• How Brands Should Engage With The Protests
    Don't. If you're worried people will be wondering why your brand isn't more vocal -- they aren't. Nobody cares about your brand right now.
  • The Monster In The Mirror
    We (advertising) created a monster in social media, and it is now deployed by parties who are unconstrained by the rules of engagement for advertising.
  • Help Spread Words That Heal
    The media can help to spread rational thought and stoke symbols of hope -- but today there's no Walter Cronkite. Instead, we have Mark Zuckerberg.
  • How Social Media Is Rewiring Our Morality
    I never would have dreamed that one of the many fault lines in our society would be who wore a face mask and who didn't.
  • Trump Vs. Paul E. Singer
    Through his firm Elliott Management, Singer has been engaged in a determined effort to take control of Twitter.
  • A Haircut -- And Recipe To Survive Recession
    Steps one and two in survival strategy: Do not panic, and do not go short.
  • Heeding ANA Call To Reform TV Buying
    One change ANA suggests: that the "upfront shift from a broadcast year to a calendar year to reflect and improve business planning."
  • Hard Challenges Create Cool Solutions
    We've seen lots of examples of people coming together to light beacons of hope, but last week one of those examples really resonated with me.
  • AI And Our Current Rugged Landscape
    We are willingly tossing the keys to our future to the tech giants. As much as the present may be frightening, we should consider the steps we're taking carefully.
  • This Is Not The End Of The Coronavirus Movie
    There's a problem when we turn to movies like "Contagion" for lessons: Movies end. But the virus hasn't gone away. The economic fallout is only beginning.
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