• FCC Proposes Broadband Privacy Rules
    The FCC voted 3-2 today to move forward with proposed privacy rules that would require ISPs to obtain consumers' consent before drawing on their Web-surfing data for behavioral targeting.
  • AT&T's New Data Caps Could Prove Costly For Cord-Cutters
    AT&T has launched a new initiative that could help the company combat cord-cutting. As of May 23, the company will start offering home broadband users unlimited data at no charge -- but only if they also purchase a television subscription.
  • FCC Commissioner Wants Netflix Investigated For 'Misrepresentations'
    Netflix's admission that it slows down video streams warrants a federal investigation, FCC Commissioner Michael O'Rielly said today.
  • FCC Urged To Curb 'Toll-Free Data'
    Internet service providers are undermining "the spirit and the text" of net neutrality rules by rolling out new so-called zero-rating services, which exempt certain material from consumers' monthly data caps, a coalition of advocacy groups tells the FCC.
  • Netflix Dupes Smartphone Users With Secret Slowdowns
    Netflix stunned the industry today with its admission that for more than five years, it has secretly slowed down videos streamed through AT&T and Verizon's networks.
  • FTC's Ohlhausen Criticizes Broadband Privacy Proposal
    Proposed broadband privacy rules will "unavoidably reduce consumer choice," according to FTC Commissioner Maureen Ohlhausen.
  • Gawker: We Will Be Vindicated
    A state appeals court and a federal judge have already held that Gawker's 2012 post and short video were newsworthy, site founder Nick Denton writes.
  • FBI Shelves Showdown With Apple
    In a development cheered by digital rights advocates, the FBI has postponed its fight with Apple -- possibly permanently.
  • Privacy Group Pushes FCC For Tougher Restrictions On Online Data Collection
    Some advocates say the FCC's proposed privacy regulations don't go far enough to protect consumers.
  • Comcast Defends 'Stream TV' To FCC
    Comcast argues in a new FCC filing that Stream TV doesn't harm other Web video providers.
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