• Do Consumers Really Care About Socially Conscious Marketing?
    Many studies say yes, but I'm not sure if consumers are really prepared to change their buying habits.
  • Data Winter Is Coming
    Both Apple and Google, each in their own way, are sucking critical data out of the online advertising ecosystem.
  • Data Can Dispel Ego, Set Your Team Up For Success
    Leveraging data can inject logic into an otherwise emotional conversation, which is how a mature team works together.
  • To Be There -- Or NOT To Be There
    According to, Eventbrite, hybrid events -- a mix of virtual and in-person -- will be the hottest thing for 2021.
  • Best Buy --- Bye Bye?
    Anyone who's bought a consumer electronics product recently knows that buying from Amazon is better.
  • An Empathy Lesson From A Color-Blind Boy
    It can be hard to imagine what it's like for someone else NOT to see the colors you see.
  • Gaming Is Emerging As Next Dominant Tech Platform
    "Most digital activities (e.g., search, social, shopping, live events) will increasingly take place inside of gaming," according to one report.
  • Sales & Marketing Should Be Best Of Friends
    Sales and marketing are like siblings who need and love each other, but are also quite competitive with one another.
  • The Crazy World Of Our Media Obsessions
    It behooves us to take a peek under the hood of our obsession with Trump. Because if we fell for it once, we could do so again.
  • Is Diversity More Than A Buzzword?
    Let's unpack that question -- and the need to embrace more than just a short-term need to check the diversity box.
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