• Google Gives Ad-Tech Companies A Reprieve... For Now
    Google's decision to delay its cookie-blocking plan might benefit ad-tech companies in the short term, but the industry still faces a growing backlash against so-called "surveillance advertising."
  • Journalism Protection Bill Needs Rewrite, Groups Say
    A problematic bill that aims to protect journalism by allowing news organizations to band together in negotiations with Google and Facebook is drawing more opposition this week.
  • New GOP Bill Would Force Web Platforms To Host All 'Lawful' Speech
    A new bill introduced in the Senate Thursday would prevent Google, Facebook, Twitter and other large tech platforms from removing any lawful speech posted by users.
  • First Amendment Trumps Biometric Privacy Law, Amazon Says
    Amazon intends to defend itself against claims that it violated an Illinois biometric privacy statute by arguing that the law is unconstitutional.