• The Wild World Of GDPR: Events Get Out Of Hand
    Are you tired of the deadening weight of GDPR compliance? Lighten up! Here is a compendium of some of the sillier announcements.
  • Picture This: Gmail Is Putting Brand Images In Subject Lines -- Again
    A new Gmail service, still in the experimental stage, will allow images in subject lines. It's not the first time this has been attempted, and there is one competitor.
  • Paying The Price Of GDPR
    A new global poll shows that firms have laid away $4.2 million for possible GDPR fines. But how many really expect to pay?
  • A Gentleman's C: Email Marketers Grade Themselves On Personalization
    Almost two-thirds of all marketers give themselves a C or below in personalization, an Evergage study shows.
  • The Email Boarding Pass: How Travel Marketers Use The Channel
    Travel marketers score better-than-average email metrics. But a Return Path study shows they may be missing opportunities.
  • Why Is the Click-To-Open Rate Falling? People Are More Discerning
    Either marketers are getting better at targeting, or consumers are smarter about what they click through. It may be both, a study suggests.
  • Cookie Cutting: Brands Turn To Email in Wake of E-Privacy Directive
    Cookies aren't going away. But they will be used less in the wake of the ePrivacy Directive - and email more, reports a new study.
  • The Mechanics Of Customer Satisfaction: DMA Study Cites Obstacles And Goals
    Companies can reach their business goals by providing a better customer experience, a study finds. But they need deeper personalization.
  • The Email Comfort Zone: Purchases Start On Smartphones, End On Desktops
    Shoppers read emails on their smartphones. But they buy on desktop. On average, customers will open three emails from a brand prior to making a purchase.
  • The New Gmail: What Will The Redesign Mean To Email Marketers?
    The email world is buzzing about the rumored changes in Gmail. Most experts see them as positive.
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