• Can TED Foster Civil Conversations Online?
    Internet conversations have been the Wild West, but now the folks who facilitate TED Talks have dipped their toes into the world of web conversations.
  • There's Still Opportunity In Media Landscape
    With everybody holed up at home, there are more eyeballs, so more opportunity to advertise, right? Maybe. Maybe not.
  • When Meetings Are Media
    Business communications are now changed in ways we can't anticipate. Online meetings are media, and you are the show.
  • 2 Timely Stories From My Royal 10 Typewriter
    A little history to provide perspective -- and hope -- in these dark days.
  • Goodnight, Hollywood Boulevard
    It's seriously mind-boggling just how deep this practice of isolation and social distancing goes, and the impact it has on the entertainment world.
  • Quibi Pre-Launch Numbers Already Big
    It could be the first runaway hit of the stay-at-home season, or it could be a massive miss.
  • Purpose And Marketing In A Time Of Crisis
    If you understand what business you're in, you'll understand how to use your purpose to approach your customers with empathy.
  • We Don't Need Upfront To Vanish -- Just To Change
    How will the industry change? Consider some of the modifications to the upfront strategists have proposed in the past.
  • A Little Isolation Might Bring Us Closer Together
    Sometimes the best in us can come out in the worst of situations.
  • A Lesson To Learn From The Lost Generation
    The vast majority of us have never been through anything like this crisis before -- but others have. They were called the Lost Generation.
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