• Mining Value From Seconds-Based TV Measurement
    The granularity of second-by-second TV audience measurement promises to usher in an era of individual commercial ratings vs. the industry's historical standard averaging all ads in a show. But that will require systems upgrades.
  • How To Use Bots And Influence People
    BONITA SPRINGS, FL -- One of the surprising uses of generative AI is media reps using it to sell more effectively to planners and buyers, a panel of publishers revealed here Friday.
  • How Instagram Became LinkedIn For Millennials
    Asked which social media could help your career, many would probably say LinkedIn. But as Millennials rise in their careers, so has Instagram as the platform that can offer the most professional opportunities, if used smartly.
  • Gen Alpha -- Not
    Alpha is not a generation. Children born after 2012 -- the "cut-off" for Gen Z --- are not old enough to babysit, much less define a proper cohort for generational analysis.
  • Marketing Orgs More Diverse Than Ever, But What About Their Media Mix?
    While the latest ANA study shows nearly a third of member marketing organizations now are from "diverse" populations, how is that translating into how they plan and buy media?
  • Brian Wieser Outlines New Planning Paradigms, Why Guarantees Will Persist
    Wieser's insights are from a new report commissioned as part of a series from CIMM on the impact of new ad currencies. I personally guarantee it's worth reading.
  • Buppie Power
    That throaty roar you hear is Black America waking up to realize its $1.6 trillion purchasing power. And buppies -- Black urban professionals -- are its sweet spot.
  • Maybe More Empathy
    I'm talking not about sympathy, compassion, concern or caring but seeing the world through someone else's eyes and walking in their shoes - getting inside the gritty lived experience of someone else.
  • IPG's Huge Launches AI-Powered 'Culture Decoder'
    If that sounds like what Omnicom's Sparks & Honey has been doing with Q, just remember that the ad industry sometimes is called the "sincerest form of flattery."
  • Alt Currency Race: Why It's Time For A Pit Stop
    "The best way to avoid an accident is to know your surroundings," my father said while teaching me to drive. "You don't just need to see what is ahead, but what is to your sides, and what is behind you."
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