• Apple Privacy Settings Unlawful, Critic Tells Congress
    "Apple's conduct violates current antitrust law and threatens to inflict irreparable harm on millions of everyday Americans," antitrust attorney John Thorne argued in his prepared statement.
  • Maryland Ad Tax Will Backfire, Business Groups Argue In Court Challenge
    Far from stemming fake news or hate speech, Maryland's new tax on digital ads will leave the internet "overrun by low-quality 'junk,'" the Chamber of Commerce, Internet Association and others argue in a lawsuit filed Thursday.
  • Court Urged To Reconsider Lawmaker's Right To Block Critics On Twitter
    A federal appellate court has handed public officials a blueprint for circumventing the First Amendment in order to block critics on social media, Missouri resident Mike Campbell argues.
  • Florida Governor Takes Aim At Tech Companies
    Tech companies would face fines of $100,000 per day for de-platforming political candidates in Florida, under a proposal by the state's governor.