• AT&T Pulls Plug On Pay-For-Privacy Pricing
    AT&T will no longer charge U-Verse subscribers higher fees to avoid targeted advertising, the company said today.
  • FCC Postpones Vote On Plan To Replace Set-Top Boxes With Apps
    The cable industry got a reprieve today when the Federal Communications Commission delayed a vote on a proposal that would have enabled consumers to shed expensive cable boxes.
  • FTC Presses For Power To Sue Internet Service Providers
    The Federal Trade Commission is urging lawmakers to empower the agency to hold Internet service providers accountable for duping consumers.
  • Lawmakers Slam Yahoo Over Delay In Disclosing Data Breach
    The two-year lag between Yahoo's data breach and the company's disclosure of the hack is "unacceptable," six Democratic lawmakers say in a letter to CEO Marissa Mayer.
  • Judge Won't Throw Out Privacy Lawsuit Over Gmail
    Google can't shake a privacy lawsuit alleging that it unlawfully scans Gmail messages.
  • Wireless Carriers Say 'Zero-Rating' Schemes Boost Broadband Adoption
    "Free data plans allow customers to use more of the services that they want to enjoy," the CTIA tells regulators.
  • California's Highest Court To Review Yelp Censorship Order
    The California Supreme Court agreed to hear Yelp's appeal of an order requiring it to remove a negative review.
  • Internet Commerce Coalition Urges Regulators To Loosen Proposed Privacy Rules
    The trade group Internet Commerce Coalition, which includes broadband providers as well as Silicon Valley companies like Google, wants the FCC to back away from proposed privacy rules.
  • Mediacom Defends Data Caps, Blasts Netflix
    Mediacom argues to the FCC that broadband providers are not "greedy pigs" for charging subscribers based on the amount of data they consume.
  • Proposed Privacy Rules Will Result In Higher Broadband Fees, CTIA Claims
    Wireless providers argue that proposed privacy rules will make it impossible for ISPs to compete in the online ad market, which will ultimately lead to higher broadband fees
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