Wednesday, August 26, 2015
by Wed, Aug 26, 2015

Is this the new breakfast of champions? Ronda Rousey shows her sweet side as she takes down her Cinnamon Swirl French Toast Breakfast Sandwich in a 30-second ad for Carl's Jr. "Winning Combination" shows the breakfast sandwich interspersed with footage of Rousey and her championship belt, along with her kicking butt in the ring. The breakfast sandwich brings out Rousey's sweet and softer side -- she smiled. She really smiled! See it here, created by 72andSunny.

The 9/11 Day organization, a nonprofit that encourages good deeds and service on 9/11, launched a TV campaign leading up to the 14th anniversary that focuses on the children born on Sept. 11, 2001. More than 13,000 babies were born that day. A 60-second spot presents one such girl, named Hillary O'Neill, whose classmates lost parents or family members on 9/11. Despite being born on such a tragic day, Hillary is brimming with positivity, describing how much the world has grown since that tragic day as viewers see the marks in a doorjamb as Hillary herself grew through the years. Hillary pledges to do one good deed on 9/11, tying a pink string around her finger as a reminder. See it here, created by Grey New York.

The "science" is in: dogs can't read labels, so it's up to their owners to and feed them Castor & Pollux Natural Petworks. In an ad breaking September 1, we see an adorable pooch failing every reading test thrown his way. If he followed any commands onscreen, the dog would be rewarded with treats. A researcher with a clipboard waits patiently behind the dog, expecting the unexpected. "They can't read ingredients. You can," closes the ad, seen here, and created by TDA_Boulder, the agency's first work for the brand.

Random App of the week: This app isn't available just yet, but it's something most of us could use. Naked Europe partnered with LimitEar to launch, a website promoting the upcoming HearAngel app that will go into development later this year. HearAngel will monitor how someone listens to music and other audio, alerting them when they're close to overexposure and potential hearing damage. The website explains how the app works, and includes an audio player that simulates the effects of permanent hearing damage. Users can also sign up on the website to be kept informed of the release date of the app.

Did I just get emotional watching a surfing video? Yes, I did. Reef, a line of surfing equipment and apparel, launched a beautiful campaign highlighting things that are more important than winning a sports competition. The two-minute video introduces viewers to Nicolas Gallegos, a man who is unable to surf because an accident left him paralyzed. We also meet Martin Passeri, an Argentinian surfer who understands the important things in life. During the Argentine Surf Championship, Passeri, favored to win, did something unexpected: He took the waves with Gallegos on his back, enabling Gallegos to live his dream of surfing, if only for a few seconds. Passeri was disqualified from the competition, but he's a winner in my book. Watch the video here, created by McCann Buenos Aires.

Dell launched a BtoB campaign to raise awareness of its enterprise capabilities. "Future Ready" illustrates the future of business and technology to a target audience of C-suite execs and IT decision-makers. The debut ad, "Beat Again," is set in the distant future and shows tech's role in finding a new heart for a young girl. The girl's genetic makeup was stored in the cloud; using predictive analytics software, a match was found. The heart and the young girl made their way to the hospital, and the spot ended with Mom able to place her head on her daughter's chest and listen to her heartbeat. Watch it here, created by Y&R New York and VML New York.

LG Electronics dubbed its amusing TV spots promoting its smart TVs "The Science Behind." TVs may be smarter, but content watched on them is a bit more lowbrow. Each of the four ads begins with a serious voiceover explaining the technology inside these fancy, intelligent TVs -- as viewers watch goat videos, turn their TV into a fish tank, watch their cat follow the remote button and fall asleep during a TV show marathon. No rocket science necessary. M&C Saatchi Stockholm created the campaign.

Under Armour launched "Rule Yourself," a 60-second anthem for athletes everywhere, illustrating how a combination of hard work and discipline makes us all stronger. The stunning ad features NBA player Stephen Curry, ballerina Misty Copeland and golfer Jordan Spieth practicing their crafts. Each athlete is multiplied countless times, so it appears as if each is surrounded by an army of themselves, practicing their golf swing, dribbling basketballs or pirouetting. "You are the sum of all your training," closes the ad, seen here, and created by Droga5.

I wonder if "arrrrgh" stands for recycling? To promote Pirate Island at the Columbus Zoo, Ron Foth Advertising launched a 60-second TV spot featuring eco-friendly pirates who do their part in saving the environment. Pirate Island is a new eco-adventure boat ride at the zoo, so it's no surprise that the ad's pirate are more lovers than pillagers. These men recycle treasure maps, use organic cotton for flags, and light lanterns with energy-efficient bulbs. In addition, the pirates propel their "ship" forward by pedaling. "Pirates so green, they even bike to work," closes the ad, seen here. And check out the pirate's hook in the shape of a recycling logo.

Pet food company The Honest Kitchen launched a social media campaign looking for the year's "most honest pets." Pet owners are encouraged to snap a picture of their beloved dog or cat engaging in an unbecoming act with copy written as the pets' inner thoughts. Led by an in-store and online sampling program, this campaign gives pet owners a chance to have their pet featured in The Honest Kitchen's 2016 Pet Calendar and win a weekend trip with their pet. More than 600 retail stores are participating in the program. Participants can also enter on social media using the hashtag #HonestPetsContest on Instagram or Twitter or by uploading photos to a dedicated website. "Hey Mom, you're out of toilet paper," reads one entry. "I much prefer mud baths to regular baths," reads another. Consumers can vote for their favorite confession and earn a sample or coupon from The Honest Kitchen. Red Tettemer O'Connell + Partners created the campaign.

Don't quit your day job, PGA TOUR players. To promote the website, Sergio Garcia, Patrick Reed, Ben Crane, James Hahn and Keegan Bradley multitask by playing golf and singing the lyrics to Lionel Richie's classic song, "Hello." The site allows golf fans to watch their favorite players live every Thursday and Friday. See the tone-deaf players sing here, on a site created by GSD&M.

The second ad in Old Spice's "Make A Smellmitment" campaign is a 15-second spot that might make you lose your sanity. "Interruption" stars Isaiah Mustafa and Terry Crews vying for your attention span and Old Spice scent. Mustafa's Swagger and Crews' Bearglove are your options. My vote goes to Mustafa because he's calm, collected and not screaming in my face. Your move, Crews. See the ad here, created by Wieden+Kennedy Portland.