• 'Extremists' Aim To Wipe Out Ad Industry, IAB's Cohen Says
    "Washington D.C. leaders including Amy Klobuchar and Ted Cruz will throw our industry under their campaign buses, if we let them," IAB CEO David Cohen said this week.
  • Law Professor Urges FTC To Regulate Ad-Tech
    Many online ad practices are "unfair, deceptive, and privacy-invasive," writes Brooklyn Law School professor Jonathan Askin in a petition in which he urges the FTC to examine how ad companies interact with each other and how they handle consumer data.
  • Biden's Privacy Push Draws Mixed Reaction
    "There is a lot of opportunity for Democrats and Republicans to work together to rein in BigTech and update our nation's online privacy laws," Rep. Frank Pallone said.
  • Biden Nominates Consumer Advocate Gigi Sohn To FCC - Again
    For the third time in his presidency, Joe Biden has nominated longtime consumer advocate and net neutrality champion Gigi Sohn to the FCC.
  • FCC Ends Year Deadlocked, Unable To Advance Net Neutrality
    More than one year ago, President Joe Biden nominated longtime net neutrality proponent and consumer advocate Gigi Sohn to the FCC. As of today, the full Senate has yet to vote on her confirmation.
  • TikTok Confirms It Spied On American Journalists
    ByteDance employees used data collected through TikTok to track locations of two U.S. journalists, the company confirmed on Thursday.
  • Texas 'Censorship' Law Unconstitutional, Tech Industry Tells SCOTUS
    "Throughout our nation's history, the First Amendment's freedoms of speech and press have protected private entities' rights to choose whether and how to publish and disseminate speech generated by others," tech industry groups tell the Supreme Court.
  • TikTok Faces New Lawsuits In Indiana, Bans In Other States
    "While TikTok vacuums up reams of this highly sensitive and personal information about Indiana consumers, it deceives and misleads them about the risks the app routinely poses to their data," Indiana's attorney general alleges in one of two new lawsuits against the Chinese-owned company.
  • Terrorist Victim's Family Urges SCOTUS To Reinstate Claims Against YouTube
    The family of Nohemi Gonzalez is asking the Supreme Court to rule that Google can be sued for recommending ISIS videos.
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