April 20 - 21, 2021
Virtual Event

Workshopping the 2021 In-Box: Acquisition, Personalization, Engagement

Email marketers - you sure are having a moment. As lockdowns lingered, ecommerce boomed and customer interactions became imperative, the in-box was the main link between customers and all corners of your organization.

But all the same challenges remain. How do messaging marketers vet and use data to reach beyond the base and acquire new customers? How do you move different parts of your tech, organization and content to deeper personalization? And how do you keep customers authentically engaged even as their in-boxes swell from every other email marketer vying for attention?

Let's workshop this! For 20 years, the Email Insider Summit has been about bringing marketers together to share real-world solutions to the challenges of email marketing within large and small brands. At the Spring 2021 virtual edition, we focus on the practical - solving for acquisition, personalization, engagement. Via fireside chats, panel discussions and case studies; some of the smartest email gurus in the industry will explore:

  • Vetting first and third party data to enrich customer acquisition campaigns
  • The segments that matter in next-gen personalization
  • Tips of the email engagement masters
  • Content strategies for filling the personalization machine
  • Mapping marketing needs against the tech
  • Building A/B tests that render the data you need

Pivoting in response to changing social, economic and consumer environments has to be baked into every plan now. For 15 years, the leading message marketers gather at EIS, where they have the time and context to compare notes on what is (and isn't) working.

Let's discuss.

Join the conversation #MPEIS

Conference Content Programmer:

Steve Smith, VP, Editorial Director, Events, MediaPost

Advisory Board:

Chester Bullock, Director, Marketing Technology, The RentPath Network

Email Insider Summit 2021 Attendees Include

Reasons and Benefits of Attending

  • Unparalleled access and knowledge sharing with the leading minds in the Industry
  • Morning Sessions – a marketers-only agenda of peers sharing with peers their best practices, case studies, and newest tactics which can all be applied to your marketing strategies
  • Noon Roundtables – open, off the record, discussions of the morning's topics and how they relate to marketers' own business and experience.
  • Afternoon Activities allow attendees to relax and enjoy the beautiful surroundings while forming relationships that last well beyond the conference
  • Cocktails and evening dinners bring the group together over casual conversations and delicious meals
  • Be part of driving the Email Channel forward as a key component of marketing campaigns, within your company and the industry
  • Unlimited access to stay in touch with the office: WiFi enabled conference room and quiet office area; opportunities in morning to stay up to date at the office; afternoon five hour break in order to stay on top of duties
  • Congenial, relaxed experience. Attendees are working together to move the industry forward
  • Enhance your Email initiatives with new solutions learned and partnerships gained

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Tuesday, 04/20

3:00 PM
Opening Remarks - All Times EST
Steve Smith, VP, Editorial Director, Events, MediaPost 
3:10 PM
Keynote Interview: Rite-Aid's Orchestration Channel
One of the largest drug store chains in the US puts email at the center of customer experience. Digital Director Joe Tertel explores how email helps him build his workflows and scenarios that extend out to the full customer journey, whether on site, on social, and even in display advertising. This is next generation messaging, where email is made central to a holistic view of the customer journey that touches all media. How did they build this?
Joe Tertel, Director, Digital Media, Rite-Aid 
Steve Smith, VP, Editorial Director, Events, MediaPost 
3:35 PM
Sponsor Spotlight
3:45 PM
Panel: Solving for Engagement
How are the masters of email keeping their subscriber base opening, reading, clicking? From welcome series to "From" lines, real-time content to template tweaks... and more, we ask our favorite brands to share their best practices for turning connections to conversations.
Kristie Doak, Manager, Database Marketing, PGA TOUR 
Caroline Bucciero, Senior Director, CRM Marketing, ChromaDex 
Chester Bullock, Director, Marketing Technology, The RentPath Network 
Sierra Howe, Senior Manager, CRM Strategy, Fandango 
4:10 PM
Sponsor Spotlight
4:20 PM
Case Study: Think Global, Act Local: Managing the Multi-Market Workflow

How does a global organization standardize and expand its CRM practice while at the same time deepen nearly a dozen regions' ability to localize and hyper-personalize their approaches. That has been Conde Nast's international mission across the last few years, and their Global Head of CRM Communications shares lessons learned from building a CRM centre of excellence. What did they learn?

