• The Emotional Intelligence Test: Is Your Brand Doing The Right Thing?
    Consumers are demanding that businesses share their values and beliefs. But they still want free shipping above all else, CommerceNext reports.
  • Customer Service Apoplexy: Consumers Have To Work Too Hard To Resolve Issues
    More people are shopping online, but less than half solve problems on the first contact, least of all through email, The Northridge Group reports.
  • The 2021 Email Blast: Channel Is Even More Important Than It Was Last Year
    Brands hope for drop-and-drag editors and strong personalization and segmentation capabilities, Campaign Monitor reports.
  • SMBs Shun CRMs: They Don't Use Them With Email Marketing
    Almost two-thirds of small businesses fail to employ a CRM or other automated system, Visual Objects reports.
  • Words Count: The Art Of B2B Email Negotiation
    Buyer attention is a key metric in predicting whether communications will lead to a sale.
  • ABM Sick Days: B2B Brands Change Their Budgets, Strategies Due To COVID-19
    But ABM now gets 27% of the average B2B marketing budget, the ABM Leadership Alliance reports.
  • Ad Spend Hallelujah: Forecast Sees Big Growth For Online
    Winterberry Growth forecasts a 10% increase in overall ad spending -- and 17.8% for online.
  • The Trillion-Dollar Payday: Online Sales Exploded During Holidays, Salesforce Reports
    Firms saw a 50% increase in digital sales YoY for a global total of $1.1 trillion, but retailers should prepare themselves for "returnageddon."
  • Charity Begins With Email: Donors Prefer It Over Other Channels
    Direct mail is a distant second. But preferences in how they give depend on age and political affiliation, Data Axle reports.
  • No Pay Zone: Consumers Prefer Free Email Newsletters Supported By Ads
    The paid-subscription model is practically nonexistent for small publishers, the What If Media Group reports.
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