• Huh? Advertisers Boycott Social Media Now, Plan On Raising 2021 Investment By 78%
    Many advertisers that are now on the boycott bandwagon will have to rethink their strategies completely if the boycott does not yield results.
  • We Won't Have Major League Sports This Summer (Or) Fall
    It will be impossible to put on major team sports competitions without putting all players, coaches and support crews at unacceptable health risks.
  • The Media World, Brands, Are Changing -- For Good
    Brands are becoming more than a voice for profit. They are becoming a megaphone for their customers.
  • Are We Killing Politeness?
    When the President of the United States is the poster child for rude behavior, it's tough for politeness to survive.
  • Why Does Search Suck?
    As the companies that control web search have shifted from providing a service to selling products, search has slowly, inexorably, evolved -- and not in a good way.
  • Slowly, Then Suddenly: How Big Change Happens
    The social unrest we've experienced over the past six weeks seems sudden. But it's not, not really.
  • The Futility of Meta Hate
    Gasp, as big dogs push Facebook off the roster! That'll show 'em! Or will it?
  • Please, Wear A Mask
    It's in our DNA to be independent thinkers, and yet we seem to routinely fail on the "thinking" part.
  • The Potential Woes Of Working From Home
    Digital connection cannot possibly incorporate all the nuance of face-to-face connections needed to form trust and teamwork.
  • Are You A Zoom Zombie?
    So I hear you've been on Zoom a lot lately. How's that going?
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