• Capitalizing On Browse & Cart Abandonment
    Someone hits your site, they browse, then maybe put something in the cart and leave. That represents 68% of your visitors, according to Baynard Institute. There are many reasons for abandoning carts, according to Statistia:
  • Retail Email Strategies To Help You Survive November
    On your mark, get set... go! The holiday season is officially here, and email marketers everywhere are already feeling the pressure of the season, which is much like sprinting a marathon. Here are some tasks to consider to help make the most out of this critical time of year.
  • Are You Tapping Your Inner Contrarian?
    Marketers tend to prefer what's safe, deploying what I call "generally accepted best practices" (GABPs), because everyone else does it. Granted, that approach is less risky. You can point your boss to hundreds of examples from other brands when she asks why you want to add a pop-over opt-in form when someone visits your website's home page. The oldest joke in email marketing is that the answer to every question is "It depends, and test it." But this adage is as true today as it was when I joined the industry in 2001. What works for one company, or even ...
  • Leveraging Email For Pro-Active Customer Service
    Awaiting late delivery of her daughter's Halloween costume, Kara realizes again that email is a great channel to manage customer expectations.
  • 4 Ways To Think About Halloween And Email Marketing
    Did you carve a pumpkin? Buy a costume? Load up on candy? Decorate the house? You aren't alone, according to Statista. Last year consumers in the U.S. spent over $6.84 billion in Halloween expenditures, with $2.79 billion in costume sales alone. To draw on the Halloween theme, what better way to prepare for the week than provide a few themes that you can play with?
  • The Four Ghosts Still Haunting Email Marketing
    In recent years, email has experienced quite an evolution - a seismic shift, made possible by innovation and astute strategies. Even with this shift, I still hear certain ideas that are quite archaic. Here are four "ghosts" that still haunt email marketing today.
  • 10 Tips To Drive More Value With Transactional Emails
    Transactional emails are a digital marketer's best friend because they trigger from your customer's actual behavior, have off-the-charts engagement metrics, and can build your brands long after the transaction is history. Here are 10 tips to turn these engaging emails into opportunities to achieve your goals: upsell, next purchase, post-purchase satisfaction, etc.
  • Tools To Shop For
    I love this quote from the movie "Draft Day," when Kevin Costner says, "We are in a different world than we were 30 seconds ago." Fact is, we are - things are moving so fast that our options and opinions may shift quickly. In such challenging times, here are some interesting innovations and goodies you should seek out.
  • Holiday Retail Strategies For October
    As we inch closer to active holiday promotions, I am continuing the theme of what email marketers can accomplish now to prepare for the season. This October it's all about setting a foundation with your first holiday-specific email campaign.
  • Guess What's Missing from Your Holiday Email Strategy?
    Think quick: What factor is most critical in achieving email opens? A perfectly penned subject line? Nope. A recognizable "from" name? 'Fraid not. There's only one way your email marketing can be opened - and that's if it's actually received by subscribers. So give yourself a big pat on the back if you came up with deliverability.
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