• We Are All Pawns In Elon's Game Of Twitter Chess
    Remember the plot of the movie "Trading Places"? Sound familiar?
  • CTV Will Bring Back Sell-Side Ad Servers, Transparent Ad Networks
    Programmatic, banner-built ad tech won't win the CTV market. Winning solutions will operate much more like the ad-tech platforms that built our industry in the 1990s.
  • No Cookies? It's Getting Real Right About Now
    Marketers need to understand what is and what isn't true about the death of the cookie. First and foremost, your basic metrics are still accessible in a cookie-less world.
  • Using Science For Selling? Sometimes Yes, Sometimes No
    Introducing science into the marketing process may be like having Bill Nye the Science Guy teach you about quantum physics during Saturday cuddle time.
  • Guns, Misinformation, Woman's Rights -- And The Supreme Court
    As evidence of right-wing radicalization, let me explain a Texas law that is almost certain to become the next chapter in the information war in America.
  • Social Media And The Butterfly Effect
    Looking back, It was sweet, perhaps naive, that a school of thought assumed this new social media thing would be used for the greater good of humanity.
  • Whatever Happened To The Subscription Economy?
    Can a subscription model succeed now? I still think the answer is yes, but the market has certainly appeared to cool down, and clutter is an issue.
  • A Few Words On Memories
    What will the essence of childhood remembrance be for those born today? They will leave a huge digital dust trail.
  • TikTok And The Growth Of Unfiltered UGC
    If you check out TikTok, you might think the content seems a bit handmade or even amateurish -- but that's the point.
  • The Myth Of Neutrality
    It's really hard to acknowledge someone else's perspective as valid -- especially If you fit the dominant paradigm of your culture.
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