• AT&T Wants Congress To Regulate Search Engines, Social Networking Sites, Other Publishers
    AT&T, a steadfast opponent of the prior net neutrality rules, has launched a new ad campaign touting what it dubiously calls an "Internet Bill of Rights."
  • FCC Backs Away From Scheme To Lower Broadband Standards
    Faced with criticism from lawmakers and advocates, the FCC now says that mobile broadband is not a full substitute for wireline service.
  • Net Neutrality Repeal Faces Growing Criticism
    A Senate proposal to revoke the FCC's decision has already garnered the support of more than 40 lawmakers, including Republican Susan Collins of Maine.
  • Alphonso Uses Smartphone Microphones To Gather TV Viewing Data
    Tech company Alphonso TV is in the spotlight this week, following a report about the company's ability to "listen" to the tv shows and ads that play in consumers' living rooms.