Lake Tahoe, CA - August 19 - 22, 2018

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The ROI of Customer Experience

Think big, but stay accountable. Brand marketers are being pulled in two directions at once. Build customer "experiences" not promotions, they are being told. Your consumer isn't in a "funnel" but on a "journey." The best brands don't just sell stuff; they tell grand stories. And yet just as marketers struggle to break through ad clutter with compelling content, marketing departments are expected to show ROI and increasingly to be profit centers themselves.


People-Based, AI Driven

People-based marketing is poised to change everything you do. The emerging models of true one-to-one, highly personal, addressable and real-time connections with your customer challenge traditional audience segmentation and campaign-based advertising, to be sure. But they also promise to reorganize your approach to technology, data, content and even staffing.


Cross-Channel 2.0: Data, Measurement, Attribution ... Experiences

So much data, so much technology, so much automation. But the real challenge of modern cross-channel marketing is making the big machines behind it all build very human experiences. Brands need to build customer experiences by pulling together retail, TV, social, mobile, video channels and more into consistent, coherent encounters with customers at every touchpoint. 

In this edition of the Mediapost Brand Marketers Insider Summit we help marketers connect the brand experiences and stories they want to build with the cross-channel technologies and tech that power them. From increasing engagement in every channel to building the tech stacks to enable them, from marshaling the right content resources to measuring whether they have impact – we will try to connect the touchpoints. 

For the last decade digital technologies both transformed traditional channels and built entirely new ones. It is time for Version 2.0 – to connect these efforts towards coherent experiences and measurable outcomes.


Programming the Cross-Channel Machine: Building Customer Experiences

“Follow the consumer – chase the fragmenting media!” The rallying cry of recent years has led many marketers on a zig-zag goose chase to capture shards of media “moments” and seconds of attention in a chaotic new multi-channel media environment. But what's the use of all the marketing tech, the countless channels, and the mounds of data if they aren’t serving first and foremost the brand’s goals and their core customer experiences? How can marketers stop fetishizing technology and channels and start making these tools build deeper, more sustained and meaningful connections with consumers themselves?


Real Time Marketing: Time And Data Wait For No Brand

The marketing buzzwords are pouring as hot and heavy as ever, but this year Big Data, Customer Experience and Real Time Responsiveness landed squarely on the brand CMO’s desk. Massive online and offline inputs of transactional, behavioral and social data gush in real time. They demand rapid response and optimization of all messages. Ultimately, the promise of this big data waterfall is deeper understanding of the customer and a brand’s new ability to build consumer experiences that slip into and improve rather than interrupt consumers’s lives. At the second Mediapost Brand Marketers Summit we decode and demystify the buzzwords and see how (and whether) companies move beyond marketing fashion and put these concepts into practice.


CHANGE: Radical Digital Transformation

Live from the Brand Marketers Summit (Starts at 8:15AM CDT)