• What Email Marketers Can Learn From 'The Profit'
    My limited schedule means I don't get a lot of time for television watching. I do, however, always prioritize the latest episode of CNBC's show "The Profit." Each episode of this reality show centers on a struggling small business and "The Profit" - Marcus Lemonis - who agrees to invest in and save the business. The catch is that the business must allow for Lemonis to be "100% in charge" and make drastic changes that will ultimately save the business. The businesses that give him full authority to do his best work often go on to be tremendously successful. How ...
  • What Email Marketers Can Learn From Famous Lefties
    Left-handed people are often touted for their creativity-from musicians like David Bowie to inventors like Leonardo da Vinci. Since National Left Handers' Day is celebrated annually on Aug. 13, I thought it was a good time to apply lessons learned from some famous lefties to email marketing strategies.
  • Engagement Rate Heralds Next Era Of Email Metrics
    Mobile devices are complicating our usual understanding of email metrics. Just as marketers newer to email have grasped the nuances of deliverability, inbox placement, the differences between click-through and click-to-open rates and unique versus gross clicks and opens, along comes mobile with its own measurement challenges.
  • Deliverability: The More Things Change, More They Stay the Same
    I've been working in email marketing for over 16 years now, with a heavy focus on deliverability for the last 13 of these. Over this time, I've seen the anti-spam techniques used by mailbox providers change dramatically -- along with the tools available to email marketers. However, getting mail in the inbox is still a problem. Why is that?
  • Email Is Mobile?
    As an industry, we tend to think of email and mobile as viewing email on a mobile phone - but when I ask how your email program is affected by your app or mobile Web strategy, I get blank stares. How many of you email marketers actually have an impact on what happens on your mobile Web site, or mobile in-app experience?
  • It's Time You Show How Valuable You Are
    Within organizations, the email marketer is often considered just an an order taker -- a means to deliver a message that others have already put together. This can cause dissatisfaction and burnout among email marketers. How can email marketers elevate their perceived role within the marketing roster to get ahead and potentially move to a leadership role? Here are four approaches that have worked for me -- and that, if used collectively, should help ensure you are seen as more than just a tactical doer.
  • Creating An Email Strategy For A Tiny Audience
    We don't all have audiences in the millions, or even thousands. Some brands have really tiny audiences, and no plans to make them bigger - ever. Maybe you're marketing to business owners who need special gear for some of their workers, or to health-care professionals who treat a specific rare disease, or to people who have reservations on a commercial space flight. No matter how you have defined your audience for your brand, you think you need an email strategy. Here are some questions to answer when creating an email strategy for tiny audiences:
  • Random Messiness: Time To Add Some To Your Email Marketing Program?
    Could your email marketing program use a little chaos, disruption and messiness? On a recent flight home from London, I watched economist Tom Harford's TEDTalk presentation, "How frustration can make us more creative," in which he shows how inserting messiness and disruption into the creative process will usually produce a better result. Naturally, it got me thinking about how to apply his concepts to email marketing.
  • Growth, Innovation And Increasing Budgets
    Anyone who has spent time in direct marketing for a brand knows there is no such thing as incremental budget. It's a world of trade-offs - or, as a mentor of mine would always say, "What do we not do to make this happen?"
  • Use Email To Overcome Threats, Impact Retail Strategy
    If you're a retail email marketer today, you undoubtedly understand what's happening in the space. It's getting more difficult and costly to acquire customers, and even harder to retain them through repeat purchases. Here are three threatening trends in retail today that should compel you to be more consumer-first in your email marketing efforts and grow your brand's customer lifetime value.
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