• B2B Buying In A Pandemic: Sellers Must Be Alert To Threats, Study Shows
    Most B2B buyers are shifting their wallet share -- both a risk and an opportunity for vendors, Pros.com reports.
  • Looking For A Scrape: ZoomInfo's Name/Email Address Service Draws Heat
    Vice reports that ZoomInfo sees privacy as a core threat to its business. Of course, it does -- as do countless other firms.
  • Pandemic Sea Change: Buyers Are Focused On Essential Items And Price, Study Says
    Most Americans have been affected by COVID-19 in some way, and this has influenced their buying choices both in B2B and B2C, Bospar reports.
  • CBD Confidential: Rental List Includes Buyer Names And Email Addresses
    The so-called CBD Enthusiast file will help marketers select prospects by ailment, gender and date of birth.
  • Just Say No: Reagan Foundation Asks Trump To Stop Using The Gipper's Name In Emails
    A recent email blast offered "new Trump-Reagan Commemorative Coin Sets" and featured the subject line "Ronald Reagan and yours truly."
  • The USPS Comes Around: Digital Preview Program Is Booming
    Informed Delivery now has 20 million people signed up. That's quite an email list.
  • A Decline In Privacy Spend: Retailers Cut Their Budgets During Pandemic
    Almost half are investing the minimal amount to be compliant, CommerceNext reports.
  • ABM Snapshot: Budgets Were Rising As Pandemic Took Hold
    B2B companies with mature ABM programs spend 39% of their marketing budgets on ABM, DemandBase reports.
  • Big News For BIMI: Google Launches Gmail Pilot
    BIMI allows firms with DMARC enforcement to display their brand logos in emails.
  • Ecommerce Holiday Joy: Consumers Plan To Shop Online This Season, Study Finds
    Many shoppers have discovered online brands they didn't know about -- and they plan to stick with them, Criteo reports.
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