• GOP Floats New Curbs On Tech Companies
    Republican staff in the House suggest broadening the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act, limiting Section 230 protections
  • Texas AG Violates First Amendment By Blocking Critics On Twitter, Group Says
    In a lawsuit filed Thursday, an advocacy group says Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton engages in viewpoint-based discrimination by blocking Twitter users who criticize him or his policies.
  • Facebook Prevails In Robotexting Battle
    Handing Facebook a victory, the Supreme Court on Thursday unanimously reversed a lower court ruling that would have required the company to face a lawsuit over unwanted text messages.
  • Lawmakers Ready Bill To Ban 'Surveillance Advertising'
    "Your algorithms use unseemly amounts of data to keep users on your platform, because that leads to more ad revenue," Rep. Anna Eshoo told Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg Thursday.
  • Google Suffers Another Defeat In Privacy Battle Over Chrome
    Siding against Google, a federal judge has refused to dismiss a privacy lawsuit claiming the Chrome browser collects personal info from logged-out users including their IP addresses, identifiers stored on cookies, and data about web-browsing activity.
  • Federal Privacy Bill Garners Support From Network Advertising Initiative, Other Business Groups
    Business groups are lining up to support a federal privacy bill introduced this week by Rep. Suzan DelBene, a Democrat from Washington state who previously worked for Microsoft.
  • Privacy Advocates Push Back Against Google's New Targeting Plan
    Google is looking to spin its new plan for cookieless targeted advertising as a privacy innovation. Advocates say it's more of a privacy nightmare.
  • Apple Privacy Settings Unlawful, Critic Tells Congress
    "Apple's conduct violates current antitrust law and threatens to inflict irreparable harm on millions of everyday Americans," antitrust attorney John Thorne argued in his prepared statement.
  • Maryland Ad Tax Will Backfire, Business Groups Argue In Court Challenge
    Far from stemming fake news or hate speech, Maryland's new tax on digital ads will leave the internet "overrun by low-quality 'junk,'" the Chamber of Commerce, Internet Association and others argue in a lawsuit filed Thursday.
  • Court Urged To Reconsider Lawmaker's Right To Block Critics On Twitter
    A federal appellate court has handed public officials a blueprint for circumventing the First Amendment in order to block critics on social media, Missouri resident Mike Campbell argues.
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