• What Does Your Personal Tech Stack Look Like?
    I recently switched to a new computer, so became keenly aware of the tech stack I had curated to allow me to be connected and perform better at work.
  • Why Elizabeth Warren Wants to Break Up Big Tech
    Warren writes that "today's big tech companies have... too much power over our economy, our society, and our democracy."
  • Combating Anti-Social Media
    The platforms' editorial no-win situation: Take a post down, they're attacked for policing speech. Leave it up, be pilloried for letting platform be used by extremists.
  • Yes, Jobs Are Being Automated -- But A Robot Tax Won't Help
    For example, how does a robot tax help hotel employees displaced by Airbnb?
  • TV Should Bring Digital Approach To Advertising -- But Avoid Digital's Pollutants
    There are some areas of digital that television needs to completely avoid, like the problems of fraud, bots and unviewable impressions.
  • The Lesson I Learned From 9/11
    I wrote a column immediately afterward with a specific message worth revisiting: Never take interpersonal relationships for granted.
  • This is Why We Can't Have Nice Things
    How do we manage our personal data? Who owns it? When we answer those questions, let's do it as people, and not marketers.
  • Purposeful Amnesia
    Without purposeful amnesia about 9/11, "we we couldn't get out of bed in the morning and go to work," says a historian.
  • Toward A Better Agency Review Process
    Too often have I heard a CMO lament that his current agencies "suck," not realizing the real reason is often the client themselves.
  • Murder By Numbers
    When a computer causes or enables a bad thing, how do we, as a society, bring humans to account?
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