Sabrina Daryanani, Global Head of CRM Communications, Condé Nast 
4:40 PM
For 15 years the Insider Summit Round Tables have been where marketers bring their questions, challenges and insights for one another to share in casual, off-the-record conversation. This Virtual Insider Summit is no different.  Webcams and Mics ON. Recording and reporting OFF.  Discuss amongst yourselves!
4:40 PM
Roundtable: Another Great Idea I'll Never Do Again: Sharing Our Most Valuable Failures
An EIS favorite returns. Email marketers share the blunders from which they have learned their most valuable lessons.
Madison Aki, Senior Manager, Web Optimization, Extra Space Storage 
Jodie Orcutt, Consumer Marketing Strategist, The Buffalo News 

Wednesday, 04/21

3:00 PM
Welcome Back/ Email Marketer Survey Results - All Times EST
Steve Smith, VP, Editorial Director, Events, MediaPost 
3:10 PM
Keynote: Putting Email At the Big Media Table

What if marketers and media buyers regarded email as a part of the media mix, as an owned media channel whose 100% share of voice and CPAs are compared with your social media and other paid/owned assets. That is how Cadbury/Mondelez reframed the email channel throughout its organization and with its media agencies. At the same time the brands retooled the email database to gather a much wider range of consumer behaviors so that Mondelez aspires to know that chocolate lover better than anyone else in the candy chain.

Hamish Stacy, Data and CRM Manager - Europe, Mondelēz 
3:35 PM
Sponsor Spotlight
3:45 PM
Case Study: Extreme Personalization
Timing is everything…especially in personalized messaging. Ochsner Health shows us how they are using real-time email responses to patient online and offline behavioral triggers to build genuinely conversational experiences and keep their members healthier. What can brand marketers learn about customer journeys from the way a major hospital network treats patients? It’s all about letting the user drive the conversation, not technology or marketing.  
Chelsea Lockhart, Manager, CRM & Marketing Strategy, Ochsner Health 
4:10 PM
Sponsor Spotlight
4:20 PM
Trivia Contest
4:35 PM
Case Study: Case Study: Email Deliverability: The Hero’s Journey
Faced with poor inbox placement rates and high spam rates in GMAIL, Terminix’s email hero started a deliverability journey. Segmenting her audience by engagement addressed the problem, but that led to decreasing list sizes. Tune int o hear how our hero juggled deliverability, customer acqusitiion and conversion goals.
Janet McQuarrie, Email Marketing Strategist, Terminix 
4:55 PM
EIS Roundtable
For 15 years these Insider Summit Round Tables have been where marketers bring their questions, challenges and insights for one another to share in casual, off-the-record conversation. This Virtual Insider Summit is no different.  Webcams and Mics ON. Recording and reporting OFF.  Discuss amongst yourselves!
4:55 PM
Roundtable: Personalization Content Strategy
Being able to target ever-tighter customer segments doesn't mean you have anything of relevance to say to them. We explore how email marketers are creating content strategically to parse across the right audiences with the right messaging. What does a customer-first email centric content strategy look like?
Brittany Offredi, Senior Manager, Email Channel Management, ScotiaBank 
Michael Pattison, Director of Relationship Marketing Strategy, Vail Resorts 
Sara Yamamoto, CRM Manager, PolicyGenius 

Featured Speakers

Madison Aki

Extra Space Storage
Senior Manager, Web Optimization

Caroline Bucciero

Senior Director, CRM Marketing

Sabrina Daryanani

Condé Nast
Global Head of CRM Communications

Sierra Howe

Senior Manager, CRM Strategy

Chelsea Lockhart

Ochsner Health
Manager, CRM & Marketing Strategy

Janet McQuarrie

Email Marketing Strategist

Brittany Offredi

Senior Manager, Email Channel Management

Jodie Orcutt

The Buffalo News
Consumer Marketing Strategist

Michael Pattison

Vail Resorts
Director of Relationship Marketing Strategy

Hamish Stacy

Data and CRM Manager - Europe

Joe Tertel

Director, Digital Media

Chester Bullock

The RentPath Network
Director, Marketing Technology

Kristie Doak

Manager, Database Marketing

Steve Smith

VP, Editorial Director, Events

Sara Yamamoto

CRM Manager

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