October 19 - 20, 2020
Virtual Event

Remote Control: Channel Surfing in the New Media Landscape

As the world begins to recover and slowly reopen from the COVID-19 crisis, advertisers are still facing an unpredictable horizon. Uncertainty surrounding sports and live events, postponed upfronts, the explosion of streaming and OTT, have all transformed the TV media landscape as we know it.

The lockdown had a profound impact on consumer behavior. More time at home resulted in a dramatic increase in video consumption across all media channels; including linear TV, digital, streaming services and mobile. Now, as states ease shelter-in-place orders, traditional TV usage is normalizing while CTV viewing remains well above pre-pandemic levels; suggesting life in the new normal will include higher connected TV usage than before the shutdown.
Consumer spending is also unpredictable. As people continue to cope with health risks, the economic downturn and challenges from systemic racism; they’re expecting more from the companies they choose. In response, brands not only need to consistently reevaluate their target audience, but also continue to adjust both their messaging and actions to connect in more meaningful ways.
Through all of this, marketing budgets are down. Advertisers need to remain agile while continuing to monitor shifts in audience behavior. Which trends are temporary and which ones will endure moving forward?  Steadfast media plans and marketing strategies no longer hold true, so how are savvy marketers planning in this unpredictable media market?  As we move past the crisis, what will COVID-19’s impact on the media landscape be for years to come?
Brands and advertising agencies come together at the annual fall edition of MediaPost’s TV & Video Insider Summit to tackle the challenges in these uncertain times ahead...

  • Short and long-term media planning when consumer behavior and the economy are in flux
  • Planning and tracking cross-platform campaigns without a unified measurement system
  • Leveraging audience buying to improve scale in OTT & CTV
  • Opportunities and challenges created by different channels; i.e. TikTok
  • Adapting creative for remote work environment
  • Tone, context and relevance of advertising message during a crisis
  • Reallocating budgets after channel pauses, absence of live sports, the changing upfront landscape and upcoming elections
At MediaPost's fall gathering of TV & Video experts we turn to the people who are planning, buying and strategizing during these unpredictable times.

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Lisa Singer, Event Editorial Manager, MediaPost

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Insider Summits are complimentary to Brand & Agency Execs who meet our requirements. To qualify, you must:

* Control the TV/Video strategy and budget for a major consumer brand
* Serve as Senior Level Management or above
* Agree to attend all sessions of the Summit

If you meet the requirements and would like to join us, simply send your full contact info and one or two sentences about your role to Kevin Massa at massa@mediapost.com.

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Monday, 10/19

Day 1 - Planning Now & Beyond The overlapping crisis of a global pandemic and social turmoil has and will likely continue to significantly impact the advertising industry. We open the TV & Video Insider Summit examining what strategies worked, what didn’t and how we move forward when consumer behavior, the economy and the television industry itself are still in flux?
3:00 PM ET
Opening Remarks
Lisa Singer, Event Editorial Manager, MediaPost 
3:10 PM ET
3:35 PM ET
Sponsor Spotlight Presentation
3:50 PM ET
Panel: Changing Channels: Cross-Screen Advertising in the New Normal
TV & video advertising will continue to evolve as we move toward a post pandemic world. Deferred upfronts, the loss of live sports and events and the unpredictability of what media will come back and when leaves marketers uncertain about an industry and economy that’s still in flux. Hear how these brands and agency buyers are planning ahead during these unpredictable times. How they’re adjusting media strategies with more efficient, targeted and performance-driven marketing plans?
Michael Melia, Media Director, Dashlane 
Tania Nemaric, VP Brand Marketing, 1-800-FLOWERS.COM 
4:15 PM ET
TV & Video Insider Trivia
4:25 PM ET
Case Study: D2C Brands Tune-In to Primetime
TV’s lower ad prices and higher available inventory enabled digital-first advertisers not only to test TV but to test some of primetime's most popular shows. Gabi CMO, Nick Fairbairn, drastically shifted his media plan by feverishly testing TV during the pandemic. He'll share how he was able to capture revenue growth, greater efficiency and data points while establishing a consistent form of measurement with OTT.
Nick Fairbairn, CMO, Gabi 
4:45 PM ET
For 15 years we've held these collaborative Roundtables at our 3-day get-way "Insider Summits" where marketers bring their questions, challenges and insights for one another to share in casual, off-the-record conversation.  This virtual TV & Video Insider Summit will be no different as we continue this highly interactive and valuable format for you!  Webcams and Mics ON. Recording and reporting OFF.  Discuss amongst yourselves!
4:45 PM ET
Roundtables: CTV/OTT Challenges
Unless you’ve been under a rock the past year, most advertisers are aware of the many advantages of CTV & OTT: advanced audience targeting, growing consumer reach, flexibility and performance-driven, to name a few, but what about the challenges? Measurement, transparency and frequency are real concerns for marketers when it comes to advertising on CTV. How are brands and agencies reconciling these issues?
4:45 PM ET
Roundtable: Planning for 2021
Albert Thompson, Managing Director, Digital, Walton Isaacson 
5:30 PM ET
Happy Hour & Group Networking

Tuesday, 10/20

Day 2 - Finding the Silver-Linings The challenges of a home-based work environment, limited budgets and suspended media forced organizations to rethink creative techniques and strategies. They're creating a do more with less mentality in this uncertain economy and discovering flashy and bigger isn't always better.
3:00 PM ET
Welcome Back
Lisa Singer, Event Editorial Manager, MediaPost 
3:05 PM ET
Alexis Kerr, Head of Multicultural Marketing, Cadillac 
3:30 PM ET
Survey Results
3:35 PM ET
Case study: TikTok
The sheltering-at-home lifestyle saw consumers watching more video than ever before, including expanding their viewing habits to new platforms like TikTok.
3:55 PM ET
Sponsor Spotlight
4:10 PM ET
Trivia Part 2
4:20 PM ET
Panel: Marketing Reimagined for Today & Beyond
A number of advertising trends that had already been evolving prior to COVID-19 have accelerated during the crisis. From under produced creative content and more purposeful and personalized messaging to leveraging OTT more efficiently and organically. The question remains, which of these will become permanent moving forward? Hear how these innovative marketers are adjusting their creative planning with more authentic, customer-focused and timely strategies during the pandemic and beyond.
Brandon Miller, Digital Marketing Manager, Land O' Lakes, Inc. 
4:45 PM ET
Webcams and Mics ON. Recording and reporting OFF.  Discuss amongst yourselves!
4:45 PM ET
Roundtable: Holistic Marketing
Focusing on audience reach across both TV and OTT “holistically” within an advertising campaign. 
4:45 PM ET
Roundtable: Social Injustice
Best in class behavior so your brand won’t be spotlighted by the champions and voices for social injustice. The key to cultural alignment is continuity and consistency to build equity for future generations.
5:30 PM ET
Happy Hour & Group Networking

Featured Speakers

Alexis Kerr

Head of Multicultural Marketing

Michael Melia

Media Director

Brandon Miller

Land O' Lakes, Inc.
Digital Marketing Manager

Tania Nemaric

VP Brand Marketing

Lisa Singer

Event Editorial Manager

Albert Thompson

Walton Isaacson
Managing Director, Digital

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