• SMBs Shun CRMs: They Don't Use Them With Email Marketing
    Almost two-thirds of small businesses fail to employ a CRM or other automated system, Visual Objects reports.
  • Words Count: The Art Of B2B Email Negotiation
    Buyer attention is a key metric in predicting whether communications will lead to a sale.
  • ABM Sick Days: B2B Brands Change Their Budgets, Strategies Due To COVID-19
    But ABM now gets 27% of the average B2B marketing budget, the ABM Leadership Alliance reports.
  • Ad Spend Hallelujah: Forecast Sees Big Growth For Online
    Winterberry Growth forecasts a 10% increase in overall ad spending -- and 17.8% for online.
  • The Trillion-Dollar Payday: Online Sales Exploded During Holidays, Salesforce Reports
    Firms saw a 50% increase in digital sales YoY for a global total of $1.1 trillion, but retailers should prepare themselves for "returnageddon."
  • Charity Begins With Email: Donors Prefer It Over Other Channels
    Direct mail is a distant second. But preferences in how they give depend on age and political affiliation, Data Axle reports.
  • No Pay Zone: Consumers Prefer Free Email Newsletters Supported By Ads
    The paid-subscription model is practically nonexistent for small publishers, the What If Media Group reports.
  • Tech Stack Headaches: B2B Marketers Face Hurdles When Adding Technologies
    Almost half are burdened with tech stacks that under-deliver on goals, RollWorks and Ascend2 report.
  • Customers For Life: LTV Is Now The Top Ecommerce Metric, Study Shows
    Most brands are increasing their ecommerce budgets and headcounts this year, Namogoo and Astound Commerce report.
  • Direct Mail And Digital Buddy Up: How Email Supports 'Tactile Marketing'
    Nick Runyon, CMO of PFL, explains how direct-mail packages filled with 'stuff' can move B2B prospects through the sales funnel.
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