• In-Housing Is Not Killing Creative Agencies -- Though It IS Hurting Them
    Unilever recently reported it had saved about $500 million in 2018 by taking agency services in-house, leading to much speculation.
  • OTA Fastest-Growing Acronym In Premium Video Advertising -- NOT OTT
    Heroes & Icons, Bounce, Escape, Laugh, Grit, Comet and MeTV. Do you know those TV network brands? You should.
  • My So-Called Mobile Life
    These days mobile represents the central channel of access and information for almost everyone, which has led to many benefits (and some problems).
  • The Social Acceptance Of Siri
    Which shifts in the social universe are making it more acceptable to talk to Siri in public?
  • A Time Machine Documentary
    In "Traveling While Black," Director Roger Ross Williams puts you in a booth in D.C.'s Ben's Chili Bowl and lets you travel through the decades.
  • How To Use Social Media In Times Of Crisis -- And How Not To
    Christchurch, New Zealand -- my home -- was attacked yesterday. Here's how social media failed -- and helped -- us.
  • Debt And D2C: What We're Learning From Kraft Heinz
    What happened to Kraft Heinz? Debt, flat sales and significantly increased operating costs happened.
  • AI And Modern Conversational Etiquette
    I have seen that when an AI-based assistant is present, people tend to slow down their speech and become clearer.
  • Less Tech = Fewer Regrets
    In a tech-ubiquitous world, I fear our reality is becoming more "tech" and less "world." But how do you fight that?
  • Politics And BBQ in Austin
    I go to SXSW to do some on-the-ground trend-spotting. This year the trends were notable both for who's here, and who's not.
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