. Watch out, Bitcoin. See the compilation video here. Additional long-form videos show the actor receive a psychic reading, massage, MMA lesson, yoga lesson and flowers.

benjaminmooreBenjamin Moore launched a funny mockumentary, featuring a family in unique living quarters, to promote its Regal Select REVIVE paint for vinyl siding. A charming but fictitious family, the Hopsons, opts for a two-story bouncy house because all their neighbors' houses have vinyl siding that can't be painted, according to Mr. Hopson. The home is clearly a great core workout -- but leave the high heels at the door. Entertaining is troublesome due to a weight limit and applying make-up with precision is impossible. But the family makes it work, until they see their next-door neighbor getting his vinyl siding painted. That's when the bouncy house dream deflates -- both in the mind of Mrs. Hopson, and in reality, when a runaway lawn edger pokes a hole in the house. "Vinyl, meet paint," closes the ad, seen here, created by The Martin Agency and directed by Nick Jasenovic.

tacobellHere's an ad to let you know the Breakfast War between Taco Bell and McDonald's is still going strong. Taco Bell debuted a new item on its breakfast menu, the grilled breakfast burrito. So the brand reunited a group of men named Ronald McDonald, who appeared in Taco Bell's breakfast menu campaign earlier this year, to test the burritos. There's no plot twist here; the Ronald McDonald's love the latest breakfast menu addition. When a producer off-camera asks the Ronalds if they would buy a burrito from a burger place, one Ronald answers with this winning line: "You don't go to a sushi bar and order spaghetti." Or a steak house and order chicken or a seafood restaurant and order pasta... See the ad here, created by Deutsch LA.

moetMoet & Chandon launched its first global digital spot, targeting Millennials that like to have a good time. "L'ascenseur (the elevator,)" showcases Nectar Imperial Rose as the drink of choice when going big on a night out. The video begins with images from the Moet Maison in Epernay, France. After that, an elevator door opens and the bottles are poppin', to an original hip-hop track by Squeak E. Clean. The partygoer with fine taste in Champagne visits multiple floors full of gambling and dancing but it's the top floor that suits him just right. He whisks a bevy of attendees from the bottom and middle floors to the top, where a DJ and bottles of Nectar Imperial Rose continuously flow. "Success is a matter of style" closes the ad, seen here, created by Omelet and directed by Samuel Bayer.

PhillipsVenables Bell & Partners launched a pair of comical ads for The Phillips 66 Company. In "Professional Demonstration," a man who is good at everything explains the benefits of using Phillips 66 gas. It's like fiber for a car's engine. And viewers should trust this man's advice, since he's a professional, mechanic, police officer, housekeeper, doctor, motivational speaker and male model. What's not to trust? See it here. In "The Odds Are Great," Carl fuels up at Phillips 66 and reads about the brand's Tank5 sweepstakes, where one in five players win. Loving these odds, Carl dreams of other scenarios where he has a one in five chance of winning: a track meet, the Academy Awards and Miss America pageant. In Carl's world, he easily wins each time. Watch it here.

speakingexchangeWhat a sweet story about technology and how it connects different generations and people from different countries. CNA Language School in Brazil created a digital tool for its students looking to practice speaking English. The Speaking Exchange project connected the students in Brazil with Americans living at the Windsor Park Retirement Community in Chicago. It's touching to see students in their 20s conversing with folks in their 70s and 80s. One student said his new friend could stay at his family's house if the friend ever visited Brazil. Real connections were made, something bigger than students practicing English. Each conversation was recorded and uploaded to a private YouTube channel for teachers to watch and evaluate their students' progress. Watch the video here, created by FCB Brasil.

fartappRandom iPhone App of the week: Farts do talk, but what are they saying? Find out with the Fart Code app. Created by GS&P BETA Group, the in-house developers at Goodby Silverstein & Partners, the app promotes kid's health education. Time to get smart from your fart. Once downloaded, the app allows users to scan a bar code on anything in the grocery store. The app determines the actual ingredients in that item, noting any ingredients that are known to cause gas. An algorithm uses those ingredients to determine the level of toxicity on a "fartometer" and produces the appropriate fart noise and vibration to illustrate how one's digestive system would process the ingredients. Once the noise is created, you can share it via text message (complete with fart emoji) and social media, where friends can then click on a link to hear it. Talk about oversharing. Download the app here.

