• 10 Tips To Drive More Value With Transactional Emails
    Transactional emails are a digital marketer's best friend because they trigger from your customer's actual behavior, have off-the-charts engagement metrics, and can build your brands long after the transaction is history. Here are 10 tips to turn these engaging emails into opportunities to achieve your goals: upsell, next purchase, post-purchase satisfaction, etc.
  • Tools To Shop For
    I love this quote from the movie "Draft Day," when Kevin Costner says, "We are in a different world than we were 30 seconds ago." Fact is, we are - things are moving so fast that our options and opinions may shift quickly. In such challenging times, here are some interesting innovations and goodies you should seek out.
  • Holiday Retail Strategies For October
    As we inch closer to active holiday promotions, I am continuing the theme of what email marketers can accomplish now to prepare for the season. This October it's all about setting a foundation with your first holiday-specific email campaign.
  • Guess What's Missing from Your Holiday Email Strategy?
    Think quick: What factor is most critical in achieving email opens? A perfectly penned subject line? Nope. A recognizable "from" name? 'Fraid not. There's only one way your email marketing can be opened - and that's if it's actually received by subscribers. So give yourself a big pat on the back if you came up with deliverability.
  • 10 Email Messages To Jazz Up Your Holiday Marketing Program
    Happy Oct. 1! It's not just any Thursday. Today signals the kickoff to Q4 and the holiday shopping season. You still have time to tinker with email messages that can drive incremental revenue, build subscriber engagement and deliver other benefits that make the difference between good and great email marketing.
  • Holiday Predictions
    Summer is gone, and we are a month away from Halloween and gaining an hour of sleep. As marketers, publishers or service providers, this is the time of year when everyone is distracted, overstimulated and likely grasping for straws for how to do things better or differently from last year. It's the perfect time to get the crystal ball out and make a few predictions for this holiday retail season. If you're not a retailer, don't stop reading - there's a few nuggets for you too.
  • 5 Holiday Retail Strategies For September
    It's no secret that Q4 is the time for many retailers to move from the red to black. Email has a big hand in that, as our beloved channel drives a considerable amount of online revenue. While we're still weeks away from holiday-specific campaigns, retailers can begin laying a foundation for a lucrative holiday season now. Here are some tactics to focus on in late September through early October to make your holiday campaigns more successful than last year:
  • 16 Things I Learned In 16 Years Of Email Marketing
    As I look back upon my 16+-year career -- largely focused on this great channel that is email - I thought I would share 16 key things I have learned along the way. Some may be more obvious than others, but the hope is that you find a great nugget in here!
  • Nine Ways Inbox Data Can Help Marketers -- Beyond Email
    The email channel is unique in many ways, but the data it captures on consumer preferences, behaviors, and purchase trends can and should be applied across the marketing department. Today the most common use of this sort of data is gathering competitive intelligence -- checking out how the campaigns from other brands perform, and which messages and offers engage subscribers. Let me suggest a few alternative uses of this "email panel" data:
  • Email Strategies To Elevate Your Holiday Marketing Program
    It's not too late to inject a little innovation into your holiday email-marketing planning, even if you feel as if Cranberry Red Thursday (Thanksgiving in the U.S.) is hovering over your shoulder already. Here are six holiday revenue or engagement strategies that you can either launch or update in the weeks that remain before the blitz begins.
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