• FCC Urged To Put Brakes On Net Neutrality Repeal
    The FCC has failed to provide stakeholders with an opportunity to comment on the tens of thousands of filed complaints that directly shed light on proposed changes," Senate Democrats say in a letter to Chairman Ajit Pai.
  • Senators Propose New Curbs On Data Brokers
    "We need to shed light on this 'shadow' industry of surreptitious data collection that has amassed covert dossiers on hundreds of millions of Americans," Sen. Ed Markey (D-Mass.) stated Thursday.
  • FTC Increases Pressure On Instagram Influencers
    The Federal Trade Commission is stepping up its crackdown on social media influencers who fail to disclose that their Instagram posts are actually paid promotions.
  • Verizon Asks FCC To Block State Broadband Privacy Rules
    "Rules that stop at the state line -- including rules for important concerns such as privacy -- don't work in today's interconnected world," Verizon says in a new FCC filing.
  • Verizon Now Throttles All Mobile Video
    As of this week, the mobile carrier is throttling video on all "unlimited" data plans.
  • DreamHost Challenges Warrant For Data About Visitors To Anti-Trump Site
    "This Court should not permit the government to trample upon the privacy of the individuals interacting with the website," DreamHost argues.
  • Anti-Backpage Bill Draws More Opposition From Tech Companies
    A proposed law aimed at curbing online sex trafficking has picked up some support in Congress, but is also drawing heated opposition from Silicon Valley.
  • Bill Aimed At Backpage Could Curb User-Generated Content, Groups Warn
    A broad array of digital rights groups are gearing up to fight a Senate bill that could weaken current protections for Web platforms.
  • AT&T Complains It Was 'Blocked' By Twitter
    In a demonstration of its questionable views on net neutrality, AT&T this week suggested that Twitter violated open Internet principles by flagging an AT&T blog post as potential spam.
  • Netflix, Microsoft, Others Blast Suggestion That Net Neutrality Rules Harm Investment
    "There is little evidence that investment by broadband providers has been harmed following the 2015 Open Internet Order," Netflix argues.
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