Naked DancingThis is more flesh mob than flash mob. To celebrate International Nude Day and the upcoming VH1 series, "Dating Naked," a series of naked couples surprised folks in downtown Los Angeles by performing a choreographed dance routine to "I'm Just Wild about Harry." The video was filmed in one take and features straight and gay couples of varying ages and sizes dancing as if no one is watching. "Dating Naked" premieres July 17 and the title tells you everything you need to know about the show. See the dance routine here, created by Mistress and directed by Ellis Bahl.

vegasWe've all heard of Christmas in July, but what about summertime as "Vegas Season?" That's exactly how Las Vegas is branded in a trio of TV ads encouraging a summer trip full of naughty or nice elements. In "Vegas Music," two friends shopping complain that a certain type of music is played earlier and earlier each year. Is it Christmas music? On the contrary, it's Vegas music piping through the store. Wayne Newton has a cameo, playing the role of a robotic figure that resembles Wayne Newton. See it here. In "Carolers," a family is treated to an unusual group of singers at their house: performers from Vegas shows. Watch it here. My favorite ad is "Decked Out." Neighbors on a suburban street compete to make their homes resemble Las Vegas. I was hoping someone would go big and mimic the Bellagio fountains -- and I was not disappointed. See it here. R&R Partners created the campaign.

benjaminmooreTo promote Benjamin Moore's Arborcoat Stain that helps make old wood look new, The Martin Agency created a self-proclaimed world's largest wooden yo-yo out of old deck wood. A Duncan-sponsored yo-yo expert was on-site to help out with the logistics of building the 6' 2" yo-yo, weighing in at almost 400 pounds. Once the wood was stacked, sanded and stained, the completed yo-yo was brought to the desert and dropped from a 100-foot crane. It must be hard to do Cat's Cradle on a yo-yo that big. The yo-yo gets a few good repetitions in before coming to a complete stop. The video targets both consumer and residential contractors, driving viewers to "Make old wood young again" closes the video, seen here, created by The Martin Agency.

Jeter - Jordan BrandEven this Mets fan got chills watching Jordan Brand's 90-second tribute to Derek Jeter. Airing during the All-Star Game, the ad celebrates the career of the beloved Yankees shortstop, who earns respect from present and past teammates, famous fans, everyday fans and rival players. As Jeter steps up to the plate, he receives a tip of the hat from a Red Sox pitcher. Jeter looks out the corner of his eye to see hat tips from the Yankees third base coach, a vendor in the stands and fans throughout the stadium, including Spike Lee and Rudy Giuliani. Even baseball fans outside Yankee Stadium tip their caps to Jeter, from police officers and firemen to Carmelo Anthony, Jay-Z, Billy Crystal, Tiger Woods, Michael Jordan, Phil Jackson, die-hard Red Sox fans and a trio of New York Mets, with their faces and numbers blurred out. Even better, Mr. Met tips his cap to Jeter, with his face blurred out as well.The spot ends with Jeter looking back toward the pitcher's mound, ready for the pitch and the sounds of fans screaming "Derek Jeter." Fans can pay their "RE2PECT" to Jeter online using the hashtag, #RE2PECT. See the video here, created by Wieden+Kennedy New York.

netflixThe latest three ads in Netflix's "You Gotta Get It, To Get It" campaign reenact popular scenes and plotlines from popular movies and TV shows available to subscribers of the popular service. In "Proposal," a man pops the question to his girlfriend by channeling all the romantic things Tom Cruise said to Renee Zellweger in "Jerry Maguire." He doesn't quote the movie, he asks his lady to think of the words from the movie and pretend he's saying them. See it here. Since I've never seen "Breaking Bad," I'm guessing that "Test Results" channels the hit AMC series when a man receives test results from his doctor. The MD references a show where a doctor delivers devastating news to his patient, causing his actual patient to panic. The doctor then informs his patient to think of that other TV show, the one where the guy is OK. "Modern Family," perhaps? Watch it here. And the most depressing of the three ads is "Airport." A woman is walking through an airport, unaware that her boyfriend is searching for her, maybe wanting to convince her to stay with him instead of boarding the plane? If only. Instead, when the man reaches his elated girlfriend, he doesn't ask her to stay. Instead, he asks her what their Netflix password is. See it here. DDB Canada created the campaign.

firstbankAn Amish spokesman helps the tech-challenged with smartphone banking in a trio of 15-second ads for FirstBank. In "Elders," a nameless Amish man explains how to deposit a check via smartphone. "I enter the amount, position the magic box over the check, then bury it in the ground, so the elders don't find it." See it here. In "Rules" users learn how to view their account balance without logging in. In a word: sorcery. Watch it here. The final ad illustrates how easy it is to pay bills from your smartphone. Snap a picture of your manure, buggy or blacksmith bill, preferably while bathing outdoors, and you're good-to-go. See it here. TDA_Boulder created the campaign and handled the media buy.

Good try, Minnesota. When LeBron James isn't on a basketball court, he enjoys biking. While he weighs his options and chooses a team, the bike-friendly state of Minnesota is letting its presence be known as a viable candidate. Pedal MN, a coalition of Minnesota state agencies and private organizations, launched, a site that tugs at the bike-loving side of King James. Sure, there are countless other teams that can offer obscene salaries, but where else can you find a Paul Bunyon statue on Paul Bunyon trail? The site houses a series of tweets that @PedalMN has been sending James in an effort to sway his decision on where to play. Fans can join the fun by tweeting @KingJames and using the hashtag #LeBronInMN. Good luck, Minnesota! Colle+McVoy created the campaign.