• How The Vocal Minority May Not Be Best For Your Brand
    Is it acceptable that these personal brands can supersede the teams or entities they represent? Is it good that Lebron James is more well-known than the Lakers by themselves?
  • Rethinking Media
    If Google and Facebook are a duopoly, what is the market they are controlling?
  • Are You Mis-Informed?
    The fourth gathering of MisInfoCon explored the latest tools to identify fake news.
  • Streaming Is Challenging Live TV
    Linear TV was still the live-event king during the FIFA World Cup, but numbers were up significantly for live streaming of the event.
  • Who Wins And Loses When 9 Trillion Linear TV Ads Disappear?
    Linear TV viewing -- all of it loaded with ads -- is declining at a significant rate, projecting an enormous amount of lost advertising opportunity.
  • Influencer Branding Is (Surprisingly) Overlooked
    If you say you're not influenced that heavily by "influencers," I'd say, "You're crazy."
  • What A Shock: Marketers Don't Like SEO!
    This is not about SEO being hard to understand. It's about SEO being hard to do.
  • Apple Kills The SIM Card
    If Apple releases "unlocked" eSIMs on 2018 iPhone models as is expected, it loosens the control that mobile carriers currently have on customers.
  • The Ultimate Question About The Future
    Douglas Rushkoff's vomit-in-your-mouth report -- about the super-rich's plans for when the global order comes crashing down -- raises serious questions.
  • Close Your Eyes, Make A Wish
    Last month the WFA dropped a little bomb: eight principles designed to improve partnership in the ad industry. Here's what they say they wish for:
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