• The Anatomy Of A Good Birthday Email
    My birthday has come and gone yet again, time for my yearly assessment of the birthday wishes I receive from the brands I engage with. A birthday message is one of the simplest and most personal email communications a brand can send to its subscribers. And I will be honest: Every year I am underwhelmed at the email fanfare around my birthday.
  • Testing Is Key To Mobile Email Marketing Success
    With the advent of so many new marketing channels, it's easy for marketers to question the effectiveness of email marketing -- and whether the plethora of new channels makes it harder to attract and sustain interest in an email marketing campaign, especially when it moves from the desktop to the smartphone or tablet computer. Most marketers who have been in business over the past decade are pretty good at knowing how to create engaging emails for the desktop market; but with the current movement to mobile devices, they need to unlearn a lot of what used to work.
  • Crush Your Post-Summer Marketing Push
    It's tough to believe Memorial Day has come and gone. And, in just a few weeks, we'll be at day 182 of the year -- halfway through 2014 already! That's only another month away from August and the ramp up to back-to-school and holiday seasons. Yes, time is flying fast, and the best marketing brains in the business may be getting distracted with visions of summer fun right about now. So, before you kick up your heels in a hammock, double-check your marketing plan and ask yourself: Are we ready to maximize our plans during the post-summer marketing push? If ...
  • Five Ways To Think About Email During Summer
    We live in a seasonal world, and how we act as consumers and businesspeople changes when days get longer, nights get shorter and weather gets warmer. I try to break down the summer based on how I might find ways to connect with consumers that differ from what I've already automated in my programs. Here are a few observations that may help you shift your approaches this summer:
  • Was Shutterfly's 'Oops' Response Picture-Perfect Or Out-Of-Focus?
    Are you a Shutterfly email subscriber who received the online photo service's errant "Congratulations on your new arrival!" email in your inbox recently? Maybe you shrugged, laughed, deleted the email or did all three. Or, like hundreds of other recipients, you took to Twitter or Facebook to tease or scold the company on its misfired message. Errant emails like Shutterfly's are almost inevitable in email marketing. Your mistake might not generate the same social and news media heat, but you should be ready for anything and have steps to manage it in your disaster-preparation plan.
  • Defining Your Key Performance Indicators
    During MediaPost's Email Insider Summit in April, I had the pleasure of sitting on a panel with Chris Marriott (The Relevancy Group, LLC), Florence Ho (Wyndham Worldwide), and Nancy Shaver (Experian Marketing Services) to discuss our approach to defining and measuring attribution, a practice that haunts so many brands. While we covered a variety of topics, one of the most fundamental attribution challenges that we discussed was that many brands do not define, own and measure their key performance indicators (KPIs). It seems that many companies are thinking about KPIs, but don't really know how to begin defining them. In ...
  • You've Got (Too Much) Mail
    Recently I asked someone, what would cause you to unsubscribe from your favorite brand's email? His response: receiving too many messages. While that isn't a surprising answer, it was interesting to note that he actually WAS interested in the content, but it came too frequently for his liking. It's important that messaging meets consumer expectations of frequency. Check out these tips to stave off that unsubscribe and keep consumers engaged with your messages.
  • Overcoming Obstacles To Relevant Marketing
    There are several different names for relevant marketing: personalized marketing, individualized marketing, one-to-one marketing, micro marketing are some we've heard. Lots of companies want to do it, primarily for two reasons: customers are objecting to "one size fits all" spam, and vendors believe that relevance raises response rates. But whatever you call it, and regardless of your motivation, there is little consensus on how to communicate in a meaningful and unique way to each of your customers.
  • More Email Marketing Double-Dog Dares
    Since email is a fast-moving, fast-evolving channel, marketers must be experimenters to succeed at a high level. With that in mind, I dare you - no, I double-dog dare you - to test these out-of-the-box, bleeding-edge, and fun/weird ideas:
  • Mobile Isn't Mobile Without Email
    The smartphone really isn't a mobile device anymore, it's an appendage that one simply doesn't go anywhere without. Apps are so abundant and readily available, there's an endless world of experiences for anything you can think of, some more valuable than others. There's even an app called "email," which happens to be on the front screen of all mobile devices, and is the one users spend hours a day checking and interacting with.
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