• Gaming Is Emerging As Next Dominant Tech Platform
    "Most digital activities (e.g., search, social, shopping, live events) will increasingly take place inside of gaming," according to one report.
  • Media Should Serve, Not Convert, The People
    Without the fairness doctrine (abolished in 1987) in place, far left and far right points of view run rampant and clog the airwaves with nonsense.
  • Lockdown Advice For A Long Winter
    What happens, for example, when an extrovert and introvert are locked down in the same house together -- like my wife and myself?
  • What Are The Ethical Implications Of Technology?
    Technology drives change faster and faster, and we shouldn't assume what is acceptable today will be acceptable tomorrow, says author Juan Enriquez.
  • Online Advertising Still Sucks: Fall 2020 Edition
    Sadly, nothing has really changed. Online fraud is still bad - globally bad. Billions of dollars in money down the drain.
  • Let's Give Our Work Teams Election Day Off
    It doesn't matter what folks' politics are. We want to maximize everyone's chance to participate in our democracy and make a difference.
  • Data And The Dodo Bird
    I wonder if third-party data will become as extinct as the dodo bird?
  • Amazon Prime: Buy Today, Pay Tomorrow?
    As I give in to the siren call of Bezos and Co., I wonder what forces I might be unleashing.
  • Apple Unleashes 5G
    The thing about Apple that you have to remember is that it never has to be first -- it's a "a fast follower."
  • Wanted, To Protect Democracy: Good Journalism
    We need more moments when an investigation -- or dogged determination -- transforms the public's knowledge of something profoundly important.
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