• Forever Free? Mailchimp Now Charges For Unsubscribed Emails
    Vendor is blasted for its new policy. But it counters that email unsubscribes may still be part of a broader multichannel audience.
  • Dumb And Dumber: Consumers Are Ignorant About Privacy, Expert Says
    Consumers have to be part of the process, and that requires effort on both sides, says Splice Software CEO Tara Kelly.
  • California Jitters: Are Firms Ready For The CCPA?
    The DataGrail study shows most firms think they're almost ready. But some are not even compliant with GDPR.
  • Checking Out Of Paper Receipts: Will Email Work?
    A Mailjet study shows that e-receipts may be accompanied by privacy risks under GDPR.
  • The Good Guys Get Into The Inbox: Delivery Study
    Brands with clean lists and few complaints are much more likely to get their emails delivered, Return Path reports.
  • Is Google In The Luxury Goods Business?
    Google is now pursuing a privacy model -- its CEO says privacy is not a luxury good. But that phrase has to be backed up by good behavior.
  • Making The Payroll With Email Newsletters
    Publishers don't need to pass the basket. They can finance honest journalism with ads in their e-letters, says PowerInbox CEO Jeff Kupietzky.
  • Consumers Ignore Lengthy Disclosures
    Full product disclosures have minimal impact, even when backed up by email and SMS reminders -- and even when the info helps readers.
  • Digital Distemper: What Drives Shoppers Away From Websites And Carts
    Broken links to carts and checkout pages can drive people away, Decibel reports.
  • Data Immaturity: Many Firms Fail To Act On Customer Insights
    Even companies that put themselves at the top of the maturity scale may not have the right architecture in place, Cognetik reports.
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