• Social Networks And The Drive Toward Extremes
    To keep us clicking, the ante needs to be continually raised; the dopamine hits need to keep coming.
  • D2C Brands Know They Must Get Past Creative Egos For Ads That Work
    D2C brands are using creative strategies to make TV advertising as effective and accountable as search and social marketing.
  • Why 'American Idol,' Alice, 'New Majority' Are Important
    I try very hard to raise my kids in a way that fosters a world view of equality and positivity. Here are some things that help with this goal.
  • Don't Be So Quick To Eliminate Friction
    It's friction that can slow us down and help us smell the roses.
  • Why Pinterest Is The Future Of Advertising
    While other so-called platforms have pivoted and tried to be all things to all people, Ben Silbermann and his team have been building a solid, user-centric business.
  • In-Housing Is Not Killing Creative Agencies -- Though It IS Hurting Them
    Unilever recently reported it had saved about $500 million in 2018 by taking agency services in-house, leading to much speculation.
  • OTA Fastest-Growing Acronym In Premium Video Advertising -- NOT OTT
    Heroes & Icons, Bounce, Escape, Laugh, Grit, Comet and MeTV. Do you know those TV network brands? You should.
  • My So-Called Mobile Life
    These days mobile represents the central channel of access and information for almost everyone, which has led to many benefits (and some problems).
  • The Social Acceptance Of Siri
    Which shifts in the social universe are making it more acceptable to talk to Siri in public?
  • A Time Machine Documentary
    In "Traveling While Black," Director Roger Ross Williams puts you in a booth in D.C.'s Ben's Chili Bowl and lets you travel through the decades.
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