• T-Mobile's Binge On Undermines Net Neutrality, Stanford Report Says
    T-Mobile's new "Binge On" service "undermines the core vision of net neutrality," Stanford professor Barbara van Schewick says in a new report about the service.
  • Cable Companies Fight Proposed Set-Top Box Changes
    Cable companies are circling the wagons against possible new set-top box rules that would enable consumers to more easily watch TV on smartphones, tablets and other devices.
  • Aereo Founder's New Project Could Include Ad Blocking
    Chet Kanojia, founder of the defunct online video distributor Aereo, today unveiled a new device that potentially could enable broadband subscribers to block ads on their computers, tablets and other devices connected to their home WiFi networks.
  • Report Warns Of Privacy Risks Posed By Broadband Providers
    The Open Technology Institute at New America argues in a new report that Internet service providers pose unique risks to consumers' privacy.
  • Online Ad Chaos Drives Ad-Blocking, IAB Chief Says
    "Ad-blocking has been a consumer plebiscite," IAB President and CEO Randall Rothenberg says. "The software offered consumers a vote -- and they have voted no on chaos, opacity, and slowness."
  • GOP Senators Say People Don't Need 25 Mbps Broadband
    Six Republican senators are pushing back against Federal Communications Commission Chairman Tom Wheeler's proposed finding that broadband still isn't being deployed in a "reasonable and timely fashion."
  • New Coalition Opposes Charter Takeover Of Time Warner
    Many of the organizations and companies that lobbied against Comcast's merger with Time Warner have launched a new effort opposing Charter's attempt to buy Time Warner and Bright House Networks for $67 billion.
  • Campbell Ewald Can't Shake Suit Over Text Ads
    Campbell Ewald must face a potential class-action lawsuit for allegedly sending unsolicited text messages as part of an ad campaign for the Navy, the Supreme Court ruled today.
  • Verizon Rolls Out Toll-Free Data
    Verizon is joining rival mobile carrier AT&T in rolling out "toll-free" data, which enables content companies to pay for their data to be exempted from subscribers' caps.
  • T-Mobile's Description Of 'Binge On' May Violate FCC Rule
    Net neutrality advocates have criticized T-Mobile for automatically throttling all video as part of its Binge On. But that might not be the only net neutrality issue posed by the service.
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