Deer Valley, UT - December 8 - 11, 2019


Email Insider Summit will take place on December 8 - 11, 2019 in Deer Valley, UT. Please make sure you enter the same email address you have for your MediaPost Membership account in the form below, to receive the member discount on the event ticket.

Who Is Attending

If you are registering another person, the actual attendee’s email address is required for the purpose of onsite communications.


Early Discounted Price
Valid through Nov. 11, 2019
Members get $100.00 off at check-out (Membership is free. Join Now)
  READ CAREFULLY: Prepay $495 for ONE Day of Golf on the #2 Championship Course and one day on other Course, or any other afternoon activities of your choice.
  READ CAREFULLY: Prepay $395 for TWO days of Golf on any course other than the #2 Championship Course, or any other activities of your choice.
  Prepay for access to all afternoon activities (only ONE day of GOLF, and no access to "No. 2 Championship" course) at $295. Or leave all boxes unchecked and pay for individual activities separately on-site.