• California Residents To Vote On New Privacy Rights
    California's new privacy law, which just took effect in January, could soon be in for a major overhaul.
  • Third FCC Member Voices Skepticism Of Trump's Social Media Order
    "The First Amendment allows social media companies to censor content freely, in ways the government never could, and it prohibits the government from retaliating against them for their speech," FCC Commissioner Geoffrey Starks said this week.
  • Broadband Industry Fights To Block 'Outlier' Privacy Law
    Maine's new broadband privacy law is "an extreme outlier," industry lobbying groups are telling a federal judge.
  • AT&T Violates Net Neutrality Principles With HBO Max, Lawmakers Say
    "The Trump FCC may have gutted critical net neutrality protections, but AT&T nonetheless has a responsibility to avoid any policies or practices that harm consumers and stifle competition," Sens. Ed Markey, Ron Wyden and Richard Blumenthal tell CEO Randall Stephenson.