• Top Line, Bottom Line, And Waistline
    Marketers sweat the top line, lead optimizers sweat the bottom line, but executives sweat the waistline. In this age of machine learning, advanced algorithms and the hype of real-time personalization, looking simply at incremental sales as the driving proxy is an exercise in measuring inputs, not company health. The leaders of this world want to know how fit you are to compete today and tomorrow, and what exercises you are doing every day/week/month to build sustainability.
  • What My 15-Year-Old Webmail Account Says About Today's Email Marketers
    This month my Yahoo account turns 15. It doesn't get much use these days - aside from the occasional seed list for a client project - but it is an epic archive of my life, my career, and to an extent, the evolution of email marketing. While I'm not going to share the dishy details of my personal correspondence through the years, I can relay a few email marketing insights that became evident while I perused my old account.
  • The Best Email I Ever Received
    Many years ago (and I mean MANY), when I started my career in email, I had a mentor whom I still respect very much. She showed me some tough love, challenged my opinions, and taught me how to be confident in the advice and direction I shared with clients. Thank you, Tricia Pridemore (or more affectionately referenced by me as TRob). One of the most important lessons I learned from her was the 40/40/20 Rule of Email Marketing. I would walk into just about any meeting with her, and she would tell clients that 40% of their program's success was ...
  • Using Data To Empower Your Customers
    Data is more than a one-way selling tool we use to create relevant or meaningful email content that targets and remarkets to customers and prospects in order to persuade them to buy more from us. Here's a radical idea to build value and engagement: Give the data you have on customers back to them in highly personalized email content that helps them make better buying decisions or engage with you in ways they otherwise wouldn't have.
  • Stats Tell You Everything -- And Nothing
    Did you know that women blink nearly twice as much as men? And our eyes are always the same size from birth, but our ears and nose never stop growing? And the average lifespan of a baseball is seven pitches?
  • Overcoming Email Reporting Blind Spots
    Email is a mature channel with a fairly good set of measurements, right? Yes and no. On one hand, it's good to have a set of measurements that appear to be somewhat consistent across our industry. It makes it possible to create industry benchmarks and for email marketers to quickly understand the state an email program when transitioning to a new role or working with a new client. On the flip side, relying on standard metrics has created blind spots. These gaps are causing email marketers to overlook important points that are great opportunities to modify strategy and approach.
  • The New Litmus Test For A Great Email Marketing Program
    I used to say the hallmark of a great email marketing program was a robust A/B testing program. It's not just because I consider A/B testing a key optimization tool and a vital part of "listening" to subscribers, but because if a brand is taking the time to follow a rigorous A/B testing calendar and methodically building on lessons learned, then chances are very high it's doing lots of other things right. While I still believe in the power of testing and what it signifies about an email program, I now have a new litmus test for email marketing greatness ...
  • Email Marketers Are Disrupting Fraud With DMARC
    Cybercriminals are being forced to rapidly evolve their approaches to email fraud thanks to marketers' increasingly sophisticated response to phishing and spoofing. Most notably, the growing adoption of the DMARC standard (domain-based messaging authentication, reporting, and conformance), launched three years ago this month, is making a real difference.
  • Infants Stop Using Email! And 3 Other Amazing 2015 Predictions
    An amazing thing happened recently as I drank my coffee. The grounds began to form words in the bottom of my cup! Not just any words, either, but predictions about email trends for 2015. It was a miracle! Or was it? Here's what I saw using the ancient tasseography method of divining the future by reading patterns of grounds left in a coffee cup:
  • The Exaggerated Help-Wanted Ad
    In 2008, I wrote a column entitled "Help Wanted: Email Marketing Manager," a look at key industry challenges through a tongue-in-cheek help-wanted ad. Here's how I'd rewrite the ad today.
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