Results for January 2005

Predictions Redux
ExactTarget recently released their predictions for the e-mail space in 2005. There is a funny thing about company predictions. Usually they are put together by PR firms with the intent that if you believe the predictions are going to come true, you usually need that company's solution in order to be prepared for the outcome of the prediction. You want to sell mouthwash, you invent halitosis.» 0 Comments
Investing for Dummies
While my spam filter manages to cull out the vast majority of unwanted missives each day (along with a few wanted ones) some of the craftier messages still get through.» 0 Comments
Holiday Traffic
The problem with taking two weeks off is getting back in the swing of things.» 0 Comments
Stopping Spam?
A few weeks ago history was made in Iowa when Robert Kramer, whose company provides e-mail services, was awarded $1 billion in damages from spammers who hit the companies inbound mail servers up to 10 million times a day during parts of 2000.» 0 Comments