January 16, 2020
Washington, DC

The Change Election

One size does not fit all candidates and campaigns. Every aspect of digital political marketing is now a moving target. TV is being diffused and disrupted by accelerating cord=cutting and scores of OTT alternatives. Social media is changing paid political ad policies monthly, and regulators are bearing down. GoTV has become a wild west of tech and techniques. The channel that transformed political marketing radcially is itself undergoing rapid disruption.

MediaPost's six annual Marketing Politics once again gathers the campaign and party gurus across the aisle to engage the change and share the tactics and strategies that are driving the 2020 cycle up and down the ballot. From finding old TV reach in a new world of OTT to life after custom audiences on social channels, from peer shaming in GoTV text platforms to battling deep fakes and disinfermation on the dark web - we explore the major change points.

Change is in air in 2020, if not for American voters, then certainly for the campaigns appealing to them.

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Steve SmithSenior Editor, MediaPost

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Thursday, 01/16

8:00 AM
Registration & Breakfast
9:00 AM
Opening Remarks
9:15 AM
The New TV - Buying Into Screen Agnostic Stories

TV spend will continue to drive political media spend this cycle. But, buying "TV" just isn't what it used to be. As cord cutters flee cable, OTT and mobile gnaw at linear TV, and social screens promise nano-targeting, even old school saturation tactics need to be retooled. If video remains the most effective ways of impacting voter attitudes and energy, how are media buyers knitting together the scale they need? How have TV budgets diffused, if at all, to OTT, YouTube, mobile and more?

9:45 AM
10:15 AM
Sponsor Spotlight and Break
10:45 AM
Navigating the New Social "Etiquette"

Ad bans, authorization requirements, privacy protection, custom audience and list limitations, labeling and deployment headaches have substantially changed the social media channels that drove so much base rattling and fund-raising in recent cycles. What's a campaign to do? We explore how the new and evolving rules of social media are impacting targeting, messaging, buying and optimization tactics in the current cycle. Is social media still the big bet for reaching voters?

11:15 AM
Case Study
11:45 AM
GoTV - Activate, Don't Alienate

From peer-to-peer messaging to "vote-shaming" apps to mobile-assisted door-to-door canvassing, the GoTV terrains is a wild west of new tech and techniques that are as tempting as they may be risky. How are campaigns taming this frontier in ways that activate without alienating their voter targets? What results have campaigns seen so far across these emerging approaches? Are they being used to encourage or suppress voting blocks? And how do they integrate with the rest of the campaign?

12:30 PM
1:30 PM
2:00 PM
Minority is the New Majority

African-American, Latina and LGBTQ voters will determine outcomes in many races up and down the 2020 ballot. Famously digital and engaged with social platforms, these important demos should be ripe for digital targeting. But what have we learned about finding and speaking to these discrete communities within larger campaigns? What are the messaging, viral, activation dynamics at play here? And how to campaigns best organize their efforts internally so they converse with, not just target, these constituencies?

2:30 PM
Sponsor Spotlight and Break
3:00 PM
Follow the Money: Allocation (And Reorganization) Forecasting 2020

Digital spend has gotten all of the hot press in recent campaign cycles, but in the end where will the money really go as political directors build an overall media strategy and make real-time course corrections? As a share of spend TV still dominates, and print, OOH and PR remain lynchpins. What have we learned about the potential and limitations of online spend? And how have campaigns reorganized themselves for a fragmented electorate and lightning fast online news cycles?

3:30 PM
Dark Web, Deep Fakes and Mainstreaming the Bad Actors

Lurking outside of the mainstream digital channels, often armed with the tools and intent to deceive, a new class of political warriors on the fringe often enjoy outsized influence and voice via digital channels. Rumors, misinformation, a deep-faked image can make an impact long before it gets debunked, and even long after. As the platforms prevaricate over their ability and responsibility to police disinformation and fakery, what are campaigns to do? Are there effective ways of fighting these info-germs without feeding them? How are campaigns monitoring these dark web channels, deciding when there are genuine threats, and creating countermeasures?

4:00 PM
Conference Concludes


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