• 'Extremists' Aim To Wipe Out Ad Industry, IAB's Cohen Says
    "Washington D.C. leaders including Amy Klobuchar and Ted Cruz will throw our industry under their campaign buses, if we let them," IAB CEO David Cohen said this week.
  • Law Professor Urges FTC To Regulate Ad-Tech
    Many online ad practices are "unfair, deceptive, and privacy-invasive," writes Brooklyn Law School professor Jonathan Askin in a petition in which he urges the FTC to examine how ad companies interact with each other and how they handle consumer data.
  • Biden's Privacy Push Draws Mixed Reaction
    "There is a lot of opportunity for Democrats and Republicans to work together to rein in BigTech and update our nation's online privacy laws," Rep. Frank Pallone said.
  • Biden Nominates Consumer Advocate Gigi Sohn To FCC - Again
    For the third time in his presidency, Joe Biden has nominated longtime consumer advocate and net neutrality champion Gigi Sohn to the FCC.
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