• Google Purchase Of Fitbit Deserves Close Look, Advocates Say
    "Given Google's existing dominance in the gathering and monetizing of consumer data, we believe its proposed acquisition of Fitbit deserves careful scrutiny and should be rejected if the Justice Department finds that it may substantially harm competition," watchdogs tell the U.S. Department of Justice.
  • FCC Refuses Cities' Request For Time To Weigh In On Net Neutrality Repeal
    "We remain in the thick of responding to the current public health emergency," officials from New York, Los Angeles and Santa Clara wrote to the FCC in an unsuccessful request for additional time to file comments.
  • Michigan Should Revoke Restrictions On Ads By Big-Box Retailers, Industry Argues
    Six ad industry groups, including the IAB and 4As, are now asking Michigan's governor to revoke a ban on certain types of ads.
  • IAB Touts Ad Targeting In Fight Against COVID-19
    "Through news and digital advertising mediums, the advertising industry has provided great societal benefit by serving as a megaphone that amplifies coronavirus information and messaging," IAB vp for policy David Grimaldi told lawmakers. "Without data-driven advertising, these messages would be costly and far less effective."
  • In Shift, Google Will Allow Political Ads Related To COVID-19
    The move comes shortly after liberal digital ad shop DSPolitical publicly complained that Google was giving President Trump "an unprecedented advantage in our upcoming elections" by banning Democratic ads related to the outbreak.
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