• Blacklists, Whitelists: Where Can You Advertise Anymore?
    As marketers initially created these lists, they also learned that blacklisting certain words can have unintended consequences.
  • The Modern Marketer's Take On Full-Funnel TV Advertising
    Talking with Robert Tas, now chief growth officer of 800-FLOWERS, on how tech is transforming TV advertising and the marketing function.
  • Ask 'Why' To Become Data-Driven Marketer
    In today's marketing world, there are three kinds of marketers. You can be data-driven, data-conscious or unemployed.
  • Missing The Mundane
    I used to take the mundane -- daily, inconsequential social exchanges -- for granted. I no longer do.
  • Does Zello's Walkie-Talkie App Power Right-Wing Violence?
    If there was any doubt the attack on the Capitol was an organized military operation, audio logs put that debate to rest.
  • On The Culpability Of Social Media
    Of course it's not the platforms' fault. Nothing ever is -- nothing that could cause accountability, financial culpability, or regulation. And yet...
  • Video Advertising 2021-2024
    What was built originally as brand-building channel is quickly evolving into one of the most important performance channels available to marketers.
  • The 3 P's For Driving Success
    My formula for success: Positivity + Proactivity = Productivity.
  • The Timeline Of Factfulness
    I was surprised to see financial markets seemed to ignore what was happening in Washington last Wednesday, racking up a 1% gain.
  • 230 Reasons Why We're All Publishers Now
    When Twitter and others decided to ban Trump and his followers from posting on their platforms, they crossed the line and became publishers.
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