• Ad Industry Presses FTC To Endorse Nationwide Privacy Rules
    "We support a standard that would delineate proper and improper business behaviors, so consumers are relieved from the need to constantly read and understand privacy policies and opt-in or out of data practices," advertisers tell the FTC.
  • Lawmaker Takes Aim At Supposed Bias By Big Tech
    Despite a complete absence of proof, conservatives on Capitol Hill have spent more than a year railing at tech companies over their alleged suppression of right-wing views. This week, Sen. Josh Hawley introduced legislation targeting that supposed bias.
  • Twitter Defeats Lawsuit By Journalist Banned For 'Misgendering'
    San Francisco Superior Court Judge Ethan Schulman said in a ruling issued Wednesday that Twitter can't be sued for decisions to "provide, deny, suspend or delete user accounts."
  • New York Mulls Tough Privacy Law
    The New York Privacy Act would require companies to obtain users' express consent before drawing on personal data -- including web browsing and search queries -- for ad targeting.
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