Wednesday, May 27, 2015
by Wed, May 27, 2015

When you own and operate a bodega, chances are you've seen everything. Fred is the bodega owner featured in the latest round of MillerLite ads. The newest ad launched Memorial Day weekend during the NBA Playoffs. Fred interacts with a regular, asking about the man's plans. Karaoke is on the night's agenda, so the customer picks up a bottle of MillerLite and sings a classic tune by Boston. When an attractive woman enters the store, the karaoke killer isn't embarrassed; he instead tells her what time he'll be performing. "As long as you are you, its Miller Time," closes the ad, seen here and created by TBWA\Chiat\Day LA.

Microsoft has launched a 1:45 video that pays tribute to young girls interested in science. It also encourages them to keep studying what they love, despite society's perception of science and technology being a man's field. The video features a handful of young girls describing the amazing things they've already created: robots, Web sites, a Lego that opens a refrigerator. The girls discuss what it's like to be the only girl in their science classes and the negative feedback they've gotten about pursuing the topic. The video ends with each girl receiving a letter of encouragement from Microsoft to continue on their creative path and an email address for use down the road: See the video here, created by m:united.

Droga5 partnered with the Clinton Foundation to create "We're Not There Yet," a 2:15 video that raises awareness about gender equality. The video features the voices of Amy Poehler, Sienna Miller, Cameron Diaz, Jenny Slate and Padma Laksmi discussing data points of the group's No Ceilings' Full Participation Report, which describes the issues women face in the workforce and life. Strides are being made, but women continue to earn less than men and only hold 5% of Fortune 500 CEO positions, which is why only the voices -- not the faces -- of those famous women are used throughout the video, seen here. Viewers can visit for more information.

Random iPhone App of the week: Foot Locker updated its app to include a series of Shoemojis, a great fit for sneaker lovers. To date, the app has 80 Shoemojis from brands like Nike, adidas, ASICS and Under Armour. Over time, additional Shoemojis will be added to the app. Users can send the emoticons via text message or social media. BBDO New York updated the free app, available to download here.

tacobellThe validation ad for every only child. Taco Bell is tired of the over-sharing phenomenon that takes place in real life and on social media, so the company created a product that is made for only one person at a time. The Grilled Stuft Nachos is promoted with "Sharing Sucks," a TV spot that lists the countless items one man is tired of sharing. He's sick of sharing his food, his emotions, the road, the bathroom and don't mention the over-sharing of baby pictures and cat videos on social media. The man's head might explode. The invention of a handheld food made especially for one person is ideal for a man done with sharing. See it here, created by Deutsch LA.

mattressHow can a mattress company use big data? By informing its customers that too much sleep and not enough action is taking place between the sheets. Mattress company Dunlopillo is using technology to bring couples closer together by tracking mattress movement. And not just your typical tossing and turning, if you know what I mean. In "Listen to Your Mattress," sensors are placed around a couple's mattress to measure activity and general pressure points. When a few nights of "inactivity" between the couple pass, one person is sent an email with suggestions for romantic date nights to reignite the bedroom romance. See how the mattress works here, created by Geometry Global.

deltaIt's safe to assume that more people would watch airline in-flight safety videos if they weren't bland, boring and never-ending. In an effort to remedy this issue, Delta's latest video plays on society's obsession with Internet memes and YouTube videos. Entertainment must be fast, funny and come in small clips. So the double-rainbow guy is still wowed by such an occurrence; Charlie is still biting his brother's finger; the evolution of dance continues to evolve; and the overly attached girlfriend has found a new man. Animals are also well-represented: Look for keyboard cat, Roomba cat, dramatic chipmunk and the screaming goat. And don't forget animation: the annoying orange and peanut butter jelly time make cameos in the 5-minute video, launching May 25. See it here. Fans can view outtakes online that include content from the Will it Blend Guy. Wieden+Kennedy New York created the campaign.

Gatorade has created a 60-second spot dedicated to a specific kind of sweat: earned sweat. "We Love Sweat" is perfectly voiced by Michael Jordan, a man who knows a thing or two about the topic. Athletes push themselves hard and pick themselves up when they fall. The more they sweat, the more they will achieve in the long run. "That's the sweat that comes out when greatness goes in," closes the ad, seen here. Look out for cameos from JJ Watt, Serena Williams, April Ross and Usain Bolt. TBWA\Chiat\Day LA created the campaign.