• FCC Chair Claims Net Neutrality Hinders Telemedicine
    "By ending the outright ban on paid prioritization, we hope to make it easier for consumers to benefit from services that need prioritization -- such as latency-sensitive telemedicine," the FCC Chair said Thursday.
  • Facebook Still Fails To Prevent Discriminatory Ads
    "This was a failure in our enforcement," Facebook stated.
  • Virginia Official Takes Battle Over Facebook Block To Appeals Court
    A local official in Virginia is appealing an order that she violated a resident's free speech rights by banning him from commenting on her Facebook page.
  • FTC May Revisit Order Against Sears In Privacy Case
    The Federal Trade Commission may take another look at a 2009 order that restricts Sears' ability to engage in online data collection.
  • Comcast Lobbies FCC To Block State Broadband Laws
    Comcast is asking the FCC to issue a "clear, affirmative ruling" that blocks states from regulating broadband.