January 20 - 21, 2022
Virtual Event

Mapping the New Voter Journey

As the 2022 mid-terms loom, political marketers face some of the same moving targets as consumer brands in a post-pandemic environment. Media habits have shifted and fragmented wildly. Customer/voter journeys are highly personal and as entwined in news, social and influencer networks as they are engaged with formal messaging. The retail opportunities (a.k.a. voting) is now stretched across in person and remote and far outside traditional windows. An omnichannel approach seems to be the only hope of staying top of mind. But where will the money and the messaging head before November?

This edition of MediaPost's Marketing Politics breaks down the dizzying challenge to map the new voter journey into its basic marketing components. How do you control the narrative, engage your constituencies against the competition, drive them to action?

We will Explore:

  • The marketing lessons of the 2021 Virginia and NJ races
  • TV/Video media planning in a streaming environment
  • Omnichannel GOTV approaches
  • How operatives from both parties are planning for the key battleground contest: controlling the House

For nearly a decade every January, MediaPost's Marketing Politics sidesteps the horserace betting and partisanship to surface the inside game of where and why the marketing and media tacticians behind the campaigns will be placing bets.

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Thursday, 01/20

11:30 AM ET
Opening Remarks
Steve Smith, VP, Editorial Director, Events, MediaPost 
11:40 AM ET
Panel: The Strategic Lessons of The Virginia and NJ Governors' Races
We get beneath the hand-wringing over Republican and Democrative positioning and zeitgeist to explore lessons on media channel, allocation and organization strategies from the two gubernatorial races that took many by surprise. What role did TV and digital strategy, timing and spend play in defining candidacies and responses to opposition? And as the mid-terms approach, what did we learn about coordinating the ground and air games to battle voter disengagement?
Steve Smith, VP, Editorial Director, Events, MediaPost 
Alaina Haworth, Digital Director, Terry McAuliffe for Virginia 
Lauren Morenko, VP of Client Services, Smart Media Group 
Maxwell Nunes, Senior Advisor for Digital Paid Media, Terry McAuliffe for Virginia 
Will Ritter, Co-Founder and CEO, Poolhouse 
12:15 PM ET
Discussion: The Governor's Contests
Wendy Davis, Policy Editor, MediaPost 
Laura Carlson, Digital Director, Democratic Governors Association 
Amanda Elliott, Digital Director, RGA 
12:45 PM ET
Sponsor Spotlight
12:55 PM ET
Marketing Presidential
The tools and levers for marketing election campaigns are one thing. But how are incumbents best using digital channels to maintain and build support not only for their election but for the programs they are trying to enact? The After President Biden's election, the DNC took control of his and Vice President Harris' personal social accounts. DNC Chief Mobilization Officer Patrick Stevenson shares lessons learned from speaking to a social media constituency of over 100 million.
Patrick Stevenson, Chief Mobilization Officer, Democratic National Committee 
Joe Mandese, Editor-in-Chief, MediaPost 

Friday, 01/21

11:30 AM ET
Opening Remarks
11:35 AM ET
Navigating Quality and Cost: The Streaming Battlelines of 2022
As voting eyeballs scatter across screens, the challenge for 2022 campaigns will be cross-channel video planning that manages tight inventory against cost and tracking capabilities. FP1’s Rebekeh Gudeman shares learnings in the 2018/202 cycles from using YouTube and even Facebook to build incremental reach and competitive advantage in cost-prohibitive TV and OTT markets. What media mix and metrics tactics apply as campaigns balance micro-targeting costs and capabilities against the efficiencies of demographic targeting?
Rebekah Gudeman, Managing Director, Digital, FP1 Strategies 
11:55 AM ET
Panel: Big Screen: Is TV Still TV?
TV still rules for most candidates, devours campaign budgets and drives messaging. But as eyeballs flee linear broadcast for AVOD streaming experiences, Live Social, Digital short form, and even ad-free SVOD enclaves, what is a TV plan now? How have these different experiences shifted allocations? As TV becomes more targeted, how should political media teams rethink messaging, reach the unreachable, manage budgets? Is TV still TV?
Robert Aho, Partner, BrabenderCox 
Michael Eisenstatt, Digital Director for Campaigns, DCCC 
Edith Jorge, Deputy Executive Director, Republican State Leadership Committee 
Erica Monteith, SVP, Paid Media, GMMB 
12:25 PM ET
Data-Driven Grass Roots: Building the New Fund-Raising Machine
As fundraising relies increasingly on frequent grass roots online giving, campaigns are being challenged by digital roadblocks. Major platforms have pulled back their nano-targeting features. Browsers are opting out of cookies. And Apple just cut off fundamental tracking for the life-bvlood of fundraising - email. What is a campaign to do? What efforts at first-party data- building and fixed cost acquisition doing to fill the void? What appeals and channels are working? How are campaigns guarding against list burn out, clutter, invisibility?
Lisa Singer, Event Editorial Manager, MediaPost 
Taylor Black, Digital Fundraising Director, NRCC 
Cliff Naylor, Director of Online Fundraising, Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee 
Sean Senters, Director of Advertising Operations, Targeted Victory 

Featured Speakers

Laura Carlson

Democratic Governors Association
Digital Director

Michael Eisenstatt

Digital Director for Campaigns

Alaina Haworth

Terry McAuliffe for Virginia
Digital Director

Edith Jorge

Republican State Leadership Committee
Deputy Executive Director

Erica Monteith

SVP, Paid Media

Lauren Morenko

Smart Media Group
VP of Client Services

Cliff Naylor

Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee
Director of Online Fundraising

Maxwell Nunes

Terry McAuliffe for Virginia
Senior Advisor for Digital Paid Media

Will Ritter

Co-Founder and CEO

Sean Senters

Targeted Victory
Director of Advertising Operations

Patrick Stevenson

Democratic National Committee
Chief Mobilization Officer

Robert Aho


Taylor Black

Digital Fundraising Director

Wendy Davis

Policy Editor

Amanda Elliott

Digital Director

Brian Garrigan

Vice President - Agency & Brand Sales

Rebekah Gudeman

FP1 Strategies
Managing Director, Digital

Joe Mandese


Lisa Singer

Event Editorial Manager

Steve Smith

VP, Editorial Director, Events

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