• How To Minimize Regret
    The term "minimizing regret" in scientific circles can be defined as using experiments to minimize patient loss. A scary proposition to bring up in a marketing-related blog, but a reality of scientific experimentation.
  • Gmail Events Enhances Email Utility
    Email marketers, especially those in the hospitality, travel, and entertainment industries, can revel in Gmail's latest product enhancement, Gmail Events. This new feature allows event details like a flight, concert, hotel reservation or restaurant reservation to display automatically on the calendar of any device synced with Gmail and Google Calendar. The arduous task of Gmail users having to copy event details to a calendar has largely been solved through this new feature.
  • 3 Steps To Integrate Video With Email Marketing Automation
    Emails with "video" in the subject line have a 65% higher click-through rate on average, according to Vidcaster. When video is a central part of your email campaign, the CTR can be 200% higher than a similar campaign without video. Video can help you cut costs and increase customer satisfaction as well as identify prospects and move them closer to a purchase decision when you integrate your email video strategy with your marketing automation and ecommerce platforms.
  • Picking Up The Pieces Of Data Exhaust For Smarter Emails
    Email subscribers leave a trail of data exhaust with every interaction: that is, the data left behind as a result of a customer taking some sort of action. Email marketers leverage quite a bit of this data by analyzing products viewed on the site, links clicked, and campaigns opened. Even so, there is still a wealth of data that can be leveraged to test new ways of segmenting emails, or even to create entirely new campaigns. Here are four ideas that you can test:
  • Making Data Visual
    Making data visual can be as simple as color-coding numbers or the use of typography. It can be graphs or charts -- or as evolved as infographics. Color will help with correlation, and size can be used to show quantity. When most talk about data visualization, we naturally get drawn into the Big Data discussions -- but as John Tukey, a renowned mathematician, said, "The greatest value of a picture is when it forces us to notice what we never expected to see."
  • Time To Do An Email User Experience Audit
    Email marketers know they need to be more customer-centric and understand the different journeys their customers, subscribers and prospects take. The journey-mapping process includes understanding how your customers interact with all aspects of your email program. An email experience audit will give you that necessary insight.
  • Take Your Email Program Back To School With These Fundamentals
    Back to school in the Trivunovic household means getting accustomed to a new routine, checking off items on my children's back-to-school supply list and reviewing their lessons plans for the third and fifth grades. Studying their lessons plans triggered some good advice that we as email marketers should keep in mind for executing our programs: It's all about going back to the fundamentals. Consider these elementary subjects and how you can apply them to ensure your email program makes the grade:
  • Top Three Lessons We Can Learn From Context Violations
    I recently coined the phrase "context violations" to refer to experiences I have with brands that really don't get me. While I am only a focus group of one, I do receive countless emails and always pay attention to my messages to keep a pulse on our industry. I am confident that context violations are happening all around us, and it's time for marketers to take note. Here are lessons we can learn from recent context violations I have experienced
  • Mapping The Journey
    Journey mapping - formerly known as customer experience mapping - is one of the most fascinating and dizzying things you'll ever attempt at a company. You are focusing on one individual's map, which can be representative across the board.
  • How To Become An Email-Marketing Rock Star
    So you want to be an email-marketing rock star. Does having email groupies when you travel around the world and speak at events get your motor running? If you are a brand-side email marketer, building your personal brand as a thought leader can be one of the best ways to enhance your career and your industry stature. Don't schedule that world tour just yet, though. You have to be good -- make that great -- at what you do. You must be able to back up your industry reputation with solid results. You also need a few other qualities.
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