• Deciphering The $1 Trillion Global Ad Spend Projection
    Given the dynamism around where the ad spend growth will go, what it could mean for each of you depends where you sit in the ad ecosystem.
  • How Are You Defining Your Data?
    Challenges arise when we start diving into how first-party data gets used in conjunction between two partners.
  • Good And Bad News About Black Swans
    Good: We may be able to predict extreme catastrophic events like earthquakes and pandemics through machine learning and neural networks.
  • GenZ And News: The Future Is Blurry
    Digital guru Esther Dyson talks with 10th grader Raziya Palmer, teen mental health activist and outspoken critic of how teens are treated by social media.
  • The End Of Advertising, Or A New Beginning?
    It's always been a war between the system and those who want to game it. Generative AI might just break the internet, and not in a good way.
  • Ad Tech Rediscovering Ukraine At IT Arena This Fall
    I are going to IT Arena to help bring visibility to the resilience of the Ukraine tech community and to help grow tech jobs and entrepreneurship in Ukraine.
  • How To Get Around Third-Party Cookies For Targeting
    The digital media ecosystem has a love/hate relationship with cookies. If you aren't Google, you love them. If you are Google, you hate them.
  • When The News Hits Home
    I live in Kelowna, British Columbia. Chances are you've heard about my home recently. When I look out my window, all I can see is thick smoke.
  • Hardware Holdouts: Why Amazon Is Winning The Hardware Store Wars
    What I learned from my search for a replacement part for my icemaker.
  • Who's Still Watching TV?
    The triple whammy of cord-cutters, platform-defectors and lighter ad loads means less video advertising audiences across these channels.
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