• IT IQ: Techies Are More Advanced Than Marketers In Delivering Content
    IT is first in conducting high-level analytics and using feedback from surveys, Wunderman Thompson Technology and Sitecore report.
  • ABM Snails: B2B Brands Fail To Achieve Marketing Maturity
    Most ABM leaders say their marketing strategy misses the mark, Integrate and Heinz Marketing report.
  • The Trust Delusion: Consumers Have Less Faith In Brands Than Brands Think They Do
    Consumers and brands have different views about the building blocks of trust, Deloitte Digital and Twilio report.
  • Hopping On The Holiday: Most Consumers Plan To Shop Early
    Almost a third of shoppers are starting in October, prompting Fluent to say, "October is the new November."
  • The Friendly Inbox: Making Emails Accessible For Subscribers With Disabilities
    Almost 60% of brands consider accessibility during email production, Pathwire and Ascend2 report.
  • The AI Touch: Email Is The Task Most Likely To Be Automated By SMBs
    But many small businesses have cultural objections to automation, believing that some functions should be handled by humans, Skynova reports.
  • Disheveled Data: The Biggest Management Problems For Agencies, Clients
    The challenges include maintaining data quality and cross-department cooperation, Ascend2 and SharpSpring report.
  • Email Joy For The Holidays: Most Shoppers Prefer It As A Channel
    Consumers welcome email messages from brands they shop with or plan to shop with. But many are also opting in for texts, Plivo Messaging reports.
  • E-Marketing Pre-K: Ecommerce Brands Fail Basic Tests On Their Sites
    Almost 80% of ecommerce brands have no personalization on their sites and 62% cannot handle demand surge, Coleman Parkes reports.
  • Email Eats: It's The Preferred Marketing Channel For Hungry Millennials
    Gen Z is more swayed by social media ads than Millennials. Neither group may be seeing enough email, according to a Progressive Grocer survey.
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