• IAB And Others Want Supreme Court To Strike Down Florida Social Media Bill
    Florida's social media "censorship" law is "designed to force a sea change in how platforms operate, against the will of both the platforms and the users who have come to rely upon them, and all because Florida does not like the content of the messages that platforms are serving to their users," the IAB and others tell the Supreme Court.
  • Attorneys General Want FTC To Limit Data Collection
    Consumers are often "coerced" into sharing personal data, 32 attorneys general tell the FTC.
  • Planned Parenthood Urges FTC To Issue Online Privacy Rules
    "All data related to accessing health care must be kept confidential, including internet searches for providers or services," Planned Parenthood says in comments filed this week with the FTC.
  • Right-Wing Lawmaker Prevails In Battle Over Twitter Block
    A federal judge appointed by former President Donald Trump has thrown out a lawsuit accusing conservative lawmaker Rep. Lauren Boebert of violating the First Amendment by blocking a constituent on Twitter.
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