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E-mail Insider Summit
Last week I was honored to be the host of the first E-mail Insiders Summit that took place at Boulders Resort near Scottsdale, Arizona....» 0 Comments
Four Deadly Sins Of E-mail Design
Some of the best in the business submitted samples to the E-mail Makeover Panel for review at MediaPost's recent E-mail Insider Summit. The samples were very strong. Turns out no one wants a bunch of "experts" (make that finger gesture for quotation marks in the air) to publicly slay one's work. Still, the panel had a few common issues among the submissions. Is your design guilty of the four sins?» 0 Comments
All For A Cause
I'm still on a high from the recent E-mail Insider Event in lovely Scottsdale, Arizona....» 0 Comments
Marketers Still Struggling With Viral Strategies
Major marketers are still coming to grips with viral marketing, it became clear over the first two days of MediaPost's E-mail Insider Summit...» 0 Comments
Email Insiders: Reputation Is Everything
SCOTTSDALE, AZ--As spam continues to aggravate Internet-savvy consumers of all stripes, and Internet service providers (ISPs) grow ever more leery of alienating their customer base, an email marketer's "reputation" is now the chief determinant of whether their emails will get through, a panel of industry leaders agreed on the first day of MediaPost's Email Insider Summit at the Boulders Resort and Golden Door Spa in the highlands of central Arizona. That's a marked shift from simple systems centered on the "authentication" of email marketers' IP addresses--a basic litmus test for establishing accountability that was the new industry's first gold standard. ...» 0 Comments
The Last Mile Of CRM
Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is an offensive phrase to many marketing executives. Many of you have experienced the woes of over-amplified CRM budgets, failed change initiatives, and over-promised technology....» 0 Comments
E-mail Experience Council
Some are ranters. Some are doers. Jeanniey Mullen, who heads up e-mail marketing efforts at OgilvyOne, is definitely a doer. You may remember, back in November I delivered a rant about how trade associations were not getting the word out about the power of e-mail as a marketing tool. Jeanniey decided to do something about it.» 0 Comments
E-mail Diva: Reaching Out To Old Opt-Ins
A company begins its first-ever e-mail program.» 0 Comments
E-mail Isn't Free
Let me paint you a picture. You have just seen a demo of a cool e-mail system, and now you dream of being able to manage campaigns, lists, bounces, replies, dynamic content and reporting in a brand-new way....» 0 Comments
E-mail Budget Redux
E-mail marketing has come a long way since the days of batch and blast sending. If that is still the mode your company is in--or somewhere close--you are likely doing more harm than good with your customers, and with e-mail receivers. Your response rates and delivery rates are fractions of what they could be, because you are not taking the time to make your campaigns relevant....» 0 Comments
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