• Malware-Free Phishing: The New Cyber Threat
    A growing phishing scam is designed only to harvest users' log-in credentials. Barracuda's Asaf Cidon explains it.
  • Email Goes The Distance: A Q&A With Fluent's Matt Conlin
    Americans prefer email as the way to receive marketing messages. Matt Conlin, president of Fluent, shares insights from a recent survey.
  • Spear Phishing Dips: That's The Good News
    Security staffers report a decline in spear phishing in 2017. But there are still too many attacks.
  • The Email Bottleneck: Godin Sounds Off On Gmail
    The Gmail promotions folder has become a trap for blogs and other emails, Seth Godin charges. Here is his assessment.
  • The GDPR Boondoggle: Only Two Countries Are Ready For It
    Why should companies scramble to comply with the GDPR when only two countries in the EU have passed legislation to prepare for it?
  • Hotmail Users Need Not Apply
    Hotmail account holders are being charged more for car insurance than Gmail users.
  • The Gmail Security Gap: Few People Use Two-Factor Authentication
    Less than 10% of Gmail users take advantage of two-factor authentication. Do they have concerns, or do they just not want to be bothered?
  • Test Your Scam IQ: Most People Are Wide Open To Fraud
    Can you figure out which emails and texts are fraudulent? Take this simple test.
  • Boilerplate Personalization: Some Brands Are Lagging, Study Finds
    Most firms are using personalization -- but not all are deploying the most sophisticated tactics.
  • Email Exodus: 60% Of Euro Shoppers Would Opt Out Under GDPR
    A study reported today shows that email is the second-most despised medium, right behind telemarketing.
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