• Disruption In The Email Conversion Funnel
    The email marketing industry has been fascinated with the innovations happening in the inbox over the past couple years, and especially those being led by Gmail. The Promotions Tab, the unsubscribe feature, grid view, image caching, quick actions, the Inbox app and the soon-to-be-launched Google payments functionality called Pony Express are changing the way consumers engage with email.
  • Is Email Marketing Cheap -- Or Does It Have A High ROI?
    How you -- and, more importantly, your boss -- answer that question easily predicts the future success of your email program. Here's why.
  • Your Next Email Strategy: Mapping The Customer Journey
    "Customer journey" is perhaps today's hottest marketing buzz phrase, but it has the potential to revolutionize your email program and deliver better results for your customer as well as your own bottom line.
  • Next-Generation Personalization
    In 2003, several contributors from Amazon wrote a compelling industry report on "Amazon.com Recommendations, Item to Item Collaborative Filtering." While Amazon has long set the standard for product recommendations, personalization and doing it at scale, no one could have imagined that data would outgrow humans' ability to slice-and-dice and generate insights from it.
  • Spring Cleaning Time For Email Marketers
    Before the summer craziness hits, take the time to review and clean up key email marketing areas that may have accumulated some crust and dust over the winter holidays. Let's get started!
  • You Only Need a Few Good Friends Supporting Your Email Program
    Back in January, I posted the first in a series of email tips filtered through the lens of advice I give my nine-year-old daughter. The first piece of advice was focused on the fact that not everyone is going to like you. Today, I want to focus on an extension of that advice with tip No. 2: You only need a few good friends.
  • Need Stats To Sell Your CMO On Mobile? Here's Five
    As an email marketer, you know that getting mobile right is essential for an effective digital marketing program. But maybe your boss still isn't convinced. How about a few numbers to show why mobile matters -- and why email should own it?
  • What If You Can't Afford Predictive Analytics In Your Marketing Budget?
    Twenty years ago, if you wanted a marketing piece to look good, you had to go to a professional graphics service to get it typeset, and then a printer to get it printed. Now everybody can do that on a PC. But then again, you can now use purpose-built templates to make your own just-about-anything: really good-looking marketing pieces, websites, emails, you name it. In other words, you can go a long way for a lot less time and money these days. For the most part, if you're a marketer seeking to improve marketing effectiveness by taking advantage of the ...
  • Descriptive, Predictive And Prescriptive Analytics
    Where does the Big Data discussion fit into your analytics discussion? Analytics generally is the hardest thing to sell to a budget-conscious marketer, because it's vastly ill defined in companies and hard to translate to terms or just things we do every day. I was watching a short video by Babson College Prof. Thomas Davenport on the Harvard Business Review website recently and found it to be a good, simplified explanation of analytics.
  • The Next Big Innovation In Marketing Is Already On Your Team
    If you're an email marketing manager, you have to learn to sell yourself to the CMO. Here's some ammunition. Conversely, if you're a CMO or other marketing exec, keep reading for ways to leverage a phenomenal resource that you're likely underutilizing: the email marketing manager.
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