• Is Google Politically Biased?
    As a company, the answer is almost assuredly yes. But are search results biased? That's a much more nuanced question.
  • Pizza, Rent -- And Trump
    On my block, there are a lot of closed storefronts. They used to be neighborhood restaurants, a hardware store, a local pharmacy. All gone.
  • Let's Review My 2018 Predictions
    Here's my end-of-year performance review: I did OK on predictions about AI, data and voice-controlled assistants.
  • Why TV Ad Folks Should Learn Digital Skills -- Now
    My recent column predicting that half of all jobs in the TV ad business will disappear over the next five years elicited strong responses.
  • Experience Key To Shinola's Marketing
    You can inspire loyalty by telling a personal story. You want a community of users who are willing to share your brand with others.
  • The Psychology Behind My Netflix Watchlist
    The psychology is the paradox of choice playing out in streaming time -- the difference between what we say we do, and what we actually do.
  • The End Of Advertising?
    Advertisers pay for mass audiences, and readers and viewers are increasingly moving to narrowcast relevant voices.
  • Facebook Is A Swampy Mush Of Spam
    In 2007, Hugh MacLeod, aka Gapingvoid, coined Hugh's Law: "All online social networks eventually turn into a swampy mush of spam."
  • Advertisers' Access To Justice
    The sheriff's finally in town, y'all, ready to investigate ad fraud. Consider yourselves fortunate -- and cooperate.
  • Observations From A Spartan: Less Email, More Experience
    From one marketer to another, let's talk about email frequency and recency.
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