• Manic Millennials: They Check Work Emails At Home And Personal Emails At Work
    We persist in describing millennials as a fixed group, but they are made up of two distinct generations.
  • Email Volume Down -- And So Is Spam -- In Wake Of GDPR
    Experts feared that GDPR would open the door for spammers. But a study by Recorded Future shows that it hasn't.
  • Yahoo's Interested In You: Email Scanning Draws New Fire
    Oath draws attention to itself by pitching its targeted ad email service. It's more trouble for marketers.
  • Leave Us Alone: Privacy Complaints Spike After GDPR
    Law firm EMW reports a 160% increase, with financial services firms getting the most complaints. It says email is one of the more troublesome areas.
  • Email Bog: Workers Are Weighed Down By Grunt Work
    Operational work is preventing many people in email from focusing on creative tasks, MessageGears finds in a study.
  • Runaway AI: Consumers Fear Some Uses, Study Shows
    Most people have a mixed view of AI. But almost a fifth see it as a threat to humanity, Elicit finds in survey.
  • Real News About Fake Email: It's In The Billions Per Day, Study Finds
    Email phishing is booming. And the main culprit is the U.S., Valimail reports.
  • A Deeper Dive: What The Adobe Survey Says About Consumers And Email
    White-collar workers feel instant messaging has improved most in the last five years, followed by email.
  • Email At Work And At Play: It's The Most Popular Channel
    A new Adobe study shows that email is the preferred medium for brand messages. But it better be well-personalized.
  • GDPR Rumblings: Threats Are Proceeding On The Back Burner
    From Ireland to Denmark, there are disturbing GDPR reports. But it's not all bad news.
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