• Does Data Need A Minder? Senate Bill Would Create One
    Senator Kirsten Gillibrand's new bill would set up a federal data protection with extensive powers.
  • Silly Fines: Some GDPR Penalties Are Not Worth The Trouble
    The highest fine was EUR50 million against Google. But there was also one for EUR90, Privacy Affairs reports.
  • Taking The Work Out Of The Customer Experience
    Consumers want clarity and ease of use when signing on with brands, a Broadridge study finds.
  • First Responders: Phone And Email Are The Go-To Channels For Customer Support
    But many also use texting and in-app messaging to reach out, UJET reports.
  • Creatives Count -- And They're Taking On New Tasks, Survey Finds
    Almost 90% of execs surveyed agree that creative work is important for driving business objectives, InSource reports.
  • The Shadow You And The Real You
    Digital privacy may take a hit, thanks to new products that can help firms to gain insights into website traffic.
  • Catalog Renaissance: How Well-Designed Books Drive Email Results
    A luxury jewelry seller saw staggering results when it launched a print catalog and tested it with email.
  • A Taste Of 2020 Trends: Twilio Outlines Five Areas Of Change
    From email to apps, there is a "seismic shift in the way companies engage with customers," Twilio states.
  • CCPA Out Of The Gate: The Suit Against Salesforce And Hanna Andersson
    The class-action suit alleges a data breach, cites CCPA -- but does not invoke it as law.
  • Spamhaus Invasion: Name Of Group Misused In Phishing Email
    Emails claiming to be from an anti-spam group say, 'Urgently Take Action.' Those who click will be fed malware. Can it get any worse?
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