• Does A Click Really Represent Engagement?
    The awesome part of being in the digital age is that every interaction leaves a trail of data exhaust. This can be a double-edged sword, though. For example, there's currently an ongoing debate happening in the field of journalism that applies to our efforts in marketing. The question is whether clicks prove the value and acceptance of content. The issue is that clicks don't necessarily mean the content is hitting the mark. Are the clickers actually reading the content? I can't help but wonder if we as marketers are sometimes falling into the same trap of not reading the metrics ...
  • Shopping Trends From Black Friday/Cyber Monday -- And How They Affect Email
    The annual Black Friday/Cyber Mondayshopping extravaganza marked a big shift in shopping habits this year. Here are my takeaways and ways you can use this information in your 2016 email-marketing programs.
  • Live From Email Insider Summit: Air Thin, Discussions Rich
    Up on the mountain (Deer Valley, Utah) with 150-200 marketers, technologists and agencies discussing the state of the industry for three days. We've come a long way from justifying email as a channel or talking generically about big data. It will be interesting to see how far we've come in our thinking this week.
  • 'Tis The Season To Capitalize On The Success Of Email And Mobile
    Both email and mobile delivered a staggering number of sales on Black Friday. According to Custora, email drove the most online conversions out of all possible marketing channels, with a whopping 25.1% of online orders. And mobile shopping drove 36.1% of all e-commerce conversions.
  • How Personal Is Your Personalized Email Messaging?
    How many marketing technology vendors say they help you personalize your email messaging to your customers? Um, hundreds perhaps? Maybe all of them? The problem is, most of them do not really personalize your email marketing.
  • Holiday Email Conundrum: When SPAM Makes The Nice List
    As the holidays get underway, it's time for cheer and catching up. Recently, my family and I had the opportunity to spend some time with out-of-town relatives we only see a few times a year. As we talked, I heard my godbrother say something that caught my attention: "Let me check my SPAM folder for coupons from XYZ store." Of course I had to dig further
  • 4 Email Tips That Are 'On Fleek'
    I was introduced to a glossary of millennial terms last week by a co-worker. ("on fleek" means "on point," if you didn't know already, BTW.) Now let's shake up your traditional thinking of email marketing with a couple of tips learned by making more mistakes than I care to admit.
  • Giving Thanks To Email
    Having worked on the client and consulting sides of the business across several verticals and as an adjunct professor of digital marketing, I've seen all possibilities for our beloved channel. And even with all those experiences, for me working in email marketing never gets old. After years of working in this space, here is what I am most grateful for when it comes to email:
  • Deliverability: Are Marketers Applying Yesterday's Approach to Today's Problem?
    Inbox placement rates fell in 2015 from 2014. Why? Maybe because marketers haven't kept up with inbox placement's recent evolution. The rules of deliverability have changed over the last few years.
  • What's In Your Email Marketing Toolbox?
    The right tools save time and effort and produce better results, whether you are installing an irrigation system in your backyard or deploying an email-marketing program. Many email marketers are less productive when they fail to take advantage of dozens of specialized tools. Perhaps they simply aren't aware of them -- or they may think getting by with a homegrown system gets the job done just fine. Here's my list of roughly 50 types of tools suggested by my experience or by fellow email marketers and members of the Only Influencers community of email folks.
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