• Have We Forgotten How To Market?
    Excuse me while I rant a little bit. What's up with email subject lines coming from big brands lately? Way too many look like lazy marketing or borderline spam.
  • How To Use Competitive Intelligence To Drive Email ROI
    Marketers who use competitive intelligence tools enjoy an average of three times more email generated revenue than those who don't, according to a recent report by The Relevancy Group. Yet one of the most common questions I'm asked when I present a client with a competitive analysis is: "There's no point in doing this more than once a year, right?" Think again. There's a lot you can -- and should -- do with competitive intelligence tools to drive ROI on a regular basis.
  • Direct Messaging Apps Provide New Inbox Opportunity
    Messaging apps like Facebook Messenger, What's App, Kik and Line are gaining in popularity, and email marketers need to understand the importance of the opportunity in front of them.
  • Elections, Brands, And Platform Evolution
    What's really interesting about this election period is the evolution of the use of media, advertising, consumer shifts and the sheer diversity in the platform strategies used by candidates
  • Keep Seeking Ways To Boost Revenue and Efficiency
    I met recently with a client that's an email marketing veteran. The company does many things well with its high-volume retail email program. What frustrates the email/CRM team is that it doesn't control its email destiny, and that limits its ability to innovate.
  • Can Artificial Intelligence Replace Email Marketers?
    We all see the early signs of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine-learning-powered solutions in email marketing. A variety of tools can write (or choose) an optimal subject line for you, or determine the correct product or article to feature in order to optimize clicks for a given subscriber. So what does the future hold for email marketing? Will smart machines supplant humans?
  • Three Significant Ways Email Improves In-Store Experience
    Many shoppers are flocking to e-commerce for the convenience, but brick and mortar is still an important part of the omnichannel experience for those customers that want to touch and feel your products in person. Here are some ways email can help retailers shine:
  • Personalization Vs. Individualization
    There is no doubting the effects of personalizing email. Content should be relevant to the audience and as timely as you can possibly be. I've been a huge proponent of personalization in general for a long time, but I don't believe it's valuable if you look at it like a mail merge. The methods to measure impact can only be seen realistically, over a period of time, not one dynamic image/link at a time. Your program should adapt over time, not be relegated to the constraints of resources.
  • Why Are You OK With Mediocrity?
    One of the biggest problems with email marketing is that it's easy to be mediocre and still achieve decent results and ROI. Over the last decade, sophisticated email marketing technology has become affordable and easy to use for companies of all sizes, budgets and abilities. As a result, even less-than-stellar marketing efforts can produce acceptable results. This paradox is what keeps so many marketers on the hamster wheel of mediocrity. Why put in a lot more effort if you're achieving your minimum goals?
  • How Much Are Your Data Problems Costing You?
    Perhaps it's time to think about data differently. Many companies that I have worked with over the years often cite lack of budget and IT resources as the reason for not doing a better job of managing data. The problem with this way of thinking is that it completely disregards the amount of potential revenue that could be realized through reducing major losses. Here are the areas where companies are hemorrhaging revenue as a result of not focusing on putting their data house in order:
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