• Small Broadband Providers Urge FCC To Preserve Net Neutrality
    "We have encountered no new additional barriers to investment or deployment," more than 40 ISPs tell regulators.
  • ANA Weighs In Against California Privacy Proposal
    The ANA is seeking to rally opposition to a proposed California law that would require broadband providers to obtain consumers' opt-in consent before drawing on their online browsing history for ad purposes.
  • Facebook Strikes Back At Marketers Suing Over Inflated Video Metrics
    Facebook is pressing a judge to dismiss claims by marketers who are suing the company over inflated video metrics.
  • Twitter Draws Support From Digital Rights Groups In Battle Over ISIS Attack
    Requiring Web platforms to filter out "terrorist speech" would "interfere with users' right to communicate and receive information," digital rights groups argue.
  • U.S. Web Connections Pick Up Speed, But Most Are Slower Than 'Broadband'
    The average speed of U.S. Internet connections came to 18.7 Mbps in the first quarter of this year, Akamai reports.
  • FCC Unlikely To Fine AT&T For Throttling Wireless Customers
    Two years ago, the Federal Communications Commission proposed fining AT&T $100 million for failing to tell customers with "unlimited" data that they could be slowed to a crawl.