• Facebook Runs Ads Comparing Vaccine To Holocaust, As Fox's Logan Compares Fauci To Mengele
    Surprise: Some Facebook advertisers and Fox News' Lara Logan are now spreading the same dangerous, outrageous conspiracy theories.
  • Texas Transformed Social Media Platforms Into 'Common Carriers,' AG Argues
    Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and other large platforms no longer have the First Amendment right to "discriminate against different views," because state lawmakers turned the companies into "common carriers," Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton argues.
  • Location Data Gleaned From Apps Handed Over Feds, Broker Admits
    The data broker Mobilewalla, which has faced questions about its practices since at least last year, has now acknowledged to a U.S. senator that location data collected from app developers ended up in the hands of the federal government.
  • Advocates And Ad Industry Already At Odds Over California's New Privacy Law
    California's newest version of its privacy law, slated to take effect in 2023, has some ambiguities already prompting disagreements between the ad industry and privacy advocates.
  • FCC Urged To Close Loopholes That Limit Broadband Options In Apartments
    The FCC should issue new regulations that would prohibit landlords from interfering with new broadband carriers, the advocacy group Open Technology Institute argues.
  • Locast To Pay $32 Million, Shut Down For Good
    Defunct streaming television service Locast has agreed to pay $32 million to broadcasters, and to remain shuttered, in order to settle their opyright infringement claims.
  • Zuckerberg Sued By Washington, D.C. Over Cambridge Analytica Debacle
    Facebook has made more than its share of questionable privacy decisions in its 18-year history, but one of its biggest mistakes may have been to allow developers to obtain information about people who hadn't interacted with them.
  • Democrats Seek To Regulate Recommendation Engines
    Four House Democrats have introduced the "Justice Against Malicious Algorithms Act," which takes aim at content recommendation.
  • Trump Seeks To Force Facebook To Restore Account
    Former President Donald Trump on Thursday asked a federal court to order Facebook to restore his account, arguing that his ongoing ban from the service could hurt the Republican Party's chances in upcoming elections.
  • Facebook Responsible For Sex Trafficking, Victim Tells Supreme Court
    Lawyers for a sex-trafficking victim say judges across the country have misinterpreted Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act.
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