• Facebook Weighed Selling Users' Data
    Earlier this decade, Facebook considered charging developers $250,000 a year for the ability to access data about its users.
  • Facebook Responsible For Illegal Ads, Think Tank Says
    The think tank Upturn asks federal judge to reject Facebook's request to dismiss a lawsuit accusing it of violating civil rights laws.
  • FTC Argues Against Opt-In Approach To Online Privacy
    "If consumers were opted out of online advertisements by default (with the choice of opting in), the likely result would include the loss of advertising-funded online content," the FTC says in a staff report
  • Google Should Rethink Censorship Policies, EFF Says
    "YouTube's moderation of Prager University's content was faulty on many accounts, but it was not unconstitutional," the digital rights group Electronic Frontier Foundation says in new court papers.
  • Senator Wyden Unveils Do-Not-Track Law
    A privacy bill floated Thursday by Senator Ron Wyden would create a national "do not track" regime that gives consumers the right to prevent information about them from being shared or sold by ad-tech companies.
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