• Off-The-Rack Personalization: Ecommerce Brands Lagging Despite Shopper Demands
    Only 13% of firms provide a completely personalized experience, Netcore reports.
  • The Poison Apple: Will New Privacy Policy Kill Email Marketing?
    Experts say Apple's new iOS protections will change the way email senders operate.
  • The Email Love Bug: Channel Tops Four Global Markets
    Most prefer email, right up to the C-suite. But mobile is emerging as a second choice, MoEngage reports.
  • DOA Emails: Consumers Say Only 5% Of Messages Are Well-Timed To Their Needs
    Consumers say only 33% of offers are relevant. But brands think they are doing fine, Formation and Forrester report.
  • Privacy Dodge: Developers Say The Issue Is An Afterthought At Their Firms
    There is a gap between the stated beliefs about protecting privacy at firms and the pressure put on developers to sidestep it, HarrisX Data Protocol reports.
  • B2B Headbangers: Buyers List Their Main Frustrations
    B2B buyers will pay for great ecommerce service. But they're quick to jump if they don't get it, Avionos reports.
  • Buy Shy: What Stops Consumers From Ordering Online
    Delivery charges are the biggest barrier to ordering online -- at least in the developed world, according to YouGov.
  • The Mellow Marketer: Fully Mature Retailers Have Unified Platforms
    Brands with at least some degree of maturity see higher revenue, Kibo reports.
  • Digital Parachutes: What Brands Are Doing To Recover
    Almost half of all retailers worldwide are spending more on digital this year, Infobip reports.
  • B2B Better: Customers Vote For The Most Trusted Brands
    Here are some lessons from Apple, Amazon, Adobe and LinkedIn on how to treat clients in a pandemic.
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