• Republican FCC Commissioner 'Shudders' At Fairness Doctrine For Web
    "Like it or not, the First Amendment's protections apply to corporate entities, especially when they engage in editorial decision making," FCC Commissioner Michael O'Rielly says.
  • Facebook Nears $650 Million Settlement Over Biometric Privacy
    The judge overseeing a privacy lawsuit against Facebook over its alleged use of facial recognition technology signaled Thursday he's inclined to approve a settlement.
  • FTC's Chopra Says Congress May Need To Revisit Tech Companies' 'Privileges'
    Congress may need 'to reassess the special privileges afforded to tech platforms, especially given their vast power to curate and present content in ways that may manipulate users,' FTC Commissioner Rohit Chopra stated Thursday.
  • Supreme Court To Take Up Robotexting Fight
    The Supreme Court on Thursday agreed to decide whether Facebook may have violated a robotexting law by sending unwanted messages to a Montana resident.