• The Subtle Sound Of Your Brand In Voice-Activated World
    Music plays a role in your mood, and a brand needs to portray a mood to create a connection with customers.
  • Why The World Is Conspiring Against Us
    Science has proven that when the going get tough, the paranoid get weirder.
  • Reed Hastings: Building Beyond Borders
    I was wrong when I criticized Netflix's then-new ideas about binge-watching. But I admitted my mistake.
  • Social Media Angst: It's Not Me, It's You
    LinkedIn now generates so much obnoxious clutter in my inboxes that I am beginning to really loathe it.
  • The Importance Of Internship Programs
    A virtual program can work just as well -- and sometimes, better -- for all concerned.
  • Why Technology Might Not Save Us
    For one, tech solutions usually come from an engineer's perspective, and engineers don't do well with nuance.
  • Are All Video Views Created Equal?
    TV commercials are powerful, but they're not the same as online video views.
  • A Man With A Van
    Whether it's for a van or a graphic artist, the gig economy isn't a long-term connection between client and provider.
  • Don't Limit Your Media Diet
    Each side of the political divide is amazed at how stupid the other side is, because your media diet only includes foods you've already signed up for.
  • This Is The Time To (Re)Read 'Snow Crash' And 'Understanding Media'
    In times of great change, developing a perspective can be much more valuable than just taking lots of actions for the sake of being active.
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