• The Comeback: Entering The Jerk Store
    How do you respond to someone who says he's "LOVING the economy"? With anger -- and facts.
  • Marketers Move Agency Functions In-House -- But True Benefits Remain Fuzzy
    The ANA released a report on "in-housing" agency functions that sheds some important light on a trend unlikely to end any time soon.
  • Are National TV Ads Actually Too Cheap?
    Did you know that the average price across all national TV advertising in the U.S. is less than $2.50 CPM?
  • Humans Vs. Machines: Empathy Is Not An Algorithm
    What exactly separates people from machines? Two things, actually: creativity and empathy.
  • I'll Take Reality With Side Of Augmentation, Please
    We don't want to replace reality. We just want to nudge it a little -- according to a new study that tags AR as ready to overtake VR.
  • Fox News After Rupert
    People hopeful that the Murdoch sons would dial back the Fox News propaganda machine: Don't hold your breath.
  • Can Facebook And Google Survive The Centuries?
    No, I cannot imagine Facebook still bringing people closer together in 2264 -- or Google, or Apple. They are all products of a very specific era.
  • Everybody Wants To Be DTC Streaming Provider, But Can Market Support Them?
    It may seem cool to have all of these video choices, but one thing is certain: This is going to get messy.
  • The Good And The Bad Of Positioning Around AI
    As the term becomes more ubiquitous and the hype gets greater and greater, it becomes harder to sort through the noise.
  • Life After Google: The Great Social Experiment
    Many have passed through the crucible of all that is Google and have emerged on the other side. Let's discuss three of these people.
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