• How Decoupling Changed What Advertisers Need
    What's disrupting the agency model? The decoupling of the advertising supply chain and the flip of an advertiser's need from the vertical to the horizontal.
  • David Picker: The 5th Beatle
    Reliving the legacy of David Picker, one of the most powerful and prolific producers working inside the movie business.
  • Agency Pitch Controversy That Isn't
    General Mills CMO Ivan Pollard issued a statement following backlash against the terms of an agency review his company is conducting.
  • What WON'T Happen In Cannes Next Week?
    Contrary to the session promo headlines, the industry isn't likely to make any real progress in solving several big issues.
  • This Column Can, Like, Help You Present Better, You Know?
    Most people think their speech sounds like a Shakespearean sonnet, but in reality, it's like what a non-Phish fan hears when they listen to Phish: painful and meandering.
  • The Gap Between People And Platforms
    As we rely more and more on software, we gain a false confidence that it replaces human-powered expertise. It doesn't.
  • Has Curation Jumped The Shark?
    Content curation was a wholly new discipline, but with a trajectory that had value in 2011, when McGraw Hill published my book "Curation Nation."
  • Not Much Between Us And Dystopia
    Huh? Conference attendees applaud ideas meant as pranks -- like VoteAuction.com, where voters can sell their vote directly to the highest bidder.
  • Brand Direct: Fact And Friction
    Is traditional retail disrupted by D2C? Certainly, retail is suffering, but direct selling by brands may not be the reason.
  • Axl Rose, Pinot Noir -- And Marketing
    If you ask marketers what they wish they had more of, they will inevitably say budget. But they should also be asking for time.
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