• Trump Appoints Critic Of Broadband Privacy Rules To Transition Team
    Roslyn Layton, an outspoken critic of the FCC's new privacy rules as well as the net neutrality rules, will join President-elect Donald Trump's transition team.
  • Lawmakers Protect Consumers' Right To Post Reviews
    Congress has passed the Consumer Review Fairness Act, which aims to prevent businesses from squelching bad reviews.
  • Google Draws Support In Showdown Over 'Right To Be Forgotten'
    Regulators in France are setting a dangerous precedent by ordering Google to censor its search results throughout the world.
  • Trump Telecom Adviser Wants FCC Stripped Of Power
    Mark Jamison, an adviser to President-elect Donald Trump on telecom policy, isn't just opposed to net neutrality rules. Jamison also wants to broadly curb the FCC's power.
  • Yelp Asks California Judges To Lift Censorship Order
    A court order requiring Yelp to purge a bad review from its site "threatens to undermine the validity and efficacy of the information available to consumers," the company says.
  • Trump Names Net Neutrality Foes To Transition Team
    In a move that bodes poorly for net neutrality, President-elect Donald Trump named two outspoken opponents of regulation to the transition team.
  • Silicon Valley Urged To Fight Trump By Shedding User Data
    The Electronic Frontier Foundation is urging tech companies to shed data about users, in order to prevent Donald Trump from following through on his more extreme campaign promises.
  • New Mozilla Browser Blocks Tracking
    Mozilla today launched a new mobile browser, Firefox Focus, that blocks third-party trackers by default.
  • FCC Urged To Delay 'Controversial' Proposals
    Regulators should hold off on a plan to allow consumers to shed set-top boxes, according to the head of the Senate Commerce Committee.
  • IMDB Seeks To Block New Law Allowing Actors To Hide Their Age
    A new California law aimed at preventing discrimination against actors could end up restricting a broad range of online publications, including news sites, from publishing truthful information.
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