• Zuckerberg Sued By Washington, D.C. Over Cambridge Analytica Debacle
    Facebook has made more than its share of questionable privacy decisions in its 18-year history, but one of its biggest mistakes may have been to allow developers to obtain information about people who hadn't interacted with them.
  • Democrats Seek To Regulate Recommendation Engines
    Four House Democrats have introduced the "Justice Against Malicious Algorithms Act," which takes aim at content recommendation.
  • Trump Seeks To Force Facebook To Restore Account
    Former President Donald Trump on Thursday asked a federal court to order Facebook to restore his account, arguing that his ongoing ban from the service could hurt the Republican Party's chances in upcoming elections.
  • Facebook Responsible For Sex Trafficking, Victim Tells Supreme Court
    Lawyers for a sex-trafficking victim say judges across the country have misinterpreted Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act.
  • Facebook Hit With Defamation Suit Over Fact-Checks
    Journalist John Stossel alleged in a lawsuit that he was defamed by Facebook's fact-checks, which flagged one video he posted as "misleading" and a second as "partly false."
  • Texas-Led State Coalition Seeks To Revive Florida Curbs On Social Media Platforms
    Attorneys general from Texas and nine other states are supporting Florida in its attempt to revive a state law that aims to restrict social media companies' ability to moderate content on their platforms.
  • Animal Rights Activists Sue Government For Suppressing Comments On Social Media
    The National Institutes of Health and the Department of Health and Human Services are using automated filters on Facebook and Instagram to hide comments that might express criticism of animal testing, animal rights activists allege in a new lawsuit.
  • Computer Repair Shop Owner Who Lost Defamation Case Must Pay Twitter's Legal Bills
    The computer repair shop owner who unsuccessfully claimed he was defamed by Twitter is on the hook for the company's legal fees, a federal judge ruled.
  • Court Confirms 1-800 Contacts' Antitrust Victory Against FTC
    In a defeat for the Federal Trade Commission, a federal appeals court in New York on Thursday rejected a request to reconsider its earlier decision to clear 1-800 Contacts of antitrust charges involving agreements to restrict search advertising.
  • Facebook Critics Cheer FTC's New Antitrust Case
    "Big technology companies like Facebook should not have free reign to impose their will on the market," Senator Amy Klobuchar says.
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