MediaPost 2024 Events Calendar

Contact Seth Oilman for sponsorship inquiries or Steve Smith for editorial/programming questions. (dates & locations subject to change).


January 18 (Thurs) Marketing: Politics – Washington, DC 


February 18-21 (Sun-Wed) Brand Insider Summit: Pharma & Health  – Bonita Springs, FL
February 21-24 (Wed-Sat) Publishing Insider Summit – Bonita Springs, FL


March 17-20 (Sun-Wed)  TV & Video Insider Summit – Scottsdale, AZ.
March 20-23 (Wed-Sat) Digital Out of Home Insider Summit – Scottsdale, AZ
March 27 (Wed) Marketing Automotive Conference & Awards @ the NY Auto Show – Javits Center, New York, NY


April 2 (Tue) Planning & Buying Awards – New York, NY
April 7-10 (Sun-Wed) Email Insider Summit – Omni Resort, Amelia Island, FL
April 15 (Mon) Outfront Forum –  New York, NY
April 22-25 (Mon-Thur) Brand Insider Summit: Retail – Austin, TX


May 1-4 (Wed-Sat) Search & Performance Insider Summit – Nashville, TN
May 5-8 (Sun-Wed) Brand Insider Summit: CPG – Nashville, TN 


June 3-6 (Mon-Thur) Brand Insider Summit: QSR – New Orleans, LA


July 22-25 (Mon-Thur) Brand Insider Summit: Pharma & Health  – The Poconos - Skytop, PA


August 18-21 (Sun-Wed) Brand Insider Summit: Retail – Lake Tahoe, CA
August 21-24 (Wed-Sat) Data & Programmatic Insider Summit – Lake Tahoe, CA


September 16-19 (Mon-Thur) Planning and Buying Insider Summit – Austin, TX
September 25 (Wed) EIS Awards: for Email Marketing Excellence @ Advertising Week – New York, NY
September 26 (Thur) OMMA Awards @ Advertising Week – New York, NY


October 2-5 (Wed-Sat) Digital Out of Home Insider Summit – Austin, TX (@ ACL - the Austin City Limits Music Festival)
October 6-9 (Sun-Wed) TV & Video Insider Summit – Austin, TX (@ ACL - the Austin City Limits Music Festival)


November 17-20 (Sun-Wed) Brand Insider Summit: CPG – Santa Barbara, CA
November 20-23 (Wed-Sat) Brand Insider Summit: QSR – Santa Barbara, CA
November 21 (Thur) Marketing Automotive @ the LA Auto Show – LA Convention Center, Los Angeles, CA


December 8-11 (Sun-Wed) Email Insider Summit – Deer Valley, UT
December 11-14 (Wed-Sat) Performance Marketing Insider Summit – Deer Valley, UT

What industry leaders are saying about MediaPost events...

"MediaPost’s Insider Summits are intimate in the best way. You’re able to have deep dialogue on industry trends and problems, network with peers and have fun all at the same time. Highly recommend!"

- Megan Stinn, Lead, Digital Activation, The J.M. Smucker Co.


“MediaPost = Amazing events.  Increasingly rare to get the blend of top talent, top brands, top content and top vendors together in one place for the level of intimacy.  Their events are Always industry-best.”

- Morgan Chemij, Director, North American Marketing,


"Above all other conferences, MediaPost events provide the most comprehensive insight into the state and future of interactive media, marketing and advertising.  The content is top-notch, and the individuals I have the opportunity to meet, are the ones leading the charge to make interactive a premier medium for advertisers.  These are top-quality events for anyone involved in the digital media space"

- Kevin Klein, Head of Marketing, Global Display Advertising, Amazon


"I didn't have a ton of expectations at first, but I am in awe. Every element of MediaPost’s Insider Summit was well thought out and meticulously planned. The exact right amount of content followed by the perfect amount of down-time and group activities. I have been to conferences where they literally lock you in a room all day and bombard you with information. This was SO different.  It was much more like a day camp!  Even the way the sponsors present is different - there are no hard pushes. It's providing valuable information, tips, and best practices to revolutionize your email marketing.”
- Elliott Curry, Senior Manager, Marketing, Fidelity Investments


"What a great conference!  I enjoyed the diversity in topics, the engaged group of industry practitioners and the uniquely intimate environment. The approach created the opportunity for honest sharing, thoughtful discussions and meaningful connections.  Excellent job MediaPost!”

- Rebecca Herwitt, Global Consumer Engagement Lead, Kimberly-Clark


"MediaPost's events are a fabulous way to meet industry experts, learn about industry solutions, interact with peer groups and learn about specific channels of interactive media. The contacts I have made at them will be valuable for years to come."

- Gary Milner, Director, Global Digital Marketing, Lenovo


“MediaPost does a great job of balancing the attendee list with varying perspectives to drive content rich discussions. I walk away from these events with new ideas, new perspectives and new friends.  MediaPost brings together the brightest minds in the industry, bar none.”

- Nicole Matuga, Senior Manager, Digital Media Acquisition, Experian Consumer Direct


"MediaPost events continue to be our best investment year after year.  From the quality of the content and overall attendee experience to the networking and business opportunities, their events are a high-performing component of our marketing strategy. Working with the MediaPost staff is like working with my own team. They consistently demonstrate that they have our best interests at heart."

- Dan McDermott, Director of Product Marketing, Zeta


"This Summit from MediaPost was one of the best conferences I've attended. The intimate setting allows for great conversation with peers and I love all the gold nuggets I pick up from the sessions...nuggets of opportunity that are leveraged to improve the marketing efforts at FedEx."  

- Andrew Bailey, Senior Marketing Specialist, FedEx


MediaPost events.  A higher level.