• Repeal Of Broadband Privacy Rules Sparks Backlash
    Minnesota lawmakers want Internet service providers to obtain subscribers' written consent before collecting their "personal information."
  • Privacy Bills Advance In Illinois
    Developers would need to obtain users' opt-in consent before collecting geolocation data under a proposed privacy law that moved forward today in Illinois.
  • Broadband Carriers Promise 'Air-Tight Approach To Privacy'
    The lobbying group USTelecom lost no time in praising Congress for voting to repeal sweeping privacy rules.
  • Power Ventures Wants To Take Facebook Battle To Supreme Court
    "Facebook and other data controllers already have outsized influence over individual users as gatekeepers," Power says in a petition filed with the Supreme Court.
  • Weight Loss Company Battles FTC Over Consumer Reviews
    Roca Labs says there was no federal law prohibiting companies from stifling consumer reviews in 2015, when the FTC filed a complaint over the practice.
  • Trump Takes Credit For Charter's Expansion Promises
    Charter planned a hiring spree and broadband expansion years ago, but that didn't stop President Donald Trump from touting the news.
  • Ad Industry, Broadband Carriers Cheer Senate Vote To Scrap Privacy Rules
    The DMA and other industry groups are celebrating today's Senate vote to revoke broadband privacy rules that could restrict carriers' ability to engage in online behavioral advertising.
  • FCC Urged To Allow Charter To Impose Data Caps
    "Hopefully, the FCC's new leadership will seize this opportunity to take a stand against harmful merger conditions that have nothing to do with the transaction at hand," the group Competitive Enterprise Institute says.
  • Trump Administration Opposes Facebook In Battle Over Birthday Texts
    The Justice Department is urging a federal judge to deny Facebook's request to authorize an immediate appeal in a battle over robo-texting restrictions.
  • Google Ordered To Identify People Who Searched For Crime Victim's Name
    A Minnesota judge ordered Google to turn over email addresses, phone numbers, IP addresses and other information about anyone who searched for the name of a crime victim.
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