• Half My Data Is Effective -- But Which Half?
    When I had the privilege of working with the late Simon Broadbent in the U.K., the advertising effectiveness research bug bit me firmly in the you-know-what.
  • Why I Left The ARF
    I'm sharing my resignation notes to the ARF because I think many others in the industry probably have the same concerns and frustrations.
  • The Death Of Mobile?
    Mobile's future is in question if it continues to be the primary means of junk, spam and general frustration in our lives.
  • The Decoupling Effect: How Regulators Struggle To Keep Up
    For a start-up, "decoupling is looking at one activity in the customer value chain and deciding to do it much better than the incumbent."
  • What Cory Booker Knew About Twitter Before Trump
    Trump didn't invent the use of social media as a way to connect directly and authentically with his electorate. That honor goes to Cory Booker.
  • How YouTube's Big Goal Backfired
    A billion hours of video viewing per day? What could go wrong? Videos calling the Parkland shooting victims "crisis actors": listed on YouTube's trending page.
  • Why We Still Need The TV Upfronts In 2019
    For one: People are still watching TV, and they're not just folks "65 to dead."
  • The Globalization Of Sports Media Celebrity
    It really doesn't matter where you play, if you play better than everyone else. Digital media has globalized celebrity in a way unseen in previous years.
  • Why Are So Many Companies So Horrible At Responding To Emails?
    I hate 62.4% of the people I email in the futile expectation of a response...sometime...in the next decade or so...
  • TED 2019 Asks Big Questions
    TED Conference 2019 set to explore "the inspiring possibilities that happen when we ask what ideas are truly worth fighting for, worth living for."
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