• Do You Know How The 'Black Boxes' In Our Industry Work?
    It's probably true that most of the folks working in our industry are relying every day on the outputs of less-than-transparent black boxes. Here are some examples.
  • Please, No More 'Art & Science' Of Marketing
    It's time to abandon this trope, which every senior marketer uses to describe their "unique" approach to strategy and the ways in which they should be evaluated.
  • Influencer Marketing's Downward Ethical Spiral
    The whole point of influencer marketing is to make it appear that these people are genuine fans of these products. This -- of course -- is bullshit.
  • Is Roger McNamee The Howard Beale Of Our Time?
    McNamee, like the fictional Beale in "Network," is trying to warn us about a danger in our society -- in McNamee's case, Facebook rather than TV.
  • Finally, A Use Case For Blockchain
    She is speaking into a microphone, wearing a red sleeveless dress and a dramatic necklace. But wait -- why does she look so much like Steve Buscemi?
  • D2C Brands Are Not Your Father's Marketers -- Not By A Mile
    D2C marketing is not about advertising, but about innovative products solving well-known, widely shared and seemingly intractable consumer problems.
  • The Netflixification Of TV
    I recently heard the concept of TV as a "service," and the idea resonated with me - a concept that goes beyond cord-cutting, into the next generation of television.
  • Reality Vs. Meta-Reality
    Real is what we perceive with our senses at the time it happens. Meta-real is how we reshape reality after the fact and then preserve it for future reference.
  • NY Tech Wins Big!
    The synergies of new startups, big tech, and an engaged venture community are a pretty powerful elixir.
  • 6 Advertising Challenges To Resolve -- And 1 Cause To Address
    The WFA has issued a call to action to the industry we all represent. It's asking for ideas on six topics, which will be evaluated prior to the Global Marketer Week event.
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