• Email Anemia: Newsletters Lag In Content Delivery Plans
    B2B content marketers plan to increase their social media and website use. Fewer plan to boost their e-letter production, Walker Sands Communication reports.
  • Small Business Tightwads: They're Not Investing In Email
    Small businesses are not investing in email, yet it's one of the top three channels they use, according to The Manifest.
  • Data Insecurity: U.S. Consumers Fear Giving Up Their Email Addresses
    Despite privacy concerns, most retail shoppers worldwide embrace both online and offline, Periscope By McKinsey reports.
  • Homegrown GDPR: Firms Gear Up To Deal With Tough California Law
    Almost 20% of affected businesses will spend $1 million or more to comply with the California Consumer Privacy Act.
  • Who Needs CDPs? For Marketers, Too Many Vendors And Not Enough Clarity
    Traditional email systems are not enough -- but CDPs may not be the answer, according to a Winterberry study.
  • When Content Tanks: Brands Lack Faith In Their Efforts, Study Shows
    Only 3.4% of B2B marketers feel their content is extremely effective, Heinz Marketing reports. Are they flooding inboxes with irrelevant material?
  • Do I Look Like Spam? How To Get Your Email Past The Filter
    Lounge Lizard advises email marketers to avoid all of the following pathologies.
  • Marketing Magic: How Personalization Drives ROI
    Retailers are most likely to show ROI from their efforts, according to a study by Monetate.
  • Control Freaks: Consumers Want Sway Over Email Frequency
    The Alliance Data study also finds that shoppers value clearly written emails, and that personalization must be on target.
  • Those Pesky Chatbots: Are They Really Replacing Email?
    Don't tell us chatbots will destroy email, especially when they are being offered through Facebook Messenger. Chatbots will never produce email's ROI.
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