Email Gamesmanship: New Tool Enables Discount Scratch-Offs

Email marketers can now hide discounts and offers behind peel-off layers -- much as their colleagues do in direct mail, but in electronic form, thanks to a feature from Litmus. 

The goal is to help marketers “tap into proven drivers like gamification and social proof,” says Erik Nierenberg, CEO of Litmus. 

The new tool, simply called Scratch-Offs, is one of three capabilities introduced by Litmus this week. It is part of the Litmus Personalize suite.  

Marketers can use it to embrace gamification and build engagement with interactive scratch-off layers, the company says.

Client Nexon America is interested in the function. “Being in the gaming industry, our subscribers have high expectations, and we're confident that this new functionality will add a layer of fun to our emails to surprise and delight them,” says Cindy Gip, marketing manager, CRM at Nexon America. 



Also included among the three new resources are: 

  • Interest Signals — Email marketers can display live-click data on images. Subscribers can see what their peers are reacting to in real time, Litmus says. 
  • Image Monitoring — Part of Litmus Email Guardian, this automatically scans every email and allows senders to find and fix broken or slow-loading images, it adds.

We're not claiming that Litmus is the only firm offering such capabilities. 

Emails must stand out, given that consumers are barraged with 10,000 ads daily, according to Litmus.

"The brands that win spark joy and cultivate genuine excitement with every subscriber interaction," Nierenberg says.


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