Wednesday, August 27, 2014
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bissellBissell employee Ravi Dalchand is a shoe-in for employee of the year. Hopefully his prize includes a round of vaccinations. To prove how efficient the Bissell Symphony All-in-One Vacuum and Steam Mop cleans floors, Dalchand, senior brand manager of Bissell Canada, cleaned up a section of a subway platform and then ate off it. The gross factor here is through the roof and apparently the floor is clean enough to eat off. The video was filmed in Toronto at the Bay and Bloor subway station. Once Dalchand cleaned a portion of floor, he dumped a container of pasta and started eating. Just hearing the fork clang with the floor was enough to make my stomach turn but what really topped the charts was Dalchand sopping up the remaining sauce with a piece of bread. Once finished, he looks at the camera and says that he 100% stands behind the Bissell product. One thing I wish was mentioned in the video is that Bissell markets the Symphony as a product that "kills 99.9% of germs and bacteria on hard floor surfaces." See the video here, created by KBS Toronto.

timhortonsDining in complete darkness has always intrigued me -- but what about heading to your local coffee shop only to find it shrouded in complete darkness? Would you even attempt to go in? This was the conundrum facing regulars at the Tim Hortons in L'ile-Perrot, Quebec. The entire building, logo included, was wrapped in black, even a jeep in the parking lot. Adventurous customers tried the door and entered a completely pitch-black coffee shop. A staff member wearing night vision goggles guided consumers to the counter by voice. Once there, each person received a cup of Tim Hortons new dark roast, relying only on their sense of taste to enjoy it. It's the brand's first new roast in fifty years. Watch the video here and search Twitter using the hashtag #TimsDark to see additional reactions. JWT Canada created the campaign.

gotmilkI'm so happy the "Got Milk" tagline is back for the California Milk Processor Board. Two ads give kids a look at their future selves, depending on whether they drink milk throughout their childhood. "Champion" begins with a young girl drinking juice at the grocery store. She's approached by a frumpy, run-down woman. Kidnapper? No, it's her future self because she didn't drink milk as a kid. Once the present version of the girl starts drinking milk, her future version does a 180, becoming a world-class, medal winning track and field athlete. Seeing this, mom fills her grocery cart with milk. See it here. "Brave" is a bit more serious. The voiceover is a young boy, telling his mother that he's afraid to drink his milk and go to sleep because he's afraid of the dark. Mom asks the boy to name people who make him feel brave and he mentions firemen because they rescue people from burning buildings. While this conversation takes place, the adult version of this boy, now a fireman, rescues a young child from a burning building. "What you say with a glass of milk lasts forever," closes the ad, seen here. Goodby Silverstein & Partners and Grupo Gallegos collaborated to create the campaign.

gatoradeGatorade went all "Candid Camera" on a series of unsuspecting convenience store shoppers who wanted to buy the sports drink. Customers were told by a store clerk that they couldn't buy Gatorade unless they put a little sweat in it: just some jumping jacks or a run around the store. When the manager appeared in one video, a couple went crazy. It was Peyton Manning. Within 10 seconds, the guy was doing jumping jacks for Gatorade. See it here. The next video stars Cam Newton, who aggressively knocks two bottles of Gatorade from a man's hands when he questions why he's unable to purchase them. Watch it here. This one definitely feels more staged than Manning's video. All spots feature Rob Belushi, nephew of the late John Belushi, playing the store clerk. TBWA\Chiat\Day LA created the campaign, directed by Jody Hill.

golfRandom iPhone App of the week: Fore! Golf Channel has revamped its mobile app, adding additional content from the website and a more user-friendly homepage. The photo gallery was also revamped, with larger photos and more videos. Content is built around the Golf Central news blog, including scoring, leaderboards from every major professional tour, fantasy golf, equipment news and information and instructional tips. Also new is the Grill Room Blog, which offers entertaining commentary on the lighter side of golf. The free app is available in the App Store. Download it here.

cocacolaSince I can never find a Coca-Cola bottle with my name on it, I'm rather enjoying this campaign for the brand that launched over the summer in China. The brand created "Lyric bottles," adding song lyrics from China's most famous and best loved songs to bottle packaging. Bottles allow users to express their feelings with sayings like: "When I think of you, I'm happy" and "Baby, I'm sorry." Users can scan a QR code on each bottle to unlock a 10-second animated musical clip that can be shared with friends via social media outlets. Isobar, the agency behind the campaign, is calling these snippets "Musicons" (for "musical emoticons"). Check out an intro video here. See two animated clips here and here.

searsSears has launched #BacktoWha, a back-to-school campaign created by Olson, its first work for the brand. The effort consists of a series of online videos highlighting Sears' fashion offerings for kids heading back to school. In one video, a girl decked out in the latest stylish gear walks through gym class, causing a boy climbing a rope to lose his grip and fall on top of his friend. See it here. A brother and sister walk their driveway like it's a runway en route to their first day of school. Watch it here. "Trampoline" might be my favorite. A girl primps for her first day back, and a teen on a trampoline does his best to catch a glimpse of her in action. See it here.

nikeNike, Foot Locker and NBA star Kevin Durant are on a mission to find the baddest basketball player in Europe: a challenging job, when football (soccer) is such a dominant presence. "Be The Baddest" is a 60-second video starring Durant as he describes the naysayers he encountered prior to becoming the NBA athlete he is today. These are the same struggles that European players face: they're labeled too skinny, weak, or slow, but that doesn't hinder their drive. Durant encourages players to continue working hard and when they think they have what it takes to play ball on a higher level, pay him a visit on the court. See it here. "Be The Baddest" also launches the new Nike KD7 collection and Air Force 1, available at Foot Locker. The spot debuts in the United Kingdom, Spain, Italy and France on Aug. 28. Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam created the campaign.

kiaThe beloved Kia Hamsters show their scientific sides in "Fully Charged," a TV spot that launched during Sunday's MTV VMAs. We also learn what the hamsters are thinking about each time they run inside their hamster wheels. The ad promotes Kia's first electric car, the Soul EV. It also marks the debut of Maroon 5's new single, "Animals." Set in a high-tech lab, the spot shows the hamsters transforming the gas-powered Soul into an electric Soul by shocking it with a surge of electricity. As the car is being zapped, the trio's beloved pet hamster runs into the line of fire and gets zapped as well, turning the pint-sized pet into a adult-sized leather-clad female hamster. This revelation causes the hamsters to hightail it to the closest pet store, in their new EV, and buy every hamster the pet store is selling. Now, the hamsters are surrounded by a group of gorgeous lady hamsters to dance with. See it here. The first 200,000 fans can download the single "Animals" before it officially debuts on iTunes. David&Goliath created the campaign, with visual effects from MPC LA.

canadiancancersocietyThe Canadian Cancer Society wants you to step out of your comfort zone and do something that truly scares you, and at the same time raise money for a good cause. It could be something minute like shaving off your beard, or something drastic like jumping from a plane. No fear is too big or too small for the Fearless Challenge. Those interested can visit with a short video describing their fear and how much they would like to raise. Once registered, you can ask friends and family to contribute to the cause. Once a fundraising goal is hit, the next video uploaded is one of you facing your fear. Check out a video of Canadian celebrities like Natalie Brown and Italia Ricci, facing their fears here. Lowe Roche created the campaign.

indianmotorcycleMotorcycle ad or Viagra spot? I wasn't sure when I first viewed the commercial for Indian Motorcycle's 2015 Indian Roadmaster. It's a beautiful touring bike and it stops one man dead in his tracks when he spots one parked outside a diner. The man drops his bag of leftovers and dives right into a fantasy world where he's riding the bike through a tunnel with a beautiful woman holding him close. The man, the bike and his paramour cover decent ground and then reality returns and the man picks up his bag and leaves. Watch "The Look" here, created by Colle+McVoy.

expediaNow of this campaign doesn't motivate you to post an embarrassing throwback Thursday pic, I don't know what will. Expedia launched a fun social media campaign called #ThrowMeBack. People that post a favorite picture on Instagram or Twitter from the past might be chosen by Expedia to return to the beloved location and recreate the photo. To enter, pictures must be tagged with @Expedia and #ThrowMeBack to be considered for selection. To support the campaign, Expedia launched "Back to Ocean Beach," a video that follows the first contest winner's journey from Washington State to her family's favorite beach spot in San Diego. It follows a woman, her brother, father and uncle traveling to meet on Ocean Beach. The picture is recreated perfectly, even though the woman was just a small baby at the time. Her fit uncle has even stood the test of time, he just has a lot more gray hairs than before. See the video here, created by 180LA.