• The Gamification Of Media
    "Today gaming is in its current size is bigger than TV, movies and music combined," says Rishad Tobaccowala.
  • How U.S. And U.K. Marketing Associations Differ In Focus
    SBA's focus on "making the marketing world better" versus the ANA's desire to "just" grow is indicative of two very different interpretations of the world that marketers live in.
  • Is The TV Business Ready For Ad Ratings?
    Let's attack some of the real, low-hanging fruit in the gaps in today's TV ad measurement. Content versus ad ratings should be first in line.
  • How Clean Is Your Data? (And How To Keep It Clean)
    It's the ugly truth that more companies are not as settled and cleaned up with their data as you would imagine.
  • Crisis? What Crisis?
    Climate change has gone from being an inconvenient truth to something we're determined to ignore, even if it kills us.
  • Social Media Platforms Are Digital 'Drug Dealers'
    Social media is an addictive drug, and the platforms that peddle them are drug dealers, says Uri Hasson, a professor of psychology and neuroscience at Princeton.
  • 3 Simple Ways To Make Twitter A Better Place
    For instance, before sending a tweet, ask ourselves "Who is this for? Does it need more context? What am I trying to achieve?"
  • 5 Reasons Why Ad-Tech Players Should Be Worried
    For one, consider the revenue reversals at digital ad behemoths like Meta.
  • The Increasing Value Of Building Your Database
    The death of third-party cookies is not the death of online ads or targeting. You are still left with first-party data.
  • I Am Generation Jones
    I was born in 1961. I always thought that technically made me a baby boomer. But I recently discovered that I am, in fact, part of Generation Jones.
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