• GDPR Squeeze: Bavarian Data Authority Says Publisher Can't Send Email Addresses To Mailchimp In U.S.
    One concern is that the data could end up in the hands of U.S. surveillance agencies.
  • Channel Surfing: Consumers Expect Retailers To Meet Them Where They Are
    There has been a big uptick in omnichannel demand over the past year. And brands are investing to try to meet it, Talkdesk reports.
  • Are You Hip To Your Data Culture? Operations People Are More Into It Than Marketers
    Few companies say all departments can conduct basic data and analytics tasks, Alation reports.
  • Know Who You Are: 'HBR' Authors Say You Just Can't Digitize Your Business And Think You're Done
    There's more to digital transformation than just parsing email open and click-through-rates.
  • Verizon's Horizons: Consumers Embracing Online Shopping And Technology, Study Shows
    The shift to digital has jumped ahead by five to seven years, Verizon finds in new research.
  • B2B Goes Home: Brands Shift From Digital To Human-To-Human Tactics
    But personalized email is first among digital channels, and third overall in planned use in 2021, Sendoso reports.
  • Turning Up The Juice: Email Metrics Rose For Utilities In 2020
    There was an overall open rate of 28.1%, a 14% increase YoY, Questline reports.
  • DMARC Demarcation: Brands Adopt Security Standard, But Still Don't Enforce It
    Only 14.8% of email domains are fully protected from spoofing and phishing, Valimail reports.
  • Marriage Of Convenience: How Email And Direct Mail Work Together
    Direct mail increases conversions in digital channels and is a more intimate experience, says Marketsmith's Rachel Schulties.
  • Spending And Sending: How Brands Changed Their Email Strategies During COVID-19
    Almost half of brands report COVID-19-related shifts, including changes in both content and list hygiene, Pathwire finds in a study.
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