• Trump Tries To Clamp Down On Social Media
    President Trump, incensed that Twitter alerted users to a dubious claim in his tweets, has followed through on a longstanding threat to issue an executive order targeting social media platforms.
  • Fake News Case 'Cannot Proceed In An American Court,' Fox Tells Judge
    A lawsuit accusing the cable network of spreading false information about COVID-19 is barred by the First Amendment, Fox News told a Seattle judge at a hearing Thursday morning.
  • Church Sues After Bible Class Zoombombed With Porn
    "Because of Zoom's utter failure in providing security, Saint Paulus's bible study class was Zoombombed twice within minutes," the church alleges in a class-action complaint filed Wednesday.
  • Supreme Court Wrestles With Text-Messaging Law
    The Supreme Court heard arguments about whether to strike down the Telephone Consumer Protection Act, which prohibits companies from robotexting and robocalling cell phones without consumers' consent.