• Can Publisher-Direct Media Save The Open Web?
    Direct publisher deals can be useful once you default back to the idea that context helps define audience.
  • Why Are Podcasts So Popular?
    The first clue to the popularity of podcasts is that many of them focus on storytelling. And we are innately connected to the power of a good story.
  • Media / Journalism / Storytelling = The Blurring Lines
    if storytelling is now core to branding identity, where does that leave journalism?
  • His Name Was Jake
    Cautionary tale: What happens when a social media wolf-pack goes out for blood.
  • U.S. Tech Companies Dominate The World. So Now What?
    These companies can shape public opinion ANYWHERE, and have so much power that governments all over regulate against them.
  • How Chipotle Brought Tears To My Eyes Thanksgiving Weekend
    It's not that often that a television ad can grab my attention, but one did this past weekend.
  • The Complexities Of Understanding Each Other
    The more real-world experience we have with each other, the more successful we will be when it comes to truly getting into someone else's head.
  • Will You Plug In Your Brain?
    Brain-computer interface (BCI) is rapidly moving out of labs and into the real world.
  • Do Consumers Really Care About Socially Conscious Marketing?
    Many studies say yes, but I'm not sure if consumers are really prepared to change their buying habits.
  • The Durham: We Will Miss You
    The holidays this year will be a little bit different for many of us, because we lost one of our most cherished people last week. We lost John Durham.
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