• FaceApp's Broad Privacy Policy Draws Scrutiny
    Like many apps, FaceApp asks users for access to more information than it seemingly needs.
  • Lawmakers Urged To Reject Content 'Neutrality' Proposal
    "Publishing third-party content online never can be "neutral," a broad coalition of academics and organizations say.
  • Tech Companies Aim To Rally Opposition To California Privacy Law
    "Access to our favorite free website and apps is at risk!" the Internet Association warns at the new site, "Keep the Internet Free."
  • Ad Industry Presses FTC To Endorse Nationwide Privacy Rules
    "We support a standard that would delineate proper and improper business behaviors, so consumers are relieved from the need to constantly read and understand privacy policies and opt-in or out of data practices," advertisers tell the FTC.
  • Lawmaker Takes Aim At Supposed Bias By Big Tech
    Despite a complete absence of proof, conservatives on Capitol Hill have spent more than a year railing at tech companies over their alleged suppression of right-wing views. This week, Sen. Josh Hawley introduced legislation targeting that supposed bias.
  • Twitter Defeats Lawsuit By Journalist Banned For 'Misgendering'
    San Francisco Superior Court Judge Ethan Schulman said in a ruling issued Wednesday that Twitter can't be sued for decisions to "provide, deny, suspend or delete user accounts."
  • New York Mulls Tough Privacy Law
    The New York Privacy Act would require companies to obtain users' express consent before drawing on personal data -- including web browsing and search queries -- for ad targeting.
  • Behavioral Advertising's Benefits To Publishers Are Overstated, New Study Suggests
    A large publisher increased revenue by just 4% when users' cookies were available.
  • Parents Can Proceed With Privacy Suit Over Mobile Gaming Apps
    Citing shifting privacy norms, a federal judge has refused to dismiss a lawsuit claiming that mobile game developers and ad-tech companies violate children's privacy by harvesting their data for ad targeting.
  • Russian 'News' Agency Battles Facebook Over Account Removals
    "By blocking FAN's Facebook account and deleting the contents on its web-based platform, Facebook engaged in content-based restrictions of free speech," the "news" operation argues in new court papers
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