• Who, Me? Using The Person's Name In The Subject Line Boosts Clicks, Study Finds
    Does that single form of personalization outperform all others? That's what these academic researchers seem to imply.
  • The Why Of ROI: Factors That Affect Email Return
    Email produces the highest ROI. But that may not be desirable, given the need to invest in technology.
  • Newsletter Cheat Sheet: How To Get Them Opened And Read
    It starts with relevant copy. But don't neglect the basics -- subject lines, headers and teasers.
  • Email With Heart: Consumers Demand Empathy From Brands
    In-person contact is rated highest in providing emotional support to shoppers. Email ranks third, Invoca and Adobe find.
  • Put It In An Email: That's How Financial Advisers Want Fund Manager Tips
    Financial advisors are busy, so they prefer email for market input, SunStar Strategic finds in study. Don't call them.
  • B2B Sales Road Has Grown More Long And Winding: Study
    B2B buyers face many challenges, both external and internal, Showpad reports. Good email content can help.
  • Retail Flight: Why And When People Unsubscribe From Emails
    Most retail unsubscribes are non-buyers. But even these can cost you money, a Bluecore study shows.
  • Retailers Are Sending The Same Old Emails To The Same Old People: Study
    A Gartner L2 report shows retail apparel brands are using similar discount subject lines and mailing to overlapping subscribers.
  • The House Of Data: How Can CDPs Help Email Marketers?
    It's not clear whether customers at a platform are the answer. But a study argues that marketers have to integrate all their martech stacks.
  • Digital Emancipation: World Wide Web Founder Is Back With A New Scheme
    Sir Tim Berners-Lee's new company could disrupt business models and upend the internet, observers say.
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