• My Wish List For Email Analytics In 2017
    Email marketers spend a lot of time on email analytics. Various studies put the amount of time spent on analyzing the results of their email marketing activities between 15% and 25%. However, the kinds of reporting provided by email platforms don't make it easy to answer the key questions that email marketers are being asked.
  • 5 Ways Email Will Evolve In 2017
    There's been quite a bit of transformation for email in recent years. Here are five important changes to watch for in 2017:
  • Field Guide To 'Dear %%Name%%' Personalization
    A marketer recently asked for advice about how to handle salutations and personalization for a consumer brand's email program. I hear this question often from clients and other marketers because, as with many aspects of email marketing, there is no straightforward best practice. The following questions will help you map out a strategy that will work for your email program.
  • Not Everyone Is Your Customer
    As we near the end of 2016, I spent time reflecting on topics I wrote about this year, with a couple of simple conclusions: Your inspiration is contextual to what's happening now, but without a well-thought-out plan, you will never scale your ideas.
  • 6 Steps To Planning Meaningful Consumer Journeys
    Building long-term customer relationships is a key path to profitability and return on marketing investment. Brands struggle, however, to create meaningful journeys that are helpful to customers. There's a compelling reason for you to prioritize this effort now, though. Forrester Research states that customer-experience leaders grow compound average revenue growth at 17%, vs. customer-experience laggards at 3%. Here are six steps to map your customer journey:
  • Does The Zodiac Drive Your Email Program?
    What's your sign? Worst pick-up line ever, right? But if you haven't heard yet, your once go-to answer now needs to change. Turns out everything we have believed about the signs of the zodiac has been wrong.
  • People-Based Marketing: What's New?
    People-based marketing (PBM) is likely one of the buzziest buzz words in the ad-tech space right now. Though it's actually been around for years, PBM is helping clarify ambiguous terms like "omnichannel marketing," "mobile marketing," "cross-device marketing," or something CRM people have used commonly for years. There's a few reasons why this is taking shape and why it's important:
  • Reducing Damage From The iOS 10 List-Unsubscribe
    By now, you're undoubtedly seeing the effects of Apple's list-unsubscribe feature in the iOS10 release in September. With the major release, Apple prominently positioned an unsubscribe mechanism at the top of emails sent from bulk senders with a message that reads, "This message is from a mailing list."
  • Four Unexpected Investment Areas For 2017
    When I talk to email marketers about their plans for 2017, it's what I don't hear that's interesting. They discuss adding new email program types, incorporating open-time personalization, using predictive algorithms to put the right offers and calls-to-action in front of the client, optimizing subject lines, and other investments. No doubt, many of these investments will drive improved performance in 2017. However, there are four fundamental areas where major investment doesn't appear to be planned for 2017:
  • Have We Forgotten How To Market?
    Excuse me while I rant a little bit. What's up with email subject lines coming from big brands lately? Way too many look like lazy marketing or borderline spam.
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