• FCC's Plan To Replace Cable Box With Apps Garners Support From Writers Union
    A proposal requiring cable companies to offer apps "gives consumers real choice" and "promotes competition," the Writers Guild of America, West told lawmakers this week.
  • FCC Chief Plans To Finalize Broadband Privacy Rules This Year
    Testifying at a Senate hearing, FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler hinted that the final broadband privacy regulations could differ from a proposal he put forward earlier this year.
  • Ad Industry Bashes FCC's Privacy Proposal
    The FCC's broadband privacy proposal "would create unnecessary and inconsistent privacy regulations that would undercut the vibrant online ecosystem," a coalition of major ad industry groups said Wednesday in a letter to lawmakers.
  • Viacom, Mattel, Hasbro And Jumpstart Sanctioned For Tracking Kids
    New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman sanctioned four companies for allegedly violating a federal law by allowing their sites' young visitors to be tracked by outside companies.
  • Locksmith Can't Revive Battle With Yelp Over One-Star Review
    Yelp scored a major victory today, when a federal appellate court refused to revive a small business owner's lawsuit against the company over a one-star review.
  • Advocates Want FCC To Say Broadband Means Speeds Of 50 Mbps
    The FCC should redefine broadband as speeds of at least 50 Mbps downstream and 20 Mbps upstream, according to the New America Foundation's Open Technology Institute.
  • Netflix Presses FCC To Condemn Data Caps
    Netflix is calling for the government to crack down on broadband providers that impose data caps on their subscribers.
  • Watchdogs To FCC: Don't Water Down Privacy Proposal
    The FCC should forge ahead with privacy rules that would restrict broadband carriers from engaging in online behavioral advertising, public interest groups argue.
  • Backpage Asks Supreme Court To Block Senate Subpoena
    "This case highlights a disturbing -- and growing -- trend of government actors issuing blunderbuss demands for documents to online publishers," Backpage tells the Supreme Court.
  • Prestigious Pets Loses Battle Over Bad Yelp Review
    A judge in Texas has dismissed Prestigious Pets' lawsuit against a customer who wrote on Yelp that the company overfed her goldfish.